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Gosselin and Glassman Play Kissy Face

10/18/2009 3:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend Hailey Glassman arrived to a dinner date at The Oak Room in New York in a horse and carriage.


That loud explosion you just heard would be Kate Gosselin's head exploding.


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I bet Johns wank is no bigger than his pinky finger. This pic is to only get attention. Neither one is showing any affection to another. These lovebirds hold themselves, along with egos and attitudes. BLAH!!! Stay away from Las Vegas both u losers!

1832 days ago

Valerie McLellan    

Family Values? (looks around) Where? He doesn't want his kids to continue being filmed because it's detrimental to their well being? More like detrimental to his wallet, which, by the way, he's going to need in order to continue to keep Hailey's interest. Oh!

Non stop photos of him making out with some chick are detrimental to his kids well being. Try growing up and focusing on your family. Oh, he already said that is his new focus.

Don't see it, not buying it. Just like I didn't buy the story about how Kate took the money and you had no idea what she was talking about. R i i i i g h t. Doesn't take a genious to figure out who wrote the check or who signed the debit transaction or however it was you withdrew the money. Geez dude, are you really that dumb?

1832 days ago


Bet you he wishes that was Kate sitting up there by him. He really screwed up. He should have fought more for his marriage and family. He has said he is "standing up and being a man" now. To little to late and with the wrong people.

1832 days ago


Maybe the reason Kate was so hateful to Jon was because he's such a dumbass, as evidenced by this photo. It's very tiring and frustrating to be married to a moron.

And stop calling him a douchebag....that's offensive to douchebags!

1832 days ago


am I the only one wondering if Jon is staying with Hailey at least for now to get a cheap price on the plastic surgery he's been thinking of??

daddy (Dr Glassman)is a plastic surgeon
remember he donated his services for Kate's post baby tummy tuck

Jon re-iterated this on "Entertainment Something" or whatever when he was saying he'd like to have more hair plugs and plastic surgery
top probably

I think that everything this guy does is somehow calculated on his part

wouldn't be surprised if after his surgical improvements this gal will be tossed aside

anyone thinking about that or am I the only suspicious one out there?

1832 days ago


I think Hailey will dump his big fat ass when she figures out that a relationship with tubby FAS-boy (he looks and talks like he's developmentally challenged!) will mean that she has to raise his kids, at least part-time! LMAO ... trust me, I've raised kids ... a sh*tload of work!

1832 days ago


Am I missing something? I think Jon is disgusting. How did this average beer belly become so famous?

1832 days ago


Jon can afford a $150 horse and carriage ride because he NEVER had to provide finacially for those kids, that was always Kate and still is......

1832 days ago


The height of craziness. I saw more pictures. Jon was carrying Hailey! I think she is wearing trampy skin tight pants and boots. Really class. And they were out to dinner with her parents.

Her parents must be low-class to tolerate this behavior.

How is he affording a horse-drawn carriage?

1832 days ago


If all you Jon bashers really look at the all have been taken by the Kate poor me propaganda. She uses her children for her own personal sympathtic gain. You loose, you are all suckers for believing her game. You are all idots. If you cannot see her manipulations throught the media you deserve the title. Jon is doing what any man would do in his situation...going on with his life and putting his children #1. You all need to open your eyes and see where it began. Look at the shows. She is into herselp and belittles and alianates everyone she come it contact with for her own personal gain. She will deserve everything she gets. She will regret ever treating her soon to be ex-husband and her children the way she does. The fame will stop and she will be nothing but a misrable nasty person.

1832 days ago


How much did that cost? He keeps accusing Kate about hiding money. Does this idiot have any idea of how much money he is spending? At least he is wearing his good blue jeans. If I were ever lucky enough to go to New York and out to a nice restaurant, blue jeans would be my first pick.

1832 days ago


.... And this further puts Jon in violation of his morals clause.
Carting around his whore girlfriend. He's still married. And he thinks that he's America's favorite dad?

1832 days ago

interested canadian    

cant tell if the horses ass is the one in front or the one with the jacket on

1832 days ago



If you claim to detest the spotlight & hate the paparazzi snapping pictures of yourself while you're out in public . . . .

Then - Why would you arrive to dinner (let alone - anywhere else) in a Horse-n-Carriage ??


1832 days ago


#14, you must be one of the 43 idiot Jon fans, which puts you in the same league as these two nit wits! W.T.F. are you thinking?? This guy is a poor excuse of a father and even X-husband! I think we've seen serial killers behave better thank this moron! Wake up and smell the money hungry P.O.S. he and this girl really are! She's with him for her 15 minutes and his 15 minutes should be done and burnt by now! Kate ain't no saint, but look at this and see why!!!

1832 days ago
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