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Jon Gosselin -- The Check's in the Mail

10/23/2009 2:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned at 1:23 PM ET -- 30 minutes ago from the time of this post -- Kate Gosselin's lawyers received an email from Jon Gosselin's Pennsylvania lawyer stating that he has $152,000 from Jon that will repay Kate for the money he looted from the joint account.

As we first reported, the judge in the case ordered Jon to repay $180,000 -- Jon has already repaid $28,000 so the balance is $152,000.

Under the terms of the judge's order, Jon is required to wire the money to Kate's lawyers. That has not been done yet.

Kate's lawyer, Mark Momjian, tells TMZ if he gets the money today he'll cancel the court hearing on Monday.

There's another $55,000 in dispute. Jon says Kate had no right to take the money. Kate says she spent it on household matters. The arbitrator will decide who's right at a later date.


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Exactly. Eveyone who supposedly has followed this so closely seems to forget that there was an arbitration agreement. Kate stated that she took out money before the agreement because she feared Jon taking it, but put it back after the agreement was put in place. I assume she feared Jon would empty the account, but with the assurances of the court put the money back. Guess what, he emptied it anyway. She had to account for the bills she paid from the account. According to a article, her lawyer says that she has already submitted that to the court for the 55,000. Exactly what has she done wrong. As far as I can tell, she has approached everything appropriately. Jon's lawyer kept talking about how Kate and lawyers wanted to go to court but he and Jon were taking it to the court of public opinion, however, when they were sued, and the suit was a public record, they , i.e. Heller, said that Kate's lawyers were wanting to try this in the court of public opinion? I think they filed the suit in court. It was obtained by the tabloids. Constantly misrepresenting. Just pay attention and you will see it too.

1794 days ago


Haven't we heard enough about John and Kate isn't it time to take them off the air? Come on all this crazy things going on with their divorce in the tabloids and their kids being in the media. As a parent I myself would not want to put my children through such humiliation what are the parents thinking don't John and Kate know that this will scare those children for life and come on and think these kids are going to school what do you think the children are saying to them? Peer presure is overwhelming for kids and you are just adding to that by being at each others throats and airing all your dirty laundry on national t.v and in the tabloids. You both need some serious counseling and you both need to think of the children and I mean think of them not the money your losing. This is not about you two and if it is then you both need parenting 101 and that is you both need to remeber that God gave you children to love and protect not to exploit and hurt them.

1794 days ago


Trailer Trash Kate has the typical ghetto mentality.
TLC throws a few bread crumbs, and stupid Kate takes the bait.

1793 days ago


In my opinion...Kate needs to stop parading her little money-makers er, I mean her children, around in public trying to make herself look pitiful and alone with them. Her husband left her because she was awful to him. He's not making good decisions right now true but remember, it's been a long time since he was ALLOWED to make decisions. He's out from under Kate's wrath and he's found a woman who's giving him some attention and support. Divorce feels bad whether you initiate it or not. You've "failed" to keep your children's parents together and you feel so guilty. You aren't thinking clearly. The kids need to be off TV because the difference NOW is it's negative publicity they are all getting. TLC is in the same category as the paparazzi in this case.

1793 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

Regarding the posters who are bound and determined to TRY and bring Kate down. Do you all realize when you say things like "I hope she loses the house" that the children will lose the house too? Proves you are ONLY after her and no regard for their welfare, even though thats what you claim..."Its all about the children"..yet you wish them ill. Or "She was SO mean to him"..again, he was not chained in the basement, and he enjoyed all the perks/ was only AFTER he was busted for "gross misconduct" and fazed out of TLC did he have a "revelation". And "She spends do much money on nails, tanning, teeth whitening..etc" Oh Puhlezzz....whatever she spends barely puts a dent in what Jon Gross-ling spends for his extra curricular tabs, cars, vacations ( without HIS children, mind you), jewellry for his mistress ( Certainly the ugliest ring I have ever seen), took a LARGE sum of money from the household account, then lied about it and so on. I'd just like one solid answer to why this is acceptable to certain people. How are they justifying this? I have perused a few blogs concerning this mans behaviour...and they all have the same UNIFORM answer. " She deserves this because of how she treated him on the show" I have NEVER seen/read one Jon follower justify his behaviour ( other than that over rated, overused excuse). Your arguments are substance..just the same old retoric. I'm sure you will came back with some "Brilliant" comment like " You do the same thing...You defend Kate ( and her 10 dollar tan)"...blah, blah, blah. Wow, her nails and tanning would cost at most $30.00-40.00 combined. Jon spends that in 2 drinks for himself and his mistress during one of their drinking binges whilst pretending to be famous in NY,Vegas or LA. Produce photos of her with bodyguard in a compromising position. Produce video of Kate drunk. Produce records that all 11 accounts are strictly in her name. Show me records of how much Kate paid for HER car...and how much he paid for HIS cars (plural). Since HE agreed to watch the children at least 80% of the time Kate was away...there should be no complaints about that issue. Plenty of FATHERS do the exact same away from home for business. Its obvious they didn't want John at their speaking engagements...why? Because hes dumb as a box of rocks....perpetually stuck on stupid. Kates smart, articulate and knows the art of the deal. Shes the brains in this family.
Other than the already filmed episodes of the show, just when has Kate paraded her children around? You assume when she is picking them up from the bus or doing mundane everyday things and happens to be caught on film that she is parading them? Get Real...find a better excuse for your lame accusations. Instead we see your boy doing EXACTLY what you claim Kate is doing....explain THAT. Look at the low rent dirtbags hes bringing around his children...I wouldn't let people like Lohan clean my stables....or Hailey and her "Lovely Parents" clean my houses.

Its really sad that you all have such low standards regarding Jon Gross-ling....guess you believe his actions are acceptable...Yuck.

1793 days ago


It's time for Kate to get a job. The show has been cancelled.

1793 days ago


Jon STOLE that money and he must pay up or face the consequences. Kate spent the money on clothing for 8, insurance, school tuition, taxes, utility bills, etc.! If Jon had ever taken responsibility for his household he would know what it costs to run it. This LOSER needs to shut up, pay up , and crawl back under his rock.

1793 days ago


Are you farkling kidding me? $55,000 for monthly bills? That is more money than most people make in a year....... no sympathy here.

1793 days ago


Hannah Lightfoot.
Taking up lots of room on a page does not make you right. I totally agree with Deana. Kate can manipulate the public all she wants. Kate can dodge a question like a pro. Kate does her 'sniping' not only to Jon during the marriage, but now I fear she is manipulating, talking around issues and sniping at the children. The children are beautiful people, not one of them asked for all this. Jon and Kate BOTH are responsible for the mess that WE are all in a huff about. This family need crisis intervention. NOT just Jon, NOT just Kate, and NOT just the children. The FAMILY. No sides here. Just the "most benevolent outcome" for this horrendous situation.

1793 days ago


The account you are referring to is for extraordinary expenses, not day to day living expenses.

They have an expense account, which each contribute 7,500.00 for monthly living expenses.

From an Accountant's point of view, Neither Jon nor Kate display any basic financial intelligence.

1793 days ago


Octomom meets Khate at book signing!

Love Mady

1792 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

88. Baileygirl:
The account you are referring to is for extraordinary expenses, not day to day living expenses


Sorry, you are the one that is wrong. All the things Baileygirl listed are day-to-day costs and are listed in the arbitration agreement. Take the time to read the agreement before you speak.

Since the $55,000 could be explained by school tuition, prior income taxes for either party, insurance, utility bills, mortgage payments that could have been paid out over several months.

Jon's tit-for-tat childishness is so obvious.

1792 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

I don't know what is sicker...making fun of Mady Gosselin's mother while pretending you care about Mady or pretending you are Mady on a gossip website.

1792 days ago


91. I don't know what is sicker...making fun of Mady Gosselin's mother while pretending you care about Mady or pretending you are Mady on a gossip website.

Posted at 3:24AM on Oct 26th 2009 by What are you? Two?

Shaddup. Guess you're another "sheepie" It's simple stupid, sigh, Khate's a bitch who pimps out her kids for money. Jon is the tool for aiding and abetting. My right to comment is as good as yours f*ck off and shaddup.

Luv Mady

1792 days ago
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