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The Return of the Hoff

10/10/2009 6:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Hasselhoff is indestructible.


Despite reports The Hoff was hospitalized during his stay in London after a week-long bender that ended with him allegedly punching out a doctor, he was seen at Heathrow Airport this morning looking as fresh as the day he was born.

Play videoWhen we got him arriving later at LAX, we tried to ask all about his trip, but all we got was that devilish grin and a sly, "It's allllllll good."

How does he do it?


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I'm amazed at his eerie resemlance to Christy Brinkley. he has that robotic Stepford smile.

1840 days ago

whats up Doctors    

There is nothing funny about copying and pasting recipe's, directions ,weather reports. I Like many find it to be childlike and annoying, That's why TMZ continues to delete Kookys post..You would think he/she would get the point and join in on the blog , or just go away

1840 days ago


schoen1, it is a good idea! It's complicated to deal with these "clones" who just want to offend other people using my name. If TMZ do something like you said, it could avoid these kind of things.

1840 days ago


Kooky, I hope you know I won't say something to offend you and balls. These people who are saying offensive things against you are fakes, or trolls. I am nice with you, you know it. Hahahahahahahahahahhahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha.

: D

1840 days ago


77. schoen1, it is a good idea! It's complicated to deal with these "clones" who just want to offend other people using my name. If TMZ do something like you said, it could avoid these kind of things.

Posted at 7:59PM on Oct 10th 2009 by Simone (the real)

It's not a new idea. There are other websites that do that.

1840 days ago



1840 days ago


He's been an alcoholic for decades. His ex wife said they would cover up for his binges on the sets of his shows like Baywatch.

1840 days ago

Seacrest is a Shorty    

Pathetic drunk with a huge ego and a jones for media attention.
BTW nice vest......hahahahahaha

1840 days ago


I concur with #9.

gotta love the hoff.

1840 days ago

who dat    

When hotel doctor Paul Ettlinger offered Hasselhoff aid, he got hit in the eye, according to the London Sun newspaper.

"His assistant, Joe Townley, was so concerned he called out a doctor," The Sun's source said. "David was furious and lashed out at him -- but he mistakenly hit the doctor."Ettlinger was left with a bruised forehead.

Sources told the paper that staff was frightened of the 6-foot-4 Hasselhoff. The TV star was eventually dragged into the building's basement, where he submitted to treatment.

"They decided they had no option but to lock him in the basement until an ambulance arrived," a source told The Sun.

A hotel patron told the paper, "He was abusing all the staff, shouting at everyone. We were shocked -- you'd think he was just some drunk, not a big star."

A source close to the actor said, "David is very hard to handle when he drinks, often very emotional and aggressive.

"On this occasion he became so drunk he wet his hotel bed, ruining two mattresses, and was becoming a real pain to the staff."

1840 days ago


Drinking is fun.

1840 days ago


I think he uses re-hab time to get a fresh nip & tuck done!

1840 days ago


It's not "alllll good." It's "I'm an alcoholic, in total denial, and I haven't hit my bottom yet."

1840 days ago

whats up Doctors    

You put a drunk to bed, you don't take them out of their environment and put them in an Ambulance or a hospital.Anyone drunk , would get a little violent.Remember PUT A DRUNK TO BED THATS IT .SIMPLE

1840 days ago


Ugh! Alcoholism is a very controversial subject. Unless someone admits they have a problem, then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or says. It doesn't matter how many times you call doctors or ambulances to come to someone's aid...until they admit it, there's not a whole lot you can do about it unless they commit a crime under the influence. I definitely feel for his kids because they love their father no matter what, and want him to live, soberly.

In the meantime, he should seriously consider taking the herb Milk Thistle. It has an amazing ability to detoxify and regenerate the liver. I imagine Hoff's liver could use the extra support.

1839 days ago
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