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Jon Fires Back at Kate -- You Took $$$ Too!

10/11/2009 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In football, if both teams commit a penalty on the same play, they just do the play over. Does the same thing apply when Jon and Kate Gosselin both allegedly violate a court order?

Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin

A few days after Kate claimed Jon raided their joint bank account (a legal no-no), Jon filed papers of his own claiming she did the same. According to the papers filed last week, Jon claims Kate withdrew over $60,000 from their joint account between July and September 2009.

He also claims she took out over $1 million from February 2008 to June 2009 that have not been properly accounted for.

Sources connected to Kate contend her withdrawals were legal and note that Jon withdrew $230,000 without the necessary permission required by the arbitrator. Both sides are due back in court on Tuesday.


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Like It Is.    

Hey Mr. Magoo! All 8 kids were delivered via cesarean section. Kate's business is as tight as it was when she was 18! And she is HOT!!!!!

1836 days ago


I am so sick of these two. That money, fame has really gotten to these two. This is suppose to be about the kids, but some way it is now about the parents.

1836 days ago

A Grammie in NH    

Jon and Kate did this to themselves. Now it is time to take control and get those kids some help. They need a guardian, not just now but for their future. I think a lawyer should be appointed by the court and both should be made to pay child support and any money made from the tv show belongs to the children and they have no access to it.

Since Jon wants no more to do with reality shows. A GAG order needs to be placed. What they are both doing is hurting the children.

The house belongs to the kids, since the old place has not sold they (J&K) can live in it when not with the kids. Why rent elsewhere when they already have a second place.

Both should get jobs and pay for those kids and neither should get alimony. All money goes to the kids not a dime to either of them.

1836 days ago


Viewing Kate's history of how she treats her family it is no shock how she treated Jon. He behavior is very predictable.

1836 days ago


I can't stand either one of them. But he is getting more and more obnoxious with each day. She has eight kids to feed and support - so she needs the money - JERK! Go play house with your little babysitter. ick

1836 days ago


ok let's get one thing on paper. If you look at the show you all will know that kate was as MEAN to Jon as mean can be, she is playing right in the hands, she get on tv and ACT like she is crying. Ok go back and look at the show, how many times have you seen kate cry or act like she is upset. Kate you is the one. How many of you want to be treated the way Kate treated Jon, i know none of you will put with the way she treated him. So Jon I am with you and support you all the way just by the way she treated him,. Jon this Jon that, You get tried of that after a while.
So Kate save the tears for someone who do not know. Yes we do not know what go on behind close doors but you put it on tv for us to see and I see the way you treat him, Good Luck Jon. You got fans out there that support you cause of the way kate has treated you/ Good Luck Man

1836 days ago


When all this first started with J&K, I was on Jon's side because of the way Kate treated him on the show, but I am on nobody's side now. They both took money. Jon for his new lifestyle and Kate probably has a big bundle stashed away somewhere for herself. Kate is not going to be broke.

I'm sure the kids college money is probably untouched but enough is enough. They both need to grow up and come to some sort of agreement that will work well for both parties and if they can't do it then a judge should.

Those kids need some stablization in their lives NOW. You know the kids at school are probably giving the twins grief and then you have the paparazzi around all the time, that can put stress on an adult let alone children.

Get it together Jon and Kate!!!! Get your kids off of TV and out of the spotlight and let them live a normal life.

1836 days ago

Just a Me    

While I think both need to look at their parenting skills -
Just look at Kate - she "needs" the money for her more than weekly hair and nail appointments, the very expensive clothing she wears (can't look bad in front of the cameras people!). Have you ever seen her in any outfit twice?

Then there's her jewelry - I've seen her with David Yurman, etc. And she's having a ring custom made with eight diamonds and mother-of-pearl to replace her wedding ring? Very, very expensive.

She's claiming she can't pay the bills for her children. Maybe she needs to get her responsibilities straight, her children should come before the way she physically looks to the world.

1836 days ago


#15 Thanks Alex.

Wondering if l could copy and paste this article from Perez Hilton on here? Some are so lazy they won't investigate these sites. What do you think?


1836 days ago


I hate to see people arguing over money like this it is crazy! I feel sorry for the poor children.

1836 days ago


These two fools are going to stand before a Judge, that wishes he could have one more day with his wife. The mother of is children. And, instead he has to listen to these idiots and loser parents. I pray to God child services gets involved and makes them have counseling. These kids are suffering b/c their parents can't put aside their hate for one another. Both claims of neglect and abuse on the children need to be investigated. The poor kids are and will continue to pay the price, b/c their parents are 100% LOSERS!

1836 days ago


I'm sure Kate has more than taken her share...for all her own selfish wants - not for the kids. These two pigs need to get a grip. I would be way to embarassed to air my dirty laundry in such a way. This is all for the sake of the tabloids, tv and the almighty dollar. We all need to forget these two clowns and move on. Neither of them deserves a red hot cent.

1836 days ago

ex lax    

Is it just me or do I smell noodles ? ya know the kind that ya have to know how to boil water with , an I have to eat to support my children! Instant noodles are so good

1836 days ago


Dee (#58): I don't see anyone disputing that a responsive pleading is legally required. The problems arise out of what was said in that response. BTW, both sets of pleadings are available online so it might be a nice idea to read them before you go basing conclusions on them.

He never disputes in his response and counterclaim which Mr. Heller gave exclusively (of course) to ET/Insider to publish that he withdrew the moneys that she claims, even in the responses to allegations which expressly make that accusation. Count 8 of her motion expressly alleges that he withdrew all but $1,346.61 of an account that contained $231,346.61 right before he started making withdrawals. His reponse to that allegation is "Neither admitted or denied. After reasonable investigation, Husband is without knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief as to the truth of this averment. By way of further answer, while Husband admits that he has taken funds from the money market account, Husband avers that the Wife has removed funds from the account as well." Let's get serious here. He doesn't know and can't figure out how much HE withdrew!?!?!? If he doesn't know, who else would? He never says, I only withdrew $ X, I don't know what happened to the difference between that and what she claims I withdrew.

The arbitrator had already deemed Jon to have received an advance of $119,000.00 against the final equitable distribution (compared to Kate being deemed to have received $54,000.00). Jon retains the right to argue the money paid for Kate's new car, $69,000.00, should be charged against her final distribution; she retained the right to argue the same for $37,000 which he bought in March and had traded in by the time the interim award was issued (Who trades in a $37,000.00 car that is only a few months old and then buys two luxury cars? You can get a new BMW 1281 convertible for $ 34,000.00. The least expensive Porsche comes in at around $45,000.00) Furthermore, since he NEVER alleges that he even attempted to get Kate's consent to any of these withdrawals, he couldn't argue that she had unreasonably withheld her consent.

As per the interim arbitrator's award, the only funds that go into the "Working Account" are the monthly $7,500.00 from each parent and the routine expenses are to be paid from that. Given that this award was issued in mid-July, the max that could have been deposited there is $ 52,000-60,000.00 If Jon had withdrawn any money from that, it would have been incredibly improper since the only purpose for that account was to pay routine family bills. Once any necessary payments are made for the routine expenses: two mortgage payments, utilities on both houses, homeowners insurance and security for both homes and the children and parents' security, car insurance for at least one car, and food bills for the 8 children authorized by the interim award, there can't be much left out of the $15,000 put in the Working Account each month.

It is also clear that what the arbitrator describes as additional/ extraordinary expenses are to come out of the JKIG Money Market Account. While withdrawals from that require mutual consent, not to be withheld unreasonably, it also sets forth expenses that it is anticipated will qualify. There are some very major expenses here: real estate taxes, individual taxes incurred pre-separation, estimated quarterly taxes for 2009, school bills and clothing for the children, and necessary repairs to both houses the couple owns. Failure to pay real estate taxes could end up with liens being placed on the property, failure to pay quarterly estimated tax returns can result in IRS and PA Revenue Dept liens on property, including bank accounts, etc. Him claiming that she has other liquid funds to pay is irrelevant; the money from TLC & paid into the account was earned by the entire family. He never claimed he paid a cent towards anything for the children from the money he withdrew (if he used any part of the money he withdrew from the money market account to pay his $7500 monthly obligation into the working account, that would be using money that the kids had helped earn to pay for their own support: instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul, he'd be robbing Cara, Mady, Alexis, Aaden, Collin, Hannah, Leah, and Joel to pay Cara, Mady, Alexis, Aaden, Collin, Hannah, Leah, and Joel)

As I said before, if he really believes any of his allegations about Kate and the money and/or if he had a scintilla of evidence to support his paranoid fantasies, he has had a remedy at law. The interim arbitration award provided quick means for resolving any disputes. He didn't use either before he withdrew money from the money market account.

BTW, she didn't hire the high-powered LA firm until after he hired the high powered NY entertainment law attorney and appeared with him on Larry King.

I take no position on the responsibilty for the marriage collap

1836 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Jon needs a Mental Health Evaluation. He's spending money like crazy on his slutty whores and cars and apartments and trips. He is mad because he was kicked off of the show and he's seeking revenge and doesn't want Kate to have any money to support the kids. How does he intend to support them? His current girlfriend must have rocks for brains to be with that pudgy, bald, lying, moron Jon.

1836 days ago
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