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Playmate: My Big Tuna BF Beat Me with a Bat

10/29/2009 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Playmate: My Big Tuna BF Beat Me with a BatA former Playmate of the Year is suing the ex-boyfriend she claims brutalized her, threatened to kill her family .... and even attempted to pop her breast implants.

Dalene Kurtis, who won the Playmate title in 2002, wants $10 million from ex-BF James Daren Metropoulos, heir to the Bumblebee Tuna fortune.

Dalene claims, among other things, James

-- Beat her in the ribs with a baseball bat
-- Called her a "f**king whore," "ungrateful b*tch," and "ugly old Playmate"
-- Stomped on her chest and stomach
-- Choked her
-- Grabbed, punched, and kicked her
-- Spit on her

Dalene won a temporary restraining order against James early last month.



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1789 days ago


GOLD DIGGER! She wouldn't sue the ordinary Joe for 10mil! Show me the pix! Dumbasses never learn! She probably gave him an STD!

1789 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

"Dalene won a temporary restraining order against James early last month."

Judges hand ROs out like candy on Halloween

1789 days ago



1789 days ago


maybe her boyfriend got sick of smelling her "tuna"

1789 days ago


You people are matter what kind of person she is it is ABUSE. Abuse is NEVER ok! Period. Why are other people so quick to judge? Jealousy maybe? I haven't seen ONE nice comment here about her. You people DO NOT know her. maybe she is a nice person. Why is everyone in this world so darn HATEFUL!?? I don't get it. Being hit by a man is INEXCUSABLE! No matter what kind of a person she is. Just because she did a layout in a magazine with no clothes on DOES NOT make it ok to abuse and hit her. Regardless, she is a HUMAN BEING!! You wouldn't even do that to a DOG or you'd be thrown in jail. What the H is WRONG with you people?

1789 days ago


Is Hef BLIND? What exactly makes this girl pretty enough to be in a magazine? Her green eyes? Just because you die your hair blonde and get fake tits does not make you pretty. Those new twins are BUTT ugly just like Paris. U G L Y. I dont get it. everywhere you go girls are straitening their hair, getting extensions BTW which LOOK FAKE and getting plastic tits and think they are hot, ie Shayne Lamas. YOU ARE NOT HOT you are FAKE and UGLY under all that make up and plastic. GROSS.

1789 days ago


25. I popped a whore's tits once. After I beat her unconscious, I stomped on her tits, and the damn things just ripped open and popped right out of her chest. She thanked me for it later.

WTF Melvin? Even if you are joking (and I hope you are), you are one sick bastard. Time for your antipsychotic refill.

1789 days ago


Does she have a police report to these aligations? Any call to 911? Any photos of her injuries? Anything that comes out the Playboy mansion is trash,drug heads, and gold diggers! It is ahame that these women have no life other than to find men that want to jack off towards their photos. They want to sponge off of rich men,and they spend alot of time and surgery trying to look like Roger Rabbit's girlfriend.Most of the women of Playboy end up dead, D rated porn stars ,prostitutes, and junkies.very few have ever lead normal lives of productivity. The men that are attracted to these types are usually perverts and have sex addictions.some have money most do not.Play with fire and both parties get burned.

1789 days ago


#10. I thought that Playboy magazine only had women with real breast?
I will never buy that magazine again!!!! All Playboy women are prostitutes anyway that will sell their body for a price. And now that I look at playboy playmates I can only envision seeing plastic and not real women.

My attention will go to magazines where the women are real. I hope her boyfriend pops her fake boobs and she'll have to depend on her looks which should then only get her into Hustler magazine where they accept even ugly women for their layouts.

Posted at 1:41AM on Oct 29th 2009 by David

Um, David, you need to get out more. Pull your pants up and go out and MEET real women somewhere. And I don't mean strip clubs!

And TMZ, where's the accompanying police report(s), photos, etc. if this was investigated for possible criminal activity?

Absent that stuff, one has to consider that money is the issue here.

1789 days ago


Geez, too bad that even the Playmates have deflatable boobs. I would hope something would remain "natural" in the Playboy world.

1789 days ago


So, lets get this right here, ALL of this abuse she suffered....and....she stayed? Long enough to have shopping list of things he did to her? In 2002? Or since 2002?

What is wrong with you ladies? The day I sit around and hang out with the guy who tried pop my implants. How stuipd does that sound?
Pop my implants, whatever. Now she thinks she should cash in on them in a different way I suspect.

Ladies stop posing nude for stupid magazines, gee, what an honor to be selcted the bunny of the year, stop taking naked pictures of yourself and slapping them on the web, stop fiming your sex life with your current boyfriend,enough with the implants already, geezzz who has real ones anymore, and start acting like a lady.

WHERE did the ladies go? What happened to conducting yourself like a lady? Where are all the smart gals at?

1789 days ago



First, you need to chill. Its clear to most of us that she hung out with this guy for quite some time AFTER he abused her. The point is, WHY would she stay? They are not married, no kids, she has money to live on her own or, least of all she could have went to her parents. Something, anything to get away since she just so scared and got a RO.

Its very strnage the timing here. Her being a nice person has nothing to do with it. Abuse is never okay, WE know that.
He may be a real prick, fine, so leave. I think she has $ signs in her head.

Hey also, wheres the proof? We can't just assume she telling the truth. You are jumping the gun a bit. Don't think for one second there are not women out there who pull this, she may have been in full combat right along with him.

Girls are not angels, come on, we have seen the videos of some of these pieces of work in action!

1789 days ago


On a lighter note I must say that I really enjoy the Bumblebee Tuna snacks. When I go to work I alway's pack Bumblebee Tuna snacks for my lunch. They rock!

1789 days ago

Fools Rush In    

I have to concur with #7, there's a Bumble Tuna fortune? Who knew. Well, if the allegations are correct, make fish bait out of him.

1789 days ago
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