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Arnold's Wife

Terrible in the Red Zone

10/26/2009 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold's really gonna be seeing red after this because his scofflaw wife once again blatantly disobeyed the rules of the road ... and parked her non-emergency vehicle in a red zone!!!!

We're told Maria Shriver left her Escalade in the verboten spot for almost an hour while visiting the doctor's office in Santa Monica.

Maria should have known better -- her husband wrote the intro to the DMV's 2009 "California Driver Handbook," which includes the passage, "As Governor, I urge you to study this handbook and apply what you learn to help keep you and your loved ones safe."

Page 51 clearly states the rules of the red zone, "Red: No stopping, standing, or parking."

On the plus side -- at least the First Lady of California got off the phone before driving away this time.


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The parking meter is for the legal parking space behind her.

1793 days ago


We have so much time catching other mistakes or whatever, that we just allow any sympathy. Give it a rest everyone at one time an another may have or have parked in the Red Zone.

What is the red zone? I know someone may think I should know, but I don't know....

if you are without than toss the first negative comment

1793 days ago

charles cureton    

Looks like somebody in that family has some balls, and it sure isn't the governor. Remember the saying "power corrupts"?

1793 days ago

Big Deal    

Typical Paparazzi BS - Anyone else notice this "Red Zone" has a parking meter? If no parking is allowed, why does it have a meter?

It looks like someone at TMZ figured out how to use photoshop!

1793 days ago


Is it me or is there a parking meter in a red zone. Not sure of the angle though.

1793 days ago


It is cclear from gthe photo that it's not a fred zone due to a hydrant it is merely a small strip painted by a driveway in front of parking meter. Did anyone look to see how the carf beghiond her was parked and whether they were into her space thu she would have to park into the red zone, or maybe she was being kind not wanting to block it in, or hit it while pening the back doors to her vehicle. Can't you guys report on something more importwnt like the heal;thcare bill that is going to bankrupt the country and leave parking to the meter person. Rob

1793 days ago


The parking meter is clearly for the space behind her. You can see a bit of white curb at the foot of the meter.
She likely has those plates that have a special code letting the cops know that she's protected and can't have her address traced for security purposes(implemented for police and other sensitive positions, but widely abused because they know most cops know it's not worth the trouble of following up)

1793 days ago

ronald thomas    

Who covered this story? things must be getting slow with britney

1793 days ago


get a life!! everyone parks illegally at one time or another. might get caught, might not. it is not about entitlement -- that would be if she or he thinks they are above getting TICKETED for parking illegally. yes, you too, of the unwashed masses, can park illegally!!!!!! knock yourselves out!

1793 days ago


How preposterous these red lines, yellow lines, green lines, come to my house I painted a red line by the fridge - cross it and give me beer. Childish, absurd and against any reason. Paint them Black! Jagger for Governor!

1793 days ago


'scofflaw wife'-funny TMZ! She just can't obey the law can she. She's looking at the cameraman like, 'Oh boy, they're watching me. Yeah, I gotta go so they don't see me driving away talking on the cell'. Does she do anything else besides yap?!

1822 days ago


For cryin' out loud! This bitch thinks she's ENTITLED because: she's a celebrity, she's the gov's wife, SHE'S A KENNEDY! You people (Kennedy's) get over yourselves.

1822 days ago


Ugh does she ever get off that phone?

People have made their cell phones an idol. And that's the truth.

That in turn has made people disconnected and anti social with the people around them (face to face conversations).

Hope Maria will be ticketed for parking in a no parking zone. Maybe she should lay down her stupid idol for 5 minutes next time so she can find a real parking spot.

1822 days ago

Tmz is lame    

Typical Democrat. Moron.

1822 days ago


This lady is S.O.S- Stuck On Stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1822 days ago
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