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Jon Gosselin -- Overpay for Play

10/21/2009 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin UPDATE: The MJ Show just posted the email exchange they had with Gosselin's rep. Click here to read it.

Jon Gosselin
sincerely believes his time and energy is worth somewhere around $12,000-per hour -- because that's how much he's demanding to appear on a Florida radio show.

TMZ spoke with the host of Tampa's MJ Morning Show who told us he contacted Gosselin's rep in the hopes of booking the reality star to guest co-host the show for one morning.

The radio show offered two first class round trip plane tickets, limo service and a "first class" hotel room -- but that wasn't enough to seal the deal.

Gosselin's rep requested an "appearance fee ... in the 10-12K range."

Team Gosselin justified the amount by saying, "[Jon's] name and appearance on your show will instantly draw press ... and will be a high point for the show." The rep also describes Gosselin as "quite funny, sharp witted and interesting."

The radio host tells us he "fell out of his chair" when he read the demand. Looks like Jon will have to go back to "Entertainment Something" to lock down that kind of money.


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So, you mean to say that The Insider and the Entertainment Tonight shows paid him at least that kind of fee for "co hosting" in the last few weeks?!

1828 days ago


These one-sided slams of Jon are pretty pathetic! I don't think Jon is "demanding" anything. If the radio show wants him to appear this is his price. Nuff said. If they think it is too much, then fine, don't book him. How setting a price for a public appearance is construed into some character flaw is pretty ridiculous. I'm sure Kate got paid pretty significantly for appearing on The View, but somehow that's OK . . . she's supporting her family.

To all you whiners, go back to work. . . there is a car in the drive-up waiting to pick up their happy meal. You can feel good about yourself. You only demand $7/hr for work.

1828 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Pudgy, and you are the consumer in line waiting on your multiple burgers and shakes and fries. Hence, PUDGY? Or is it Inhaile Assclown sitting in her NY appointment being all high and mighty defending her loser boyfriend! ha, because she is a pudge too! She needs to lay off the Jewish bread and hop on a spinner or treadmill.

1828 days ago

Millissa Leclerc    

That is quite funny! I also feel that his unreasonable demand worked out well for the radio that is now getting press without ever having to pay jon a stupid amont of money for his.. "wit."

1828 days ago


Oh! lightfoot a kate fan zombie on ROL!HUm the FUNNY comes this way(WINK)which kate zombies are brain dead!jon u are so hot!hold your head up & make the big $$$..Lightfoot u are not on radar none of u can't delete messages here,that what making all of u freak zombies mad.. kate a sneaky snake in the grass,so her zombies fans on ROL are sneaky snakes as well

1828 days ago


Jon is a money whore.....he'll whore himself out for just about anything.....but I bet he still thinks that he's trying to protect his kids.....what a f'in JOKE he is!!!

You hear me Jon....Your a MAN MONEY WHORE!!

1828 days ago


I wish Jon and Kate would both just go away. They remind me of white trash airing their dirty laundry to the world. They are so over rated. GO AWAY JON AND KATE, JUST DO IT!!

1828 days ago


I'd pay him that kind of money IF the radio interview culminated with him putting a gun in his mouth and pull the trigger, thereby blowing his brains all over the place. That would make for some tremendous entertainment!

1828 days ago


I don't blame Jon; he has 8 kids to feed. Without an appearance fee; it's not worth his time and effort. Get someone else; after all, they contacted him.

1828 days ago


Better yet, Samantha, he could take aim at you and rid the world of one more piece of trash.

1828 days ago


what a duchebag

1828 days ago


Too funny!!
The difference between Kate or Jon making money via the media is that Kate put hers to good use and saves it for the kids and herself as she should and daily expenes. Jon spends it on his gf and himself not his kids. But I bet he is feelin the squeeze know that TLC stopped paying him that is what he used to pay into the joint account. He got cut offf!!!

PS. I'm a "Kate zombie" Go TEAM KATE!!!!!!

1828 days ago


$12,000/hr? Really? For a one-hour guest spot on a radio station? For a non-celebrity? I'm not a big fan of either Jon and Kate since their split, however, Kate is far more articulate, has more tact and, to date, has been discreet and has poised herself far better than Jon. Hailey and Jon's lawyer(s) have him bouncing around like a marionette - he's kinda been wandering around aimlessly and foolishly since he lost his "strength", aka Kate.

1828 days ago


Jon Gosselin Didn't Know He'd Been Sued

1828 days ago


Jon is such an idiot! He is getting desperate for money...heres and idea Jon...go get a freaking job, like the rest of the world. You are not a movie star, you are some dude who's wife had 8 kids! Come on already! You are not worth $10.00 an hour! You are joke!

1828 days ago
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