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ESPN Sends Steve Phillips Packing

10/25/2009 10:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve Phillips FiredDavid Letterman he is not -- only a few days after news broke of ESPN analyst Steve Phillips' affair with a 22-year-old production assistant, he's out of a job.

An ESPN spokesperson said Phillips' ability to be an effective analyst was "significantly and irreparably damaged" -- so the sports network decided to give him the old heave-ho.

As we first reported, Steve's hookup Brooke Hundley filed for a restraining order against him one day after she dropped off a letter at his house explaining the affair -- which basically said they were meant to be together.

Hundley withdrew the complaint a few weeks later.

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I think he gets what he deserved. You run around on your wife and this is what can happen.

1823 days ago


So Letterman can have affairs with multiple women who work for him (whose jobs he has complete control over) and it's bravo! good for you!... this guy has an affair with 1 woman and it's the boot?

wow, that makes sense

1823 days ago


this guy lives in my town in CT, creepy. the 22 yr-old sent a facebook request to Phillips's son.

1823 days ago


Letterman should be next!
I can't stand it when that face come on the t.v. screen now.
I hate a male pig.
Oink! Oink Letterman..
You are real swine.

1823 days ago


Sounds to me like the two nuts deserve each other!

1823 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Not the smartest tool in the shed to throw away a cush job because he just couldn't keep his pants on. Just goes to prove that you can't fix stupid.

1823 days ago


Different companies, different bosses, different rules, they took their chances...

1823 days ago


Wow how stupid.

1.Sleep with a really ugly girl.
2.Loose your job.
3.Loose your wife.
4.Everyone knows what your anatomy looks like now from your lover's description.
5.Did I mention, loose your really good job in this economy. Good luck finding another one now.
6.Your wife is going to come after you for lots of child support now so hurry and find another job.
7.Hope the STD tests come out clean.
8.Advice for choosing your next mistress: Choose atleast a "decent" looking chick please!

1823 days ago


1823 days ago


I feel bad for the wife - and also the girl, Hundley (though not as much). The wife not only has she been kicked in the stomach and had her heart broken - the whole world knows all about it. That kind of deception is incredibly painful. As for Hundley...she was old enough to know what she was doing was wrong, but my guess is she has extrememly low self esteem (which I'm sure is why Phillips chose her - so he could be worshipped). If a powerful and reasonably good looking man pays attention to you and fills a vast, empty space you have, you would be more likely to put your scruples aside and do whatever you could to keep your "fix". Phillips victimized everyone involved. He made a spectacle of his wife and family. He taunted the week psyche of Hundley and also brought negative light on ESPN. Hope his kids can stay in college and the family house is not foreclosed upon. The wife, family, and Hundley need some intense threapy to help heal. Phillips needs.......to beg a lot of forgiveness and try to make ammends - and those ammends may be letting his family go to have a sane, secure life without him

1823 days ago


You go Dan...not only for all of your listed reasons...what are you stupid girls/women thinking???? You need to get an education, get a job and work your way up in a way that you can be proud of...probably not capable of that..

1823 days ago


Hope she was worth it dude.

Your job, your wife, your family and friends are all looking at you funny - plus you have perfect strangers like me all up in your business.

1822 days ago


Dan, your list is hysterical. My biggest question to Steve is how were you able to sleep with someone who looked like that? Were you drugged to not know what you were sleeping with? The lights always off?

I applaud Steve for giving UGLY girls a chance in the bedroom.

1822 days ago


OH! What a kick in the crotch! Lose an awesome job over an ugly, psycho oinker! That's gotta hurt!

1822 days ago


Lost a cherry gig because of that pig? Women are THE DEVIL.

1822 days ago
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