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Jon & Kate Plus a Court Date

10/13/2009 9:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The brief hearing is over -- Jon and Kate are due back in court on October 26.

Jon & Kate Gosselin
walked into Montgomery Courthouse in Pennsylvania just moments ago -- separately -- ready to battle over the $230,000 Jon allegedly withdrew from the bank account he shares with Kate.

The Gosselins: Click to watch
Jon has fired back at Kate -- filing papers claiming she withdrew over $60,000 from their joint account this year without permission ... and that there's over $1 million that hasn't been properly accounted for.



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I can't wait to see how this turns out!
Jon is such a loser. He told the paps, he talks to them, because he has a job to do and they have a job to do.... what is his job?
I heard that bit of info on Showbiz Tonight.
But, Harvey your still the one who finds the dirt First!

1836 days ago


I hope he has a good answer for leaving only a $10000 for kate and kids

1836 days ago


I guess God is not going toanswer my prayer. I have been praying that this story would go away...far..far away

1836 days ago


Looks like jon went to McDonalds with all that money he stole. Man hes getting HUGE! I think he looks a bit nervous though. I hope they throw the book at him.

1836 days ago


What did Jon do take out his wedding-funeral suit for the day or was it made my Ed Hardy...

1836 days ago


Anyone who believes that Kate only has $1000.00 to her name out there? I have a bridge to sell you.

1836 days ago


I can't wait to hear the outcome! I hope the judge NAILS that TOOOOOL to the wall! He's such a MAN WHORE!!!!! I feel so bad for his daughters. You know the saying...a woman always marries someone like their father! I feel even worse for his sons! I'd be so embarrassed to call him my father!

1836 days ago


To say what hasn't been said is impossible, to not care anymore?


1836 days ago


wow if they only knew there going to destroy there kids future. this 2 moron are in court playing games to see who hurt the most and it wont be even them who gets hurt stupids group up money goes fast there 8 kids on the line and they only care about the war with each other

1836 days ago



I was laid off from elementary school and need my daily kooky!

My daddy says he's got the best recipies. I only eat chicken nuggets and pizza.

His ACCUKOOKY forcasts are amazingly accurate.

And the directions he gives are better than the lady on the GPS machine.

Leave kooky to do his thing. Mommy says there was a clown named Bozo once but he is in clown heaven now. Kooky is our only hope for entertainment!

Pull his finger. You won't be sad anymore!

1836 days ago


A cloudy overcast day but the 2 STARS are wearing their Foster Grants. Go back to being parents and not so called celebrities!!

1836 days ago


Its really surprises me that everyone talks about Jon and Kate, when the focus should be on those innocent 8 children. Jon had no right to take that money out of that account even if it was a joint account. That money is for the kids and the bills and that house. It just really sickens me that a man can be such a low life to steal money that wasnt his.. Judge throw the book at him. Hes such a lowlife. Then he has the nerve to complain that Kate took money out of the account. SHe is the one who has taken care of those kids and is the backbone. Jon is such a looser, hes a wimp.. Slam Kate all you want but she didnt turn her back on her kids, hes the one that walked away.. DUH> thats why there is marriage counselors to try to keep families together. What happened to marriage vows, everyone just walks away instead of working to keep the family together. What the heck is this world comming too,, so sad

1836 days ago


Jon, I hope the judge sees right threw Kate
Praying for you today!

1836 days ago

I Hate PUGMUM    

Go Jon.......nail that lying shrew to the wall.

1836 days ago


SONY MJ estate rip doff...insider dealin wheelin.If Mr ankle CO-wrote this dhas IT than we would get less than 10% as he is NOT the proformer OR STAR but just a writer-HACKY lackey who could`nt SELL IT due to his B list stardom.SONY is still stealin from MJ`s kid`s(ESTATE).Paulean should get way under 10% as is the standard...One more reason MJ checked out early...the smit was going to hit the fans?.Don`t THINK SO he owned the song must have payed for IT but the HORD SONY got the cash back to the JEWish wish list.REMEMBER 8 days of gifts but for real jewish defence funding...everyone gives.GREAT SINGING from MJ from a bitty song makes it a hit.IF I were the agent and paul wanted 50%...Id` find a cheaper song as there are millions to choose from.It`s NOT the writer that makes ahit it`s the star that turns it around into GOLD.Paul was way past over and they dug up mj`s spinner to take the esate.If paul was areal artiste he would`nt sell out MJ and he would feed his kids.The still hate and steal MJ blind just as they did Howard Hughes`s estate fake hairy`ss.HOLLYWOOD needs to grow up not all artz comes from the jewish sticks& the powerclub is fast putiing them selfs OUTSIDE the loop.STICK to production& the real money forget the STARDOM put a new face on IT get payed and stay unknown and SAFE from the baddies

1836 days ago
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