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Paris Accused of Pig-Like Behavior

10/13/2009 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

PETA has unleashed a brutal attack against Paris Hilton for buying a pet mini-pig recently, claiming she's setting a "wretched example" by treating animals like they're "as disposable as her friends and fiances."

Paris Hilton Tea cup pig

PETA says of Paris: "The Chihuahuas, ferrets, and kinkajous she's paraded through her home in the past were not accessories, and pot-bellied pigs aren't either."

The good news: Paris told us she doesn't think she'll get swine flu because she doesn't eat pork.


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laura terpening    

PETA needs to get a life! Please don't make me defend Paris!!!

1804 days ago


fyi....tabloid previously stated that the little piggy had already been kitty liter box are like little kittens in the sense that they automatically go to the liter box, they do not have to be "trained"

1804 days ago


Stop supporting this group of fanatics in any way shape or form!!!!!!
Peta has a rare ability to shoot itself in the foot by attacking the very people who love animals.
Sorry but I chose Paris and her pets over Peta any day.

1804 days ago


Paris can afford to take good care of any pet. Hell the little piggy probably has a nannie.

1804 days ago


Yes, Paris has enough money to care for an animal, no doubt. But what is she gonna do when the pig gets bigger? Keep it in her Beverly Hills mansion? I'm not thinking so! If she is gonna buy all these pets, she needs to have an adequate space for them to live in! Or it is animal abuse!

1804 days ago


Doesn't PETA ahve something better to do. Leave the poor little rich girl alone. I like Paris, she is entertaining in her own way. GO Paris!

1804 days ago


Ms Hilton has become very successful over the last two years.

And she has a nice,stand-up boyfriend who says he loves her and wants to marry her.
Doug's family donates millions to Republican causes each year.
Ms Hilton's life is in order and I applaud it.

Peta can go to hell. I won't support them financially any more because, apparently, they do not need any further contributions from wealthy people.

1804 days ago


I am a true "animal lover" and I do not support PETA. I feel there tatics lessen their message. However, I do agree with PETA on this one. Paris has had a string of trendy, expensive pets. Although I obviously don't know her personally, she does appear to use them as accessories. To call her an "animal lover" is ridiculous. Yes, pets need shelter and food and she will provide that in a lavish way. But they also need affection, she creates this bond and then tosses them aside when she finds the next cool thing. A true "animal lover" adopts a pet from a local shelter, they don't spend $4500 for a specially breed pet. A true "animal lover" donates that $4500 they have lying around to an animal charity.

1804 days ago


That's a low blow from PETA.

1804 days ago


This cute pig is a special teacup size and won't get very big. But if it does, at least she won't eat it like a farmer would. The pig will most likely go to the Hilton Ranch in Nevada to live out its life in luxury.

1804 days ago


the pig has a pigananny LOL

1804 days ago


Well, I DO eat pork, but one thing i would never eat; Paris Hilton!

1804 days ago


shut up PETA. your company takes little things like this too far. there are way worse people out in the world that... wait fot wait for it-- ACTUALLY abouse animals WOW i thought people like that would be the ones you would want to go after instead worry about the little things. comments like these towards people like Paris makes your company look stupid. worry about the BIG things and get over it

1804 days ago


Oh good grief. Anytime I walk my blue pitbull he is an accessory.
Of course animals are used as pets/companions, for protection or for their cuteness as lapdogs. That's their function.

Peta may not like it but pets are NOT humans.Of course neither are Peta members. They are idiots.

1804 days ago


I love animals but admit, PETA is kook-koo and does itself NO favors by being as extreme as they are. That said, however, they do happen to be correct. Paris has shown through her actions that she has NO CLUE whatsoever how to care for a pet or dog. Over and over and over again she has "lost" dogs, had them flee her home. At some point it is time to GROW up and stop treating innocent, living animals like they are her latest accesory. Never has there been a more shallow, superficial, moronic, and dumb human then this girl. She is beyond comprehension and if you listen to her speak you will cringe at how follish she sounds. These pets will also be discarded like most from her past and it IS a tragedy..for the animals.

1804 days ago
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