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Balloon Boy's Dad -- History of Violence

10/20/2009 3:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richard HeeneRichard Heene had a well-documented criminal history with a common thread -- going ballistic under pressure.

First of all, we've now found three criminal cases against Balloon Dad. In 1984, Heene was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon -- a gun -- and received three years probation.

In 1991, in San Bernardino, CA., Heene was arrested for corporal injury on a spouse. It appears he was not convicted.

Now get this ... we broke the story yesterday that in 1997 Heene pled no contest to vandalism and spent four days in jail. Wait 'til you hear what happened.

Heene, a contractor at the time, had an employee who didn't get paid. The employee went to Heene's home to get his $300 and an argument ensued.

We're told Heene got physical with the guy inside the house, the employee walked out and Heene gave him $140 of the $300 he owed. The employee, Benito Ortiz, was dissatisfied and the argument continued.

According to the arrest report, Heene got in his pickup truck, backed up and apparently tried to hit the dude. The employee got out of harm's way and Heene struck the employee's VW.

After hitting the VW, Heene pulled forward several feet, then put the vehicle back in reverse and collided again with Ortiz.

But wait, there's more. Heene did it a third time.

Finally, Heene parked, got out of his truck, picked up a wooden beam, held it over his head and screamed at Ortiz, "Get the f**k away."

Heene later told cops .... during the conflict Ortiz struck him, he became "incoherent" and didn't know what happened next.

In addition to four days in jail, Heene was sentenced to house arrest and ordered to pay $100 in restitution.


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told ya so - TEAM LENO    

I am very concerned about the welfare of the wife and kids.
I think Richard Heene is such a wacko that he could kill his whole family before they arrest him. He doesn't have anything to lose anymore. He seems like one of those lunatics that think "If I'm going down, so is everybody else."

1832 days ago


The dude Punks all the Media and the Media wants his kids to be removed from the parents?!? What the F$&K! To the Media; You got Punked! Sore loosers get over it! Just shut up and report on something new!

1832 days ago


Too bad ABC didn't know about this before they sent a stranger to live in his home.

1832 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Well this numb nut wanted a reality show and now he got one, except he isn't getting paid for it. Serves the jerk right. He doesn't watch TV, but he went on the show "wife swap". Gee I wonder how he found out about that show?

1832 days ago



1832 days ago


When a kid pukes like means that it is controlled and is doing things against his own feeling. ....Whatever, Its a kid, under a whole lot of stress.......That is what I believe!!!!!!

I will never ever accuse the parents directly.......because we don't know...but know your own child!!!!!...I would specially adress the mother...How can/could you put your child through this hell? Whether it is the press, a hoax, a sick husband...whatever....Look at your child and see how he suffers and will in the years to come...whether all of this is true or false.....Think about how it will affect THIS child....

1832 days ago

Arethusa Cyberia    

still crazymuch?

1832 days ago


He tried to hit a man with his vehicle, WTH was he not charged with attempted murder?

I saw the wife swap episode with him and his family and it shows eh is very abusive and controlling and the wife that swapped with his even said it to his face and WOAH boy did he get mad. His kids are completely out of control, they can do what they want and im sure if this all continues they will be following right in his footsteps

1832 days ago


Urgent note to TMZ: News reports are now saying that Richard Heene believes that the sun is going to explode in 2012 and he did this balloon stunt to get a reality show to pay expenses for a bunker and food for when world ends. TMZ - urge child welfare to take the kids and maybe wife and the end may come sooner. He is loony tunes!!

1832 days ago


Wow! I don't know which is worse. The Acting or the Reality. Is it the reality of Bad Acting? Or the Bad Acting is the Reality. Nevertheless, this Family needs Prayer. I looked at the rap video of the kids the Dad put together. It was Awful! I tried using the CC. it couldn't decrypt what they were saying.

1831 days ago


Okay...first of all, what is wrong with Lifetime Entertainment, Inc.??? They put an innocent woman in a home with a felon who had also been reported to the Los Angeles Department of Children Services. I cannot for the life of me think of an excuse for not performing a background check in a situation like this especially since it involves women and children. Lifetime Entertainment, Inc. or their production company, RDF Media, appear to be in hot water and I suggest a boycott of the show.

1831 days ago


Hey TMZ, your the ones that look and act like low-life losers. This guy is pathetic and desperately needs attention but obviously you need more. I hope your Karma gets in your way everyday that you continue to impose yourself on others and maliciouly attack people for your own thrills!

1831 days ago


If this does go to court, I sure hope the judge sentences him to anger management classes .... a LOT of them. Any time you see this guy, he looks like his head's about to explode. Maybe it's just that overinflated ego. Is there a management class for that?

1831 days ago


you need to track down the first wife-there is a reason she became the ex-wife

thinking she was smart and left this guy
lucky escape for her!

1831 days ago


I'm interested in what happened in that Corporal Injury Charge. I knew, I just knew that he was that type. His wife is petrified of him. Imagine the beating that Falcon would have received for outing him on Wolf Blitzer if the Paps didn't watch him like a hawk!Social Services need to take those kids away! And his wife needs to be smart enough to Get the Heck out of there! If he does it once, he will do it again and again and again until one of them dies. I know thats dramatic, but is anyone willing to prove me wrong by waiting to find out?

1831 days ago
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