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Michael Jackson -- Not Most Likely to Succeed

10/10/2009 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson might have been the "most creative" and "best dressed" ... but he wasn't the "most likely to succeed" -- at least according to his high school classmates.

An auction of MJ memorabilia took place yesterday in L.A., including his 1976 high school yearbook from Cal Prep in Encino, CA. In the yearbook, Michael was voted pretty much what everyone would have expected -- best dressed, most creative, shyest -- but NOT most likely to succeed.

That honor was reserved for one Scott Ashdown -- who's probably a perfectly nice person, but we've never heard of him.

Even though success is relative and money isn't everything -- can we get a recount for MJ?


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17. I've decided to leave this site forever instead! Screw you all, I'm going home!

Posted at 1:03AM on Oct 10th 2009 by Simone

OMG thank you thank you thank you
she just couldn't tough it out without her balls she's going to go find him and do to him exactly what she told you to do earlier.
run simone run find your balls

1839 days ago

Stop Milking his name    

why was MJ in the same class as Randy? His picture appears below MJ's.

1839 days ago


i still cant believe hes gone.such a sweetheart..everbody took him for granted and now its too late

1839 days ago


by the way thats a bird or seagull on the cover..i know i had to look twice cause i thought it was ....something else

1839 days ago


I don't understand. Who held this auction? Shouldn't this type of memorabilia been kept and set aside for an MJ Museum at some later date? Did the MJFT hold this auction? Hard to believe they would auction off these type of items. Or ANY memorabilia for that matter.

Anyone help me out here?

1839 days ago


probably cause he was famous.

but yea i agree with dressed, shyest, and creative

1839 days ago


lol i was voted shyest to.

1839 days ago


Michael had already been successful by the time he had reached highschool, so his classmates were just envious on him... Most of the articles here are very nice, but some are not that good. I think it depends who write them right?

1839 days ago


It was my yearbook that I sold .The school was a very small private school grades 7th to 12th and Michael was not there all the time. When he was in town he went to school. Michael should have been in the graduating class based on his age but I don't know why he wasn't. Only the graduates were pictured in a section alone. The other pages mixed all the grades.

1839 days ago


Mj probably didn't attend high school for more than a month.He was home schooled and by age 13 was the most famous boy on the planet.Were those kids on drugs or were they just going for the joke of the millennium with this yearbook? Of course this was a joke!

1839 days ago

P Thompson    

Must be alot of stupid people in that school. In 1976 Michael Jackson was already a success TMZ

1839 days ago


ooohhh this is so sweet , thanks TMZ.

Viva Michael ,the "shyest" this is lovely


1839 days ago


Michael Jackson is in the book of Guinness World Record for being the most successful musician of all time...don't believe me go look it up.

1839 days ago


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1839 days ago


He's dead now.

1839 days ago
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