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TLC to Jon Gosselin -- Sue You!!!

10/16/2009 10:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon GosselinTLC is dropping the legal hammer on Jon Gosselin -- filing a lawsuit against the guy for breaching his contract on "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

In the suit, filed Friday in Maryland, the network claims Jon was contracted to be an "exclusive" employee -- but broke his deal when he began taking money to appear on other shows and talking about "Jon & Kate" without proper permission.

Jon has appeared as a guest on all sorts of shows lately -- most recently appearing on "Entertainment Tonight."


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I am so sick of everyone bashing Kate. In the beginning I felt sorry for Jon but as things began to unfold I changed my mind. I know she was a B-t-h at times but who could blame her when she had to put up with his childish behavior. I still believe Kate has the best interest of the children at heart. I hope Jon has brains enough to beg TLC to drop the lawsuit and just disappear from the media. Kate has to make a living for the family and if she can't count on the TLC show then I guess Jon will have a h-ll of alot of child support and alimony to come up with. He doesn't want to be with the kid or he would have moved into their other house so he could be closer to them. Jon wants to be in the lime light and do his own thing not to be a irresponsible parent. I hope all of you will read ALL the comments, as some of them really do know what they are talking about and do contain the truth.

1811 days ago


Jon is a creepy, cheating, untruthful, idiot. I am sick of seeing him on TV. I'm also happy to hear that TLC will sue Jon - he is so transparent. Sure, Kate's not perfect, but she's hard working and she loves her children -- Jon always appeared lazy and passive-aggressive while on the show and that kind of behavior would try anyone's patience. No wonder Kate felt frustrated by having Jon behave like he was her ninth child -- good riddance to him. A show called "Kate Plus Eight" would be fine. Get lost Jon and stay away!

1811 days ago


ridiculous! we, as americans, should sue tlc for introducing these fools to us in the first place, not to mention shoving them down our throats 24/7.

1811 days ago



1811 days ago


He will be sorry for pulling the plug when he's working at walmart to support his kids...

1811 days ago


HA..HA..HA HA HA...I'm gonna pee my pants from laughing so hard!! HA. Funny Way to go TLC!!! These stupid suits will never go to trial, Hey Jon Guess who has more money to drag this out until they get their way...YOU or TLC? Any money you're earning is going bye bye in legal fees. What a moron.
If you want a divorce,get on with it....if you want to live your own life great go ahead...just stop trying to screw over your Ex and the kids. Go Party Hookers and Blow whatever .... you don't have to make your business everyone elses. Let Kate continue working with the show so she can keep your kids taken care of.
Man! I think he appeared more intelligent on the show in the early stages because he kept his mouth shut.

1811 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Wait, there is more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1811 days ago


Way to go TLC. Besides everything Jon has done, Hailey, Jon's Jewish GF went on TV to blab and say TLC should be called the lying channel. For the past month Jon's new Jewish lawyer has bad mouthed TLC and given Jon very bad counsel.
Jon says he's half Jewish, half Korean and God has put these Jewish people in his life for a reason.
Here's the reason. IMO
Jon's new Jewish circle are there to take all his money. God wants Jon to realize material possessions come and go. True wealth is building your treasures in Heaven.
God is also chastising Jon. God wants Jon to learn obedience and discipline.
Some, who are 100% obedient to God, can be made more holy still, if they can perceive and understand the chastisement of God.
As Jon Gosselin is dimwitted, a pathological liar, adulterer, and thief,(that's breaking commandants 7, 8, & 9) I fear his chastisement will be prolonged and severe.
Prediction: Jon is in a death spiral. Unless he changes his ways, he will crash and burn. It will be prolonged and painful.

1810 days ago


TMZ flings around so much rumor and conjecture as if it were fact. Then readers take this drivel as if it were truth and make all these outrageous judgements about Jon. People should take a long look in the mirror before judging the man. None of you were in his shoes or have a clue about what his life is really like. You're all a bunch of morons who need to get a life. If anyone should be sued it's TMZ.

1810 days ago


It's funny how everyone is saying that John is the glory hound, but what about Kate? Yes she has a show and needs to maintain her dignity, which she has made this as much about her as much as John has. The other day she commented that she wasn't wearing her wedding ring anymore and that her and the kids decided which ring would take it's place, a pearl surrounded by 8 diamonds, one that she hopes to purchase soon and the same DAMN day, she complains about being broke! Ohhhhhkaaayyy.

Then, when they WERE together. I remember reading an article that John WANTED to stop the show and Kate refused, because they need the money. To me it seems as it was never enough for her, no matter what she had, she wanted more. But I truly think John saw the end coming and that is why he wanted out, having 8 kids is enough stress, but to have cameras in your face all the time. It's just not healthy. And I truly beleive there is a side to Kate that we have seen snippets of, but is more of how see is on a day to day basis, even more so with the debacle she's creating. If only she'd keep her mouth shut and let John run his mouth, I think I'd have more respect if she didn't fire back over every little thing John does.

1806 days ago

Sue Schmidt    

Let's not forget how disrespectful Kate would treat Jon on the show. I don't believe she is what she tries to portray on the camera. I think Jon just finally had enough of being belittled, but now has gone overboard. Take them all off the air, stop giving them publicity and let them deal with their mess in the real world and not the TV world.

1806 days ago


I hope they sue the pants off the guy but noone wants to see him pantless. Anyway I hope they get all the money out of him that they can. It isn't like he is spending his money on his kids anyway.

1806 days ago


27. And KATE was having an affair for MONTHS. She's so freaking evil, you people have no clue. The kids are scared of her.

Posted at 10:31AM on Oct 16th 2009 by Simone

Hey Simone, can you back up your claim with actual facts? If you are referencing the bodyguard, only Jon, and you, have claimed that. The bodyguard and his WIFE and children are spending Thanksgiving with Kate and the kids. Do you honestly believe that the WIFE would believes the lies.
It appears to me, from seeing the show, that the kids love both parents. It's not like the kids are acting.

1780 days ago

Nancy J.    

Raising just one kid where there is a lazy, uncaring man who has to be told everything to get half=hearted help and who then complains about being worn out, is enough to drive any mother crazy. He just could not be man enough to share the load so for a couple having to take care of EIGHT, surely it must be awful as they have to cooperate and work together and keep the inlaws away. I see Jon as being stupid, jealous, resentful and too selfish to consider what a hard job it is to carry and give birth to so many kids,feed, bathe, dress, make doctor appointments, keep account of the money and paying bills, AND the mom also has to lose sleep every night while the poor little man has to get his beauty sleep...well, try looking after one or two kids without any help, and having to twist a guy's arm to get help, and then listen to him complain, maybe he wants his wife to wear the pants and leave him alone to play golf and go play around with the kids...or take a nap? I wonder if J.G. is addicted to porn?

1778 days ago
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