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Kanye West -- Almost a Free Man

10/23/2009 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West got swift justice this AM -- thanks in part to TMZ -- and the judge in his LAX vandalism case said he'll dismiss all 3 misdemeanors against him after Kanye gets a dose of community service.

West's lawyer, Blair Berk, delivered a blistering attack on the paparazzi, scolding them for inciting celebs, going to churches for intrusive shots ... pretty much claiming they're responsible for all the wars in the world.

Berk says both Kanye and co-defendant Don Crowley (Kanye's manager) are "remorseful" for their conduct and have submitted to anger management counseling -- this, after breaking two cameras in a fit of anger at the airport.

Berk says this matter was "wildly overcharged" as a battery and vandalism case.

Deputy L.A. City Attorney Felton Newell disputed the notion the case was overcharged, claiming the defendants acted with "reckless disregard," adding the video shows "an intent to commit a felony."

Berk appeared without her client and noted that TMZ had settled its beef with Kanye because West paid for the camera he broke at LAX on Sept. 11, 2008. The judge agreed -- saying if TMZ didn't want to press charges, it didn't make a lot of sense to carry on with the case.

And speaking of Sept. 11th...the two lawyers got into a fight over whether the prosecutor was exploiting the date by saying it elevated the seriousness of the offense -- i.e., going nuts at a major airport.

In the end, the judge felt since the defendants enrolled in an anger management program, he said he'll dismiss the charges when they both serve 50 hours of community service. But he added Kanye's conduct was not acceptable.


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.:Loki 4Ever:.    

Kanye's attorney was soooo annoying... I wanted to scream every time she said "uhhh" and "uhhhhh" anyone else notice that??

1824 days ago


No. 1:

I agree with you about the uhh and uhhh. I turned off the volume.

1824 days ago


Both are at fault yes, but Kayne needs more anger management classes. Look what happened at the VMA awards. Was this before or after his so called anger management?

1824 days ago


By continuously saying "ummm" or "ahhh" means the person is either lying or is unprepared and is stalling for time!

Besides all that, this is a flagrant case of celebrity justice. If it were any other "John Doe" that smashed the cameras, they'd be paying huge fines and probably do some jail time, as well as taking anger management classes. Speaking of class, Kanye HAS NONE!!!

1824 days ago


Kanye seems out of control too much of the time. I think that he needs help beyond anger management before he acts out and seriously hurts someone. Then it will be too late...

1824 days ago

James Howen    


1824 days ago


GOOD for kanye..I know he's a jerk for what he did to taylor but the pap deserve's about time.. they get all in ur space and when u get mad and lash out they wanna be like awww wowow is mee.. I don't feels sorry for the pap that got his stuff broke he should know that celebs are regular people u would like to be left alone as well I think we should Flip the scrip and regualr people should follow them and have car crashes and be all in there personal space..while they are picking up there kids or haveing dinner..we should follow them like cats and dogs...see how they like it..Good for Kanye..

1824 days ago


The implications of said implication implicates a conspiracy to conspire against Africa and America and African Americans and the black negro African American negro black brothers and sister and others of said decendants decending from the descent of descention. Today, on friday two days from the end of the week or beginning of the week, one day from the weekend, we have once again witnessed a day for which white caucasean and caucasean white control has clouded the judgement of the judges judgement judgeing said case of the entertainer, rapper, artist, actor,and brother of the peoples of this white caucasean and caucasean white racist government, country , state, county, city, neighborhood and street, have coordinated a coordination coordinating abuse by the racist white caucasean and caucasean white establishment,establishing lies and deceate. I hear by call to arms with non-violent coersive coerce. The march of freedom brought forth by the partnerships nd organizations organizing the organized themselves to defeat this unjust, unfair hyprocracy of justice and determination of facts and non-facts unjustly and justly justify and verify the verifications brought forth to court today by the papa rotso and others who are obviously against our race rising above the hatred of racism.

1824 days ago



1824 days ago

Blair Berk is a jerk    


You're a stupid schmekel for not forcing Kanye to go to trial. 50 hours of community service is a slap on the wrist. Grow some balls!

1824 days ago


I concure RevJackson. Well said.

1824 days ago


The guys a douchbag..........

1824 days ago


This is an unjustified attempt by the Los Angeles police and the courts to criminalize Kanye for an incident that has been settled civily with the TMZ employees. Our people seek justice from the courts and a march on the courthouse will begin immediately. Kanye does not deserve to go to court ordered community service for he has already settled this dispute. This is just another sign that racism still is alive and that the African American community suffers from its injustice.

1824 days ago

Kanye West is a moron.

1824 days ago

Triple Play    

Kanye is an Extra Large box of Massengil

1824 days ago
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