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Mel Gibson & Pregnant GF -- Finally Some P.D.A.

10/15/2009 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In what seems to be their first public display of affection, Mel Gibson put his arm around his unwed pregnant 39-year-old girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva after they broke bread in Manhattan on Wednesday.


Oksana is due with the 53-year-old conservative Catholic's eighth child some time this fall.


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You call your self "december" and you are whom? Very much defending or trying to defend that she is actualy pregy when everybody can see that she is not. Why is that?

I dont care what strech jeans they make, she is not pregnant.
She has no belly at all to show in her 8 month, from her own talking.
I clearly specified that it was herself who gave the date of the first week of december but you tip toe at ignoring it and calling it "they said". No, "they" didnt said, SHE said it!

You wrote she must know it best herself so you better begin to agree with yourself!

You can see that she has no pregnant belly, no stomach at all, and is in her 8 month according to HER own saying.
According to mine, and to Mel Gibson's own representatives and spoke person, Allan Nierob, she should be in her 9th month.

No matter which one you opt for, she is not showing at all, which proves that she is not pregnant.
Whats worse is that she made many photo sessions in september to show how pregy she was with a big belly.
Only that belly changed in size from a session to another, taken the same day, and a video of her taken the day after that session showed her totaly flat shopping with her son.
She was very embarassed and angry..

There is no pregnancy at all it was all a PR-stunt to excuse for Mel being with her at all and not droping her.
Also as bad excuse in front of his church and the members of his church, like you and that other guy in here, calling himself "TT reals dad" and changing his name in different posts while saying that I have many names....
Hypocrites are truely blind to their own doings.

There is no pregnancy and no doubts that she lied to Mel from day one and had him beleive that she was pregnant, then wasnt, and then was again, for finaly now, him knowing that there was nothing at all the whole time.

Lets hope that she die very soon, this way life on earth will be better for all.
I wonder most why she is insisting to show off with him each time he get more popular, so to destroy all his efforts totaly in a spit second.
She is send by enemies of Mel Gisbon? or people that hate him with all their gots?

It looks like.
Poeple who hate Gibson, must love this slu-t!
She is doing a much better job than they could ever do with all their hatress of his movie The Passion of Christ and all their ramble about his DUI.
Not only is she destroying his carreer but also his private life and emotional life and doing all to keep it that way and make it worse, making sure that soon he will have no way to make any come back. She did all to hinder him from doing so.

She also first appeared in his life right as he was rising up from the DUI waves, filming EoD, and people were begining to like him again, and the press too.
Here she started, coming out of nowhere to see him, like if nothing, and things have only gone down and down for Mel Gibson ever since she entered the picture.
She is the worse thing that could happen to him professionaly, and as a person, and in his private life with family and friends.

She should not be alowed to come anywhere in his vicinity.

That stupid pig faced slu-t is more than a terrible mistake, she shouldnt be there at all, and have nothing to do with Mel Gibson, she just destroy the guys life, and make it sad for all the people who knows him, both in the movie business and in his private life.
She must get out of the picture and fast.
It cant be fast enough.

No doubt that she must have something on him to can force him to show off like this with him, when he hates her so much and call her all sorts of names in private.
And we know that this thing is not a pregnancy nor a faked pregnancy anymore, since he now knows all about it.

1831 days ago

Mary Mid-Town    

Go rent or preferrably buy "The Passion of the Christ", it's a great film and great education. Actually you can't go wrong with any of Mel Gibson's movies. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

1831 days ago

Mary Mid-Town    

Why are so many people jealous of Mel? Seems petty and foolish. If you want to dig in your heels and bash somebody, then why not pick a truly evil Hollywood celeb? Go bash on Roman Polanski, now there's a bit of perverse evil incarnate, fully deserving of some hate.

1831 days ago

Mary Mid-Town    

I think that "turntable" moron is just bitter that Mel isn't returning her fan mail? Look "turntable",.. Mel is a very busy guy and doesn't have the time to answer each and EVERY one of the 100's of love letters that you sent to him, and your nude photos didn't help your cause! So move on with your life, pick up the pieces and go get a job that doesn't require you to speak, think or be seen by the public. Good luck

1831 days ago

Mary Mid-Town    

Hey "turntable" there must be a website in YOUR own country that you can haunt. Go find a site where you can scribble in YOUR native tongue about the challenges facing YOUR people, like: goats and farm animals and the farmers that bang them.

1831 days ago


Turntable, you are Ocean from Celebitchy site, you are still a nutjob = "crazy like a fox", LOL!

1831 days ago


Turntable = Sophie Ocean = SweetNut
She is actuated by jealousy and needs a psychiatrist.
There is one in every forum.

1831 days ago


"92. Why are so many people jealous of Mel? Seems petty and foolish. If you want to dig in your heels and bash somebody, then why not pick a truly evil Hollywood celeb?
Go bash on Roman Polanski, now there's a bit of perverse evil incarnate, fully deserving of some hate. "

Posted at 1:50PM on Oct 16th 2009 by Mike Again

Yes you are right on that one! incredible how bitter people can be!

pat c aka sean aka dum.bass mel, why dont you talk on topic instead to go to personal attacks?
oh wait, must be cause I am more important and famous than the people this article is about right?
Thanks, but no thanks!
I am Mel's Beaver, his soul if you prefer, and no I dont send love letter nor funny pics nor am I a fan of Mel Gibson.
and no I dont come from funny country call farmers land.
Must be Texas right?
I forgot, of course all countries outside USA are made of farmers andf goats only. How stupid me to dont know that.

Oh but you missed Mel's Beaver sooo much that you come all the way here to can talk to her. You must be some very desperate bitches to walk all the way to TMZ just in hope to can get some spit from his beaver's lips, you can survive on! LOL

If jealousy actuated people, needed a psychiatrist, there wont be enough shrinks on earth (also farmers land earth) to deal with all the posters of TMZ and other tabloids, and you will be the first in the line!.
I do believe that the 3 of you are jealous guys, you are very jealous of me for instance, thats why you come here to post about me.
Btw, TMZ website is in MY country, and in MY state.
But I doubt very much that its in yours..
and I am not a nutjob I am Mel Gibson, thats not the same.
and I certainly am crazy like a fox but I am still Mel Gibson. which you are not! BAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!

Funny how people coming after me about Mel are calling themselves dum.bass mel. PAt c I accuse you of racism after paragraph 31 agianst racism. give me your full name and adress so that I can file a lawsuit against you, for discrmination.
TMZ has your email and IP adress that they will have to deliver it to the court.

You are all very pathetic, but to be honnest I found it hilarious to see you all meeting here to fart that late, just because you are missing me and my beaver's bitting spits!! BAHAHHAHAHA!

Come lick me, but be courageous, I might fart back on your face! LOL!

GEE what a day, first I had to deal with the church members and Hollyness His Blasphemy, and then I had to deal with crazyness thats none of their Business, but they are still coming after me.

Tell me honnestly, who loves me most of all you my babies!bahahhaha! Come kiss the holy beaver's as.s, you spongious rabbits!

PS: my real name is "I dont give a flying", but dont tell, now that you've kissed it.. ;)

1830 days ago


Huh? Why would I have to give my real name when no one else does, and why so hostile? I was only pointing out that the most reliable sources said December, and I didn't read her say first week anywhere but it doesn't matter does it? We know people don't always deliver on a specific date anyway, it's more an approximation. What's the big deal?

I explained about the blue jeans because you seemed not to know that they are made for pregnant women. I don't have to "defend" that she is pregnant. I've yet to see anyone else that doubts it.

1828 days ago


Mel has blow his witness. This is a sad thing. His movies reached into the hearts and souls of millions all over this world. The woman isn't worth it. Her past speaks for who this woman is. This isn't gossip. It is fact and should have been a point of wisdom for Mel.

1827 days ago


There is no reliable sources that said december and as i already pointed out twice now, it is her, ya know the b.itch that said on AP tv interview that she was due for the first week of december.
The alone problem with that is that she said herself to People mag (that you refer to as being a reliable source) in early june, that she was due for late october! Meaning NOW!
No, celebs remain evasive but she is NOT a celeb! mind that. She is nobody, a wannabe celeb, havent done anything, is not known for anything but being a supposed gf of a celeb.

Many people doubt that she spoke the truth, and if you need someone else to tell you, before you can see things on your own then you cant think on your own and are depending on others to ingrave an opinion in your head for you.
So you need for a majority of people to tell you how things are before you found out yourself about it?
what if they are wrong? you dont question anything ever?
She also said, and still do, that she is an artist and a singer and a pianist.
Well everybody can hear that she cant sing but faulse and cant play piano but out of key, and has no talent what so ever, nor in lyric nor music nor interpretation, and that the alone thing she is good at is at lying and suc di.cks of rich men.
This we know for sure.
After 30 years in London with timoty dalton if she could play or sing or both she will have made concerts and a name, but did she? not a single one.
And she was with music mogul David Foster, also doing him for years, who own his big records company, but did he produced her even he was dating her? no never.
Why is that? cause she cant do a thing in music and is not an artist.
She is a wannabee, most of all she want to have money, a wannabe rich without working for it.
Any musician can hear that she cant play piano she is totaly out of practice, if she ever could once upon a time, and even if so, an accomplished pianist and musician will be easily able to hear when playing out of key and to remedy to that, but she obviously cant.
And an accomlished musician do not sing faulse.
Specialy not without being aware of it!

She lies. Thats all she do and does and did all her life.
Lying about her life and past and lying about what she does.
There is no pregnancy but a money making lie, that she was always a specialist of.

You have pictures, she should be 9 months, and from other talk then she is at the end of the month. No matter whihc one of the date you chose to beleive into, she is flat. And you cant be pregy and flat.
well she is.
She show around a fake big belly in september and I ask where is that belly now? I cant see it cause it is not there.
She is not prengant and never was.
Its all a fake.

She was on GMA in august and was totaly flat there too.
So what else do you need?
Then 2 hours later she was pictured having a huge big pregy belly. How do you explain that unless this is all faked?
Because you can put out a fake stomach, but you cant put out a real one.
Again in september same thng, the 4 sept she is pregy up the eyes, and the 5th she is video filmed, unexpectedly, totaly flat.
and you can see she didnt like it.. because she was unveilied!
but journalists being like you and obviously just following their own start story keep saying that she is pregy even she is not.

They can see she isnt but they dont question it, they show pics of her flat and videos where she is flat and title it "pregy" or "shoving her baby bump" ( at 7 month, a baby bump will show.. specialy if it showed big time the day before on her staged photo sessions.. it cant just disappear like that.

And now 1½ month later she is flat again. OOOPS.
but does journalists react on that,?
they keep making the same msitakes.

why do you think she keep her jacket in front?
to hide a prengnamcy that she annouced 3 times in tv and 100 times in mtaboids interviews? and solf as news for the national inquier?
of course not.
she is hidding that there is no pregnancy.
but you can see that she is flat anyway,.
there is over 20 pics of her there, and in 3 of them her belly is totaly uncovered. You can see that she is not pregnant and doesnt need jeans wiht extensions either. Those are size 4-6, all the way.

1826 days ago

linda k    

i still don't understand...if she is not pregnant why is mel going along with this? and what happens in dec when no baby is born?

1825 days ago


linda k., stop being so gullible, of course she's pregnant, come on already, why are even taking any of her crap seriously?

1825 days ago


Stop the comments about Mels look, the leathal weapon days is over long ago.Everyone will be older,the nice smile and profile will always be there if he will smile again!
He has made a disaster for himself we all can see with that badly groomed "girl".By the way he is the youngest man she have had!Where I live we say "He is sitting in the scissor"Things have changed,he had a nice family,wee will have to wait and see. He is still a good actor and director

1825 days ago


LINSA mel go along with it casue he got no choice as its a bti too late. what od you want him to say anywahy?
he fear gettign slaughtered by the media when its comes out thats why.
annie why dont you stip stalking linda each time she ask me somehting here?
dont you have something usefull to do?

if what i say is crap, can you come with one single guilible prove that she is pregnnat?
can oyu prove me worng in one single thing i have aid up to now?
so keep quiet when you have nothign to say.
and stop giving people orders like orderign linda to dont beleive me and ordering her to dont be guilible like if she was a little child
stop patronising people when oyu have no authority what so ever on them nor on the subject.

did you saw the pictures of her taken last week and how unpregnant she is?
comment on that instead! but oyu cant cause oyu know that what i say is true!
she is wearing a tight blue jean size for photomodel at late 8 month prengnacy????
and she dont have any belly.
you can see her stomach entirely in 3 of the over 20 pictures taken that day in that street, and its flat no trace of what she was showign in early spetember either.
what do oyu call that for?
you know i am rigth but you climb on not giving me right becasue thats what you started with and you are very stupid,. thats what charachterise you.
also each time i have been right, oyu didnt said sorry to me but you said "the fc wako was rigth after all".. menaing insulting me even more when proved wrong.
Which define you entirely.
you cant admit your msitake and are unable to say sorry, and thats the alone reaosn why you coem here.
you didnt posted anyhting about this article you only posted to insult me.
so back off to celbitchy bs and your own morose MG club, and strike one dude!

seeign i am rigth makes oyu depress!

1825 days ago
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