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Brad Pitt -- Coupe D'Etat

10/27/2009 10:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One day after his motorcycle mishap, Brad Pitt ditched the bike for a four-wheeled mode of transportation yesterday -- a shiny new Camaro.


Hopefully he won't try and weave his way through traffic in this. Celebrity Cool cars


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1820 days ago


"4. And keep in mind folks, this guy is nothing more than a actor. Why in the world do they deserve such riches? It's acting. Not life saving. In my book, he nor Angie are even that great at what they do. Yet, we go to the movies and funnel vulgar amounts of cash toward them. No more support from me."


good point. many people seem to feel same

1820 days ago


7. Just fyi, it is COUP d'etat....please check before using a foreign language :)

Posted at 11:35AM on Oct 27th 2009 by greg

Hey Greg, I'm pretty sure TMZ meant to do that since the Camaro is a 2-door coupe and they have a penchant for forcing double-entendres.

Lame, in my opinion.

1820 days ago


thanks Bannana hammock-(never thought I'd say that)And yes, USA1, I am well aware that alot of our "american" cars are manufactured in plants outside of the US..but having a celeb drive a GM or a Ford products sho' does make us smile here in the mitten!

1820 days ago


What's with Californians driving without front license plates?

1820 days ago


2. whats with those stupid ugly hats he's always wearing? is he bald?

Posted at 9:23AM on Oct 27th 2009 by Jane

Read more:

some old pix show his hairline falling back and recent pix show more hair in the front. which leads us to believe that he's had the Jon Gosselin treatment. He is trying to hold on to what is left of his youth. he even has less wrinkles now.

1820 days ago


I'm waiting.

I give it no more than 3 weeks.

1820 days ago


Now, if he would just take off that geeky uglyass hat, shave the unruly crotch that appears to have grown on his face, and change his clothes once in a while...he might actually look sexy again! Apparently, living with that trout pout bitch has changed him, and not for the better!

1820 days ago

fortune cookie    

bah, he bought that because that's all the cash he had in his pocket at that time.

1820 days ago


So impractical for a large family.

1820 days ago

K Dawg ONE    

@#16 (Banana Hammock)
Your dumb. The Camaro is built in Oshawa, Ontario. Retard.

@23 (markko)
Dont think California has front plates...not all states do.

1820 days ago


Bannana Hammock...
They might not be built in America, which they are by the way, but the foreign cars in the South employing hill billies at $10 hr ain't that great either. You need to put money in R&D which is why japanese automakers are being lynched right now. Paying some dumbo to screw some stuff and have a less than mediocre life on $10/hr with his family ain't that ideal. If you won't stimulate people to go to college with good pay...not worth it. Meaning no inventions or no improvements in the field. I drove japanese and it's reliable i'll give it that. Having said that, that's ALL IT IS! Old technology that's been proven to work, see they won't spend the money on new cool things. Why, too expensive and not really smart enough to do so. They'll copy it if they see it on a german or italian or american car though;) If you want japanese, afterall you might need it and depend on it to get to your 5am job picking oranges from the trees in Cali. If you want technology, being environmentally fiendly and community friedly, buy american. I for one don't regret my new baby purchase and won't be going back to japanese.
And now back to the article topic, nice to see this dingleberry drive american. Camaros are not cheap, depending on the package you get and all that you can get in the high $50,000. Nice ride though.

1820 days ago

Tila is nasty!!!    

lady gear head you sound jealous! the new camaro is freakin sweet!!!! you probably drive a pusstang dont you??? lmao!

1820 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Respect for buying American, but a Camaro? That's the choice of spoiled Guido kids from Jersey and mullet-wearing NASCAR fans. Ah well, must be nice to have millions in disposable income and you can discard toys when they get boring.
Make sure you pimp it out so it becomes a ticket magnet for cops.

1820 days ago


What happened to being green and driving the Prius??

1820 days ago
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