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Britney Settles with Treadmarked Papper

10/20/2009 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTeam Britney Spears has reached a financial settlement with the paparazzo who accused the pop star of intentionally driving over his foot with her Mercedes back in 2007.

Rick Mendoza, who was working for TMZ at the time, had argued that Brit's people "should have known ... Britney was not in the mental, emotional and/or physical condition to operate the subject motor vehicle in a safe and reasonable manner."

The terms of the settlement were not released -- but Mendoza had originally demanded more than $200,000 in damages.


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brits ok    

Another criminal benefitting from his crimes. Like all paparazzi he is a stalker and he was stalking his victim when his foot was run over. Anytime someone hits, pushes or shoves one of these idiots it should be considered self defense

1826 days ago


That Pap is an idiot and deserves his foot to be ran over! Its just not a very good idea to be that close to anyone in Britney's mental state, EVER, and especially back when she was going all 'Britney' on everyone. Its like trying to sue a baby for pissing in your face when you change its diaper. Did he not see it coming? Come on!

1826 days ago


What a crock! We've all seen how these paps swarm around celebrity's cars. This moron probably had his camera shoved in her face at the time. She should have buried this loser in court. RUN 'EM ALL OVER!

1826 days ago


We need to do something about the judges that award these a$$holes money for doing this kind of thing. Maybe if their job was on the line, they might think twice before awarding anything and come up with a better judgement. Like fining the pap for obstucting her view while driving.

1826 days ago


That paparazzi should have paid big time for bruising Britney's tire. What kind of STUPID JERK would put his foot in front of a car about to move. WHAT A JERK. If a lawyer, or judge gave this JERK any money for this stupid move by THE JERK, they should be removed from practice.

1826 days ago


I would NOT be surprised if this was the JERK who flattened Britney's tire that one time she was attacked by the paparazzi. Or maybe this was the JERK who flashed that super powerful flash directly into Britney's eyes just before an intersection crash. That one should have brought the JERK some jail time. The photo of the flash in her eyes was prominent on the TMZ pages denigrating Britney when it was the JERK paparazzi who was at fault.

1826 days ago


HEY TMZ, how about a photo of that JERK paparazzi who once worked for TMZ???? Lets have a paparazzi take a photo of the JERK for view by us all.

1826 days ago


Gee Harvey! You allow a space for comments..Lets see if you actually read them or care..It seems to me that 90% or more feels your pap was a complete and total idiot who didnt deserve a penny! I am not a Brit fan but I hope you guys eventually admit your share of guilt in her 'breakdown'..If she is bipolar or anything else did you think it was helping her by following her around, burying her in the media and not giving her space. I doubt if I would handle tabloid scrutiny and look and act great after losing my marriage and my kids not to mention one of your pap friends drugging her, taking advantage of her and putting her in places where tmz magically appears to take pictures.Human nature sends people to read tmz.Its called curiosity and need for gossip.But make no mistake.Even though the public reads your site and watches your show they are getting smart and you wont be in business forever. The fans have seen the pap kill Princess Diana, cause accidents, add to breakdowns and instigate fights with celebs then cry foul when they get what they deserve for being insensitive, morons.Reading news is one thing Harvey.Reading news that YOU guys and the PAPS create is something else.Fans are learning the difference.You should read the comments and heed them.Eventually you will lose.

1826 days ago

Me, myself and I    

Wow! I'm surprised that "it" is still here. I thought she was a gonner for sure.

1824 days ago
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