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Maria Shriver Apologizes

Oops, I Did It Again!

10/26/2009 6:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria ShriverMaria Shriver is sorry. Again.

The First Lady of California released a statement through her office this afternoon, apologizing for her latest driving gaffe -- parking in a red zone this weekend for over an hour.

Earlier this month, Maria was caught on tape driving while on a cell phone -- three separate times -- a big no-no in California. Maria apologized for that one too.

Maybe now she's learned her lesson.


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Typical liberal.... the rules are four thou and not for me!

NOBAMA! socialist bastard

1760 days ago


You people must be forgetting she's related to the Kennedy's~!

1760 days ago


This in a nutshell is why a lot of people are leaving CA. If it was anyone else, we would have to deal with an expensive, pain in the ass ticket. cali is nice to visit, but nearly impossible to live in! i got a ticket in AZ and it was a fraction of the cost and time to deal with than one in CA. LA especially is just busting at the seams with entitled, greedy, stuckup bungholes, its nearly intolerable for someone "normal"

1760 days ago


This proves we live in a world with two justice systems.
One for the poor,Fines or (jail) and then other for the Rich and Famous (FREE PASS.
Just like Brad Pitt drunk crashing his motor bike. Maria can park in a Red zone, and talk on a cell phone while driving.

1760 days ago


No we have not all done it. I have NEVER parked in a red zone. Guess it's because A I'm not married to the Govenator who prob gets all of Maria's tickets removed and B I can't afford those kind of tickets like she can. I hoep the Govenator gives her a good ol' spanking!!!!!

1760 days ago


And oh yeah--she's a Kennedy, so I'm not surprised she breaks the law LOL!

1760 days ago


I guess this is the best that tmz can do. Follow this woman around. Why dont you morons go to Texas and find out what those old male mormons are doing to those teenage girls.

1760 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

Hey TMZ, It must be a real slow month when you have to fellow Mrs. Arnold around and take pictures of her commiting all these felonys. Oh wait a minute, they're not felonys, they're probably the same petty things that millions of people do everyday, to include you law-abiding folks at TMZ.

1760 days ago


Yes we like to hear what is going on in the celebrity lives. But there comes a fine line between celebrity gossip and stalking.
These sites have crossed the line on many times. Example back when they posted a picture of Dr. Dre carrying his sons casket. So NOT cool.Learn when to draw the line.Posted at 5:51PM on Oct 26th 2009 by PrincessConnie1 are dyed in the wool Kennedy family butt kisser. You must have thought Teddy was unfairly remembered for killing Mary Jo Kopechne too

1760 days ago


This is unfair. If I did these things I would have expensive tickets that I would be lucky to afford to pay off. It would cause a ton of stress in my life. I might not even be able to afford food. Of course the wealthy don't even get a slap on the wrist, they can do whatever they want.

1760 days ago


Typical f=ing Kennedy. Rules are for the little people.

1760 days ago


Let's see her sweat bullets in court, praying her fines won't cause her to not be able to afford to eat for the next month or two.

1760 days ago

joyce jones    

I think Maria should be treated like everyone else who might get caught. Fine her or give her a warning ticker. I think it is stupid to be spying on her just to rub it in. Maria has done more good then we know. Have her good works been listed for everyone to read. Come on people, get with it.Joyce

1760 days ago


Press Release! Today Maria Schwartenegger, while talking on her cell phone, drove off the Coronado Bridge. There was a hunky state trooper in the car with her, apparently with his pants down. We are sure there was no hanky panky going on, it was just Maria's famous "I don't have to obey the laws, my hubby will take care of it" attitude that got her into trouble again!

1760 days ago


I would think by now she would have learned that every where she goes, so goes the pap and they'll tell everybody everything she does. WATCH OUT,MARIE! Here they come again...

1760 days ago
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