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Michael Jackson -- Not Most Likely to Succeed

10/10/2009 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson might have been the "most creative" and "best dressed" ... but he wasn't the "most likely to succeed" -- at least according to his high school classmates.

An auction of MJ memorabilia took place yesterday in L.A., including his 1976 high school yearbook from Cal Prep in Encino, CA. In the yearbook, Michael was voted pretty much what everyone would have expected -- best dressed, most creative, shyest -- but NOT most likely to succeed.

That honor was reserved for one Scott Ashdown -- who's probably a perfectly nice person, but we've never heard of him.

Even though success is relative and money isn't everything -- can we get a recount for MJ?


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god, was he cute the hair

1847 days ago


You guys are not very bright, are you?

He had *already* succeeded, you dolts! How can he be voted "likely" to be something he already was?

1847 days ago


He was a succesful singer at the time! his classmates were jealous of him

1847 days ago

MJ's PYT    

Gypsy, these items are items Michael left at home, when he bought
Neverland. They were in a storage that KJ almost lost with, Jackson 5,MJ earlier solo career, and some Janet stuff. I saw it
awhile back. So someone is auctioning it off for MONEY.
It just does not stop with Micahel's family. Why not let the kids
auction off a Fedora's of their dads or lil nicknack to get
SCOOBY ROO his legs. Greedy,sneaky,User Jacksons.
Maybe the class of 1976 felt like MJ had already succeeded and
was goin further so they gave it to the person next in line.
Why not????

1847 days ago

~A true MJ fan from the heart~    

Michael Jackson showed everybody, he went above and beyond! "Gone Too Soon" ~A true MJ fan from the heart~

1847 days ago


Obviously those polls are accurate precursors as to how successful somebody is going to be in life LOL.

1847 days ago


Why MJ's personal items are being auctioned?? who is doing that?? MJ not successful??? biggest joke. MJ achieved what most can not in 100 years

1847 days ago


Can you imagine MICHAEL JACKSON being just another student in your yearbook? Holy crap, that's one of the most valuable yearbooks out there!

1847 days ago

Sue Wong    

This yearbook SHOULD NOT be auctioned off. It should be given to his children. As a mother of two, I save all my children's yearbooks etc. It's disgraceful that his family don't know better.

1847 days ago


Sorry but you have to know that in those year many people didn't like BLACK PEOPLE so they dind't want to succeed like him..... BUT now wvery body want to be like HIM !!!!! =D..... Thats the TRUE

1847 days ago

Jennifer Holgate    

Klein was on etonline saying he warned Michael about the dangers of using propofol. If it is the Jacksons having this auction how could they sell his music awards.

1847 days ago

Bill Dabunkar    

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this man who admiited that he liked to share his bed with little boys DEAD??? He's gone, let him rot in peace, and for all you twisted "MJ Fans", you still have his music to remember him by. Next time that you're listening to Thriller, try to picture him 'sleeping' with a little boy, now that's really CHILLING.

"The greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing people he didn't exist"

1847 days ago


Thank you TMZ for this nice article!! See, it didn't hurt to post something about Michael that was actually lighthearted and not full of bias?

Michael was destined to succeed - yes he and The Jackson were known at this time - but Michael didn't take off until a few years later.

One big giant LOVE HUG to the haters on here - now play nice!

We love you Michael!!

1847 days ago


omg!! Michael was a HUMAN BEING! AMERICAN CITIZEN! He was proven innocent in Our Court System. I am not interested in anything negative about this man. I am interested in HONESTY! YOU ALL HATERS. Better hope he isn't alive because I see alot of lawsuits in the future. Wait until October 28, 2009 to get your answers. I would of rather seen the Nobel Peace Prize given to MJJ. I do not judge people based on there color that is Social Programs putting labels on people. When we are cut--We all bled the same color of blood. His song says it best doesn't matter if your Black or White. Also; TMZ should sensor all lies comments about Race, or ones Sexual Preference--Lie one all Parents are lying when the say they have never allowed there children to sleep in there beds--example when there is a thunderstorm are children come running into there parents room because they are scared. With children in todays society being abducted from there own homes I for one would rather my children be safe then sorry. I for one believe the man was greatly misunderstood as a person=Entertainer. Why because he looked different. Look for the clues there all over. Arrest in 2005 5ft 11inches tall. Death Certificate 5' 9'. Do research before you jugde anyone. Turn Off your TVS--View Internet sites. Oh, also when you are homeschooled I think it is law they attend regular school there Junior & Senior years. B1958.

1847 days ago
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