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Anka Gets 50% of Publishing Rights

10/12/2009 8:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul AnkaMichael Jackson's estate just got a partner it didn't bank on -- because we've just learned Paul Anka is now a 50% partner in the publishing rights to "This Is It."

Anka will get other profits as well, but the publishing rights are usually the big ticket item, and sources say Michael Jackson's estate has agreed Anka gets 50%.

It's amazing ... when Paul Anka woke up this morning he had no idea he'd get the same cut as Jackson's estate. Sadly for Sony ... they didn't know either.


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Well he deserves it, he co-wrote the song with Michael.

1835 days ago


WOW . 50 % is it a bit to much ??? check the real price of this song

1835 days ago


Glad they were able to work it out. This was the right thing to do. I still have a problem with Anka calling up TMZ instead of going to the estate directly. That was very unprofessional.

1835 days ago



1835 days ago


No one seems to get the big picture here....take a step back.

I am so tired of people saying arrest the doctor put him in jail. Wanna know why it hasn't happened? They don't have the case yet! If you like the could do a Sony and arrest him anyway and then watch him walk in 6 months cause they did not get a chance to do there due diligence. Sony got greedy and "rushed" things look what happened...........

Back to Dr. Murray I hope it takes another year to finally arrest him, think about it, other then Osama who is the most hated person on this planet? He can't work he can't pay child support and he is so scared he is probally holed up somewhere asking himself why did I take the job with Michael? Sounds to me like he is living his own personal hell so whats the rush let him rot for a bit.

I don't think it's fair to blame Paul in all this afterall he did co-write the song it's obviously Sony dropped the ball. The only thing that will upset me is if the lawsuit is taken from the estate I think Sony should be solely responsible for the decision to rush this album..........

The kids will get there money in time however just like always it's the lawyers time to eat up what they can.......

1835 days ago


that is so embarrasing for sony ...but not mj.he didnt release this crap.mj is getting the last last at tomy mattola expense.also think lower level people in the music business leaked it because it was an affront to mj artistic ability they way they just shoved this thing out o make money.mj ..the gift that keeps on giving

1835 days ago


WTG Paul take it and run you deserve your credit.

1835 days ago


Sadly, for Sony---are you kidding me? This shows how greedy Sony is. They screwed up big time, they should pay for this.
Why does the Jackson estate have to pay, Branca screwed up royally, he knew MJ did this song during Thriller.
Let Sony and Branca pay Anka, leave the Jacksons out of this, they had nothing to do with it.

1835 days ago


He is just looking for money..he doesnt care about the song...all greed...SELFISH MAN

1835 days ago

whats up Doctors    

I don't know what Paul Anka's financial status is, But if he had something on the back burner waiting for the cash to do it. That may have just changed, and it's front burner time, Paul will smiling all the way to the bank.

1835 days ago


If he co wrote it with our beloved Michael then he should receive what is his. I am sure it is the right thing to do.
We miss you Michael!

1835 days ago


Sigh, get over this already.

And Kooky and balls need to STFU.

1835 days ago


Who is Paul Anka?

1835 days ago

Stop Milking his name    

Well, he is ONLY getting 50% for his song. duh..they are both equal writing partners.

Just like Siedah garret get 50% for co-writign Man in the mirror.

he won't be getting half of the movie or half of the soundtrack. His half if coming from his ONLY song on the soundtrack and the end credit of the movie.

1835 days ago


Paul Anka is thinking, "Oh thank you God, thank you God, thank you God for letting Sony release THAT one"!!

1835 days ago
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