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Brett Favre Got Extra Protection in Green Bay

11/2/2009 4:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brett Favre used to be the king of Green Bay -- before he signed with the Packers' arch rivals -- now the legendary quarterback is using extra security just to get around the bitter town he left.

TMZ has learned the Minnesota Vikings beefed up their security for Favre's super-hyped up return to Lambeau Field yesterday -- even providing a special team of private security officers "specifically assigned" to protect Brett.

We spoke with a Vikings spokesperson who told us, "I can confirm that we did have extra security in place throughout the trip, including at the hotel Saturday night and at the stadium yesterday.

Taking the necessary precautions to protect our players on any road trip is always a priority of the team, and this situation was no exception.

Translation: A lot of people don't like Brett in Green Bay -- the city he played in for 16 years.

The Vikes protected Favre on the field too -- Brett threw 4 TDs as the Vikes crushed the Pack 38-26.

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Yeah......and your point is? Going back to Green Bay of course he should have extra security duhhhhhhhhh.

1815 days ago


It seemed to of worked he kicked their ass.

1815 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

...and I don't like him either, despite his greatness. I don't like people who go in and out of retirement at their convenience. And he stiffed the NY Jets as well. Yeah, yeah, he was hurt. Then why sign to begin with?

1815 days ago

Fred Newsome    

This article is linked on http://www.cheatsheetnews.com

1815 days ago


i wouldn't call 38-26 a crush when they were leading 24-3 at one point. I would call it a dent, not a crush. puhleeze.

1815 days ago


Sad that he needed the extra protection and I am ashamed being from WI- PackerLand how the fans reacted. I thought it was immature.
If you didn't like the situation, the fans shouldn't of kept their mouths shut, out of respect for the 16 amazing years he give us fans. Your boos sent the message that you didn't care what he did for our team for those 16 years. Remember Packer Fans, we went 30 lean years before Brett came along. If you don't appreciate what you had, get ready for some long decades of lean years again.Cheer on your Green Bay team by all means, but to disrespect what an amazing time Brett had given you for 16 years is sad. Like I said, one could have just not booed or gave a gentle hand clap in respect, then cheer your hearts out for your home Green Bay team. This would have been the grown up way to handle it. But in the end, that disrespect came twice to beat the disrespectful fans in the butt. What comes around goes around. Perhaps next time you can remember, it's just a game people.
Sports is a business including collegiate sports. The loyalty to a team isn't what it use to be with free agency, money, etc.
As Bradshaw said on Fox Sports, there are three versions to this Brett Favre saga. Packers's version, Brett's version and the truth. None of us will likely ever know the whole truth, but I believe both sides have some blame in this. But being a Packer fan, I must say, for the embarrassing/child-like welcome Brett was given, I'm glad Minnesota won.

1815 days ago


I would send that extra protection to ESPN who are the ones feeding us 24/7 nonstop with Favre news.

1815 days ago


Jesus, people, it's just a game...

1815 days ago


I saw Green Bay fans holding up signs "WE MISS YOU BRETT" so the extra security was for the few rowdy drunk haters that every city has.

1815 days ago


marquetteeu1bb, you are one of the few bright Packer fans. I loved your comment As a Minnesotan thrilled to have Farve, I can't believe how stupid the Packer fans are acting. You guys didn't want him, remember? You let him go. The man came back and proved himself fully capable. You should cheer him on too, he gave you everything. And now you act like this? You continue the stereotype of your state, not being the brightest bulbs. But then, we Minnesotans thank you for this. Watch us at superbowl, dimwits!

1815 days ago


Meg, you can bet I will be cheering on Minnesota to go to the Superbowl and win. I will hope Green Bay Packers can get their act together this season, but it seems doubtful. Enjoy your run Minnesotan's and I hope you go all the way. Besides Brett, you have an amazing offensive and defensive line that supports each other in the team aspect. Brett couldn't do it alone without the management, coaches and all the other great players they have strategically acquired to form this team. Good luck!

1815 days ago


Of course he needs security, those people walk around with cheese on there heads. There lunatics!

1815 days ago



Just put a sock in it. How many years did we put up with the primadonna threatening to retire, then thinking about it and holding the Packers Org. hostage while he took his sweet ass time, then deciding..yup, he's going to. Crying like a bitch when he made the announcement, and then deciding he wanted to play again..in July. The Packers made plenty of exceptions for him and all he did was jerk them around...and us. Don't boo him, just quietly clap as he came in the stadium? GTFOH! This is football, not a golf outing!

1815 days ago


shame on Green Bay fans...

1815 days ago


Telling her to put a sock in it, tells me your one of the idiots booing Brett Favre. I've been a Packer fan my whole life but I'm really rooting for Brett this year.

I agree with Marquette, he put in a lot of great years at Green Bay and they wouldn't have went to the superbowl without him. He's an awesome quarterback with an outstanding record and I hope he takes the Vikings to the superbowl.

1815 days ago
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