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Baseball Analyst's Mistress -- Out at ESPN

10/26/2009 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: ESPN is now saying they fired Brooke -- but they haven't given an official cause for termination yet.

The ESPN production assistant who exposed a secret relationship with ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips is officially out of a job at the sports network.

Baseball Analyst's Mistress -- Out at ESPN

A rep from ESPN told the Associated Press that 22-year-old Brooke Hundley "doesn't work at ESPN anymore" --but it was unclear if she quit ... or if she got the chop.

Phillips was fired from his job last night, just a few days after he admitted to having the affair.

A rep for Phillips claims he's entering a treatment facility.

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Trooper Tom    

He thought he was getting some free "starfish" but as he found out.........

1788 days ago


Does there really need to be a reason given for their terminations? It's called "At Will", or just "DUH"...like they would keep their jobs after this sh!t.

1788 days ago



You are showing your age. Stop now and wait a few years, we women get better with some more smarts. I'm sorry you are not there yet. You will learn.

You have to be a twenty-something. I have read all of your posts. Case closed.

Besides, why so hostile? Is this personal to you? Did you get dumped by a man who perfered his ugly woman to you? What gives?

I can hardly wait for your response. I suspect it will show your age even more. Grow up sweetie, get a clue. You know NOTHING about men. Not yet.

I choose to defend my sex. I feel sorry for this GIRL, we have no idea what he said to her, the promises he made to her...that is why I will defend her. Yeah, her looks are not great, but honey you will find in the big people world that doesn't matter.

Come talk to us gals when you get some maturity to you. Gotta go.

1788 days ago


Holy Cow, what a dumb azz Steve Phillips is! He probably entered a treatment facility for "crack" addiction! When will people wake up?? We always see these people who think they are smarter than everyone else and won't get caught but it blows up in their face and causes them more hardship than it was worth!

Steve, go to the eye doctor and get your eye sight checked!! I would have to put away about 12 tall cold beers before I would give her Mr. Happy!

Hey Snaps, I bet you'd like to go for a ride with me! Call me!

1788 days ago


She's got a case of the "crazy eyes."

1788 days ago


Yeah, she might be fugly, but he's no prize, either. The way y'all act about him he's actually a hunk or something having an affair with a moose when that is faaaar from the case. I'll bet he has to take viagra with his middle-aged sad self.

1788 days ago


To the tubby temptress: I hear David Letterman is hiring.

1788 days ago


Dear SNAPS..Doesn't matter WHAT he said to her. The FUGLY fat girl KNEW he was married....and don[t quit your day job SNAPS, to be a psychic or Tarot Card Reader. You were SO FAR OFF in who I am that it was teh best laugh I has all day! I am actually 42, a female stockbroker (do you even know WHAT That is??), I am 5 ft 7 inches, 132 pounds and am all fabulous-ness, SO I AM OFTEN TOLD at least...I make more money in one year then I am sure you ahve ever made combines and I love reading ignorant people like you try to second guess us successful people. You know the chances are PRETTY HIGH that you live in a double-wide and don't even have a job. Don't be jealous of the rest of us darling..go out and make something if YOURSELF. I have 2 dogs, a great husband and no children, by choice, which probably explains why I am still such a happy and fulfilled person..no brats to contend with and plenty of money..(no college!) heheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Tootles to you SNAPS. Thanks again for the laugh....You be funny!

1788 days ago


Um, yeah, "Miranda"

We can see how "fulfilled" you are with your life posting such crap on an irrelevant tmz board. As if it matter to anyone.


P.S. Don't take it all so seriously.

1788 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Job prospects for tubby ferret-faced wacko:

1. Intern for David Letterman
2. ummm.....er......uh

Gee, and here I was trying to be helpful.
Seriously, I am drawing a blank.

1788 days ago


some more job prospects for Brooke

3.clean steve's house
5.circle k
6.Better yet, a job with #33, snaps!! SNAPS YOU HIRING INTERNS BRO???

1788 days ago



FIRE THEM BOTH..........

1788 days ago


Didnt Phillips get fired from the Mets for the same reason?

1787 days ago

tom terrific    

Why is Phillips entering a 'treatment facility?'

What kind of a 'treatment facility?'

What is he being treated for?


Poor Judgement -

Boorishness -

Marital Infidelity -

Misogyny -

Being a cheapskate (he met his paramour in the parking lot to conduct the affair)-

Whatever Phillips problems are they aren't going to be corrected in a 'treatment facility.'

1787 days ago


I think Steve is good looking,beautiful skin and light blue eyes.Why he would be attracted to such a dog is beyond me.

1787 days ago
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