Jackson's Beatles Songs -- Let it Be

9/14/2009 7:55 AM PDT

Jackson's Beatles Songs -- Let it Be

Michael Jackson's publishing catalog will not be sold to pump up the assets in the estate, according to sources familiar with the probate.

We're told several family members are questioning why the estate appears, as one put it, "in the red." Sources knowledgeable with the estate acknowledge a "huge amount of debt" as creditors claims continue to come in.

But, we're told, in the end, if all the assets were sold the estate would definitely be flush with cash. HOWEVER, sources say the publishing catalog -- notably the Beatles' songs -- will not go on the auction block. Sources say it's an asset that is worth way more to Jackson's kids in the long run than the cash it would generate now.

The honchos in the estate, we're told, are confident it will be fueled by an influx of cash over the next year or two -- the amount of time it will take to wrap probate up.

Until probate ends, family members will have to make due with their allowances.