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Oprah in Texas -- Weiner Takes All

10/12/2009 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The wait is over ... media icon and weight loss guru Oprah Winfrey just announced her latest breakthrough diet -- corn dogs smothered in mustard.


Oprah and BFF Gayle King took a road trip to the Texas State Fair in Dallas yesterday to tape a special show -- which will air later this fall -- and based on the pictures we got of Oprah in a cowboy hat chowing down on a corn dog, she completely gave up on the traditional low-fat approach to dieting -- at least temporarily.

Our fair source claims Oprah also had herself a little of the fair's famous deep fried butter. No joke ... but so far, no confirmation on the battered butter from O's peeps.

Still, that's the kind of diet we can wrap our arms around.

UPDATE: It's confirmed -- Oprah ate the fried butter! In fact, she called it "the best treat of the fair."


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Unless you have ever had a "Fletcher's" corny dog at the State Fair of Texas...........Don't knock it! They are divine!

Oprah was not suppose to come out to the fair until this morning at 10 to tape her show. She showed up yseterday and suprised everyone. Bought her "Stetson" hat and cowboy boots out there. She said, "I Texasfied" it! She looked really good and seemed to be enjoying herself.

1747 days ago


lol I'm #18 I meant #16: #18 die u idiot. Gayle is married w/ kids O has been w/ Stedman for forever. Women can be best friends for years. That is the lowest calorie item she could find there. I am a Texan who has been there before. Everything is fried from Coca-Cola to snickers. Even sandwhiches are deepfried no matter what the components are.

1747 days ago


Does ANYONE still pay any attention to this old fat bag?

1747 days ago


10. Oprah was recently detained at the airport, by HOMELAND SECURITY, They took her to the private search area and found 20 pounds of CRACK under her dress lol

Posted at 2:15PM on Oct 12th 2009 by homie1kanobe

That "joke" sucked! And the fact that you LOL'd your own "joke" sucks even more. Do us a favor.....stay off the computer.

1747 days ago


oprah is losing her audience.her show has jumped the shark and her ego is way too big .tons of negative comments on he own website regarding the way she treated her remembering michael jackson show.the allegations that she mentioned three times without pointing out he was found not guilty,plastic surgery and no mention of his charitable donations.and as for as who oprah is doing be it gayle or steadman,she had no problem openly asking who mj was rocking with.he is a bigger star with bigger fan base and she is jealous.i willsay she gave money to charity,thats more than she could do for michael.she sucks

1747 days ago


Does this hat make me look huge & ugly?

1747 days ago


I guess Gayle should start deep frying her weiner, since that's the way Oprah likes it.

1747 days ago

whats up Doctors    

That "joke" sucked! And the fact that you LOL'd your own "joke" sucks even more. Do us a favor.....stay off the computer.

Posted at 2:54PM on Oct 12th 2009 by allofhumanity

Do the rest of the Blog area and STFU ya moron It's funny in Texas. Your rude comments are out of line. Go back and cry on Kookys shoulder

1747 days ago


You people are so mean (reader comments)! I saw her at the Texas State Fair yesterday a couple of times trying to enjoy herself, she looked pretty good. She's a real person who has done a lot of good in this world and all you people can say is that she's fat and doesn't need to be eating. That's all there is to do at the State Fair! I had some fried butter, deep fried peaches n cream, corn on the cob, corn dog, pizza, chili cheese curly fries all in moderation of course. It was the best experience at the State Fair I've had in the last 3 years, getting to see Oprah!

1747 days ago


I havta agree with #11...Oprah doesn't strike me as liking weiners that much, unless she and Gayle were SHARING it!!

1747 days ago


Where is Stedman? Why do we always hear about dear dear Gail? This cow is way past her 'use by' date. Enough is enough. How sad that the media and unsuspecting (or needy) viewers gaver her so much power. Her only qualification is her mouth. Who does she think she is giving advice on anything...anything? Time to walk away from her. But wait. One more tisk of a comment. Is her ego as big as she is that she has to be on every cover of 'O' and airbrushed to the hilt? That's it. I'm done with this and done with 'it'.

1747 days ago

the a-hole    

Oprah's likeness, Rosie O'Donnell, can eat eggs and what the hell she wants and if she wants (pig-snouts, pig's feet, liver-worms, the works)! You know? Its like about as wide as, I don't know, as 42" wide. It's her damned ass, the hell it is, she and Gayle!!!! Their Business, right!? Or if Oprah is the real thing in person, then I to get life issues in regata Oprah's corderois to her damned, regain their lardless if money she has or not! I to get seat TMZ going around for want of swallowing Kirsty Allen's phat asses all up faces and stuff!!! And what!
AND, BESIDES! Yuk yuk...dress up like them mindless drones, say? Hmm...sound familiar?

1747 days ago


Just think she still takes taxpayer paid food stamps claiming she is African and was a slave 200 years ago ( she fails to say it was spain, england and france who made them the slaves and not Americans)

Lucky she was not shot in her fat ass and eaten as one of the steers.

1747 days ago


Good for you Oprah. Screw it.

1747 days ago


maybe, just maybe TMZ could learn to spell properly . the sausage you are referring to is called a "WIENER" NOT rpt. NOT "WEINER". it is called a WIENER because a butcher in WIEN, in the English language known as "VIENNA", the Austrian capital, invented it. the same way the "FRANK(FURTER) is named so because a butcher in FRANKFURT (am Main) in Germany invented that sausage.


1747 days ago
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