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Balloon Boy's Dad -- History of Violence

10/20/2009 3:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richard HeeneRichard Heene had a well-documented criminal history with a common thread -- going ballistic under pressure.

First of all, we've now found three criminal cases against Balloon Dad. In 1984, Heene was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon -- a gun -- and received three years probation.

In 1991, in San Bernardino, CA., Heene was arrested for corporal injury on a spouse. It appears he was not convicted.

Now get this ... we broke the story yesterday that in 1997 Heene pled no contest to vandalism and spent four days in jail. Wait 'til you hear what happened.

Heene, a contractor at the time, had an employee who didn't get paid. The employee went to Heene's home to get his $300 and an argument ensued.

We're told Heene got physical with the guy inside the house, the employee walked out and Heene gave him $140 of the $300 he owed. The employee, Benito Ortiz, was dissatisfied and the argument continued.

According to the arrest report, Heene got in his pickup truck, backed up and apparently tried to hit the dude. The employee got out of harm's way and Heene struck the employee's VW.

After hitting the VW, Heene pulled forward several feet, then put the vehicle back in reverse and collided again with Ortiz.

But wait, there's more. Heene did it a third time.

Finally, Heene parked, got out of his truck, picked up a wooden beam, held it over his head and screamed at Ortiz, "Get the f**k away."

Heene later told cops .... during the conflict Ortiz struck him, he became "incoherent" and didn't know what happened next.

In addition to four days in jail, Heene was sentenced to house arrest and ordered to pay $100 in restitution.


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Too bad he isn't still in California. Seeing him take a third strike would be just punishment for a man who endangered so many people. The National Guard was actually considering a plan to lower a soldier from a helicopter to rescue the boy. Can you imagine what would have happened if they had done that and the soldier had been killed or injured in the process. This guy needs to go away a very long time.

1794 days ago

sonny chiba    

dont they do backround checks before they put him on a show like wife swap,he could of killed them all lol

1794 days ago


Anyone who would watch reality tv and "Wife Swap" has issues.

1794 days ago


Hope they throw the fines hard this time including jail time. Spousal abuse, negligence on the welfare of a child while dad is using him as a pond, using up community time and vehicles for a reality wannabe, reckless lies.

1794 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

Truant officers? They no longer exist! Home schooling is the law these days and a demonstratively bad idea, just because of families like this. These wackos can teach their kids whatever they want and no one will come to their aid. Who convinced Americans it was a good idea to give up on mandatory public schooling? We need to get back to a social policy which leaves all children with SOME safety net. What will these kids be like in 20 years if their only teacher--their only guage of what is "normal"--comes from Ricahrd Heene? Tsk, Tsk.

1794 days ago


Oh just STOP THIS NONSENCE!!! Your all beating a dead horse now! WHY? Just think of overkill and look at you. Every one wants to be a star. IT is not there faults. Look at what the news and hollywood does to people. If your not on television your nothing in this country. This is so very very true.

1794 days ago


What will these kids be like in 20 years if their only teacher--their only guage of what is "normal"--comes from Ricahrd Heene? Tsk, Tsk.

--------------------Normal is a setting on a washing machine.

1794 days ago


I haven't heard it reported, but what does this "nutjob" do for living? He sure is a kook. I couldn't believe we all got spoofed but just glad the young boy wasn't hurt.

Daniel ............. Toronto

1794 days ago


How sad for those boys to have this crazy tard for a dad. He should be ordered to mandatory therapy, other wise he will not change and his family will be in danger.He comes across like a delusional Bi-Polar maniac. Richard, take your meds.Do it for the sake of yourself and for the sake of your family

1794 days ago


There kids need to be taken away from this lunatic.

It's obvious that this douche beats his poor wife and she is Japanese, and they do not stand up to man.

This is horrible all around. I pray he ends in jail and that she gets away from him.

1794 days ago


He pled guilty? Try he pleaded guilty.

1794 days ago


Actually GET IT RIGHT - both are correct - pleaded and pled

Per Encarta

1794 days ago


Obviously these people are very VERY troubled & I feel so sorry for those 3 boys.

Hopefully the attention caused by this "flying saucer" incident will get them removed from their sick parents - before it's too late.

1794 days ago


Someone needs go check over Falcons body for bruises because I'm thinking he got a beat down after "you said we did this for a show"....

1794 days ago


It is just a matter of time before this loon job explodes and kills someone! He probably threatened to kill his little son who ratted him out on television. That poor kid heard the lies his parents were telling and got so nervous he threw up. Heene claims he doesn't know what the public is saying about him because he doesn't have cable television. Does he have a computer to see what is being written about him. He calls himself a professor when he barely graduated from high school. Heene is such a sad, media whore he would do anything to be famous. He intentionally made the police force look like Keystone cops. I hope his fines are so high it bankrupts him. Judging from previous arrests he should serve prison time.

1794 days ago
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