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Jon Gosselin -- Overpay for Play

10/21/2009 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin UPDATE: The MJ Show just posted the email exchange they had with Gosselin's rep. Click here to read it.

Jon Gosselin
sincerely believes his time and energy is worth somewhere around $12,000-per hour -- because that's how much he's demanding to appear on a Florida radio show.

TMZ spoke with the host of Tampa's MJ Morning Show who told us he contacted Gosselin's rep in the hopes of booking the reality star to guest co-host the show for one morning.

The radio show offered two first class round trip plane tickets, limo service and a "first class" hotel room -- but that wasn't enough to seal the deal.

Gosselin's rep requested an "appearance fee ... in the 10-12K range."

Team Gosselin justified the amount by saying, "[Jon's] name and appearance on your show will instantly draw press ... and will be a high point for the show." The rep also describes Gosselin as "quite funny, sharp witted and interesting."

The radio host tells us he "fell out of his chair" when he read the demand. Looks like Jon will have to go back to "Entertainment Something" to lock down that kind of money.


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Wait, isn't he still under contract with TLC. Wouldn't they have to give permission for him to do any appearances? Don't tell me he's still trying to breach his contract?? What a loser. This will look really good in front of the judge.

1766 days ago


I think it's been about 12 of his 15 minutes of fame. Almost over!

1766 days ago


I just looked on Radar Jon on dad duty he loves his children,I have never seen jon abuse the children like kate does slap the children w/the big spoon plus on one of the TLC clip she denied one of the children a drink of water & then the idiot drink the water in front of the child..I wonder why radar don't put that up..OH jon u are so hot,jon got just as much right to earn money just like kate..

1766 days ago


Jon is still under contract with TLC. These types of appearances are the reason why they are suing him.

1766 days ago


#7...I could not agree with you more. Unfortunetly, this kind of "news" is where we are...Long gone are the days of watching PBS and actually learning something. Look at the news now..Jon, Kate, Octomom and balloon boy are on every airway,in every mag and newspaper. It's self will run riot...What is this teaching our children that will someday be our future?...I for one am afraid of what this country has become at a pace faster than the speed of lightening...We have Veteran's homeless, parents and grandparents without healthcare and un able to pay their heat bill. We have children with no food...American's are losing their jobs and homes every F!@*&^g!day and idiots like this get paid thousands of dollars to throw up in our mouths and we gladly swallow...Thank goodness I am on the cusp of 43 with no off springs...I have solice in knowing I don't have to worry until I am dead what the world will be like 30, 40 or even 50 years from now for my children.

1766 days ago


The zombies fans of kate on ROL needs a intervention...I think most of kate zombies fans on ROL is so FUNNY (WINK)... To kate zombies everybody not a kate fan..jon u are so hot hold your head up Oh!how kate fans said,"He going to jail when court date comes up". he didn't go to jail... Kate zombies fans are so quick to judge what a miserable life they must live in their own world...I believe all of them are 7th grade drop out...:) :)

1766 days ago

This Sucks!!!    

I wouldnt pay OCTODOUCHE $5 to wash my dog much less 12,000 to come on a radio show. What a douch.

1766 days ago


Let's pay him what he's worth. What's an ex-reality TV star going for these days? For that info we can check with balloon daddy for the before he faked his lost kid thing.

1766 days ago


Welcome to the world of Reality T.V. No need for talent!

1766 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

Shalone...your standards are as low as a snakes belly. To approve of his actions , his behaviour only proves you are as "low rent" as he is. Although its fun to see people like you defend us fodder to make fun of your stupidity. You ass-ume we are jealous of this wanker....Oh Puhlezze...I pay more in taxes than this idiot earns all year. Guess What...I made all my money the old fashion way....I earned it, by hard work. Something your boy wouldn't know about unless it bitch slapped in the face. He sat on his ass whilst his wife made the money....they didn't ask for him to speak...they went for the intelligent one. Kate earning 30k an engagement is a pittance.... she was in high demand..he wasn't.

( I think Shalone is really Nadya Sulemonster,,,she thinks hes " hot" too".
Jean..are you kidding us? His speaking is as boring as watching paint dry,

1766 days ago


The conceit of this fat and very ugly creature never ceases to amaze me.

1766 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

shalone, what the f*ck are you on? Your post made no sense, are you illiterate, high, drunk, what? You remind me of that crazy8 poster at ROL. Did you dip into Inhailey's stash? Lay off the pain pills and vodka. WOW!

1766 days ago


Shalone....Since you think Jon is so great and Kate is so awful why don't you just offer Jonboy some cigarettes and lure him away from us for good? You two could ride off into the sunset on his four-wheeler, mercedes or tractor. TLC won't let him have the custom made Harley. Hope that's not a deal breaker for you!

1766 days ago


Jon does not even speak well. He mumbles or talks way too fast. Jon is famous for showing America how immature, dumb, and self-centered he is. NOTHING else. Unfortunately, Jon's behavior has caused a back lash to reality tv with children. I do not like the beauty contests show but those parents were already putting these little girls in the contests before the show. The show certainly displays the parents in a very bad light. The Little People and The 18 and counting are cute and harmless to those kids like Kate Plus 8 would be. Jon is what has harmed the Gosselin children, not reality tv.

1766 days ago


MJ Morning Show is notorious for stirring up controversy, so I'm sure they had something up their sleeve, in order to get Jon in a corner...but I'd NEVER see MJ coughing up 12k for that douche...

1766 days ago
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