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Torah and Camera-Whorah

11/2/2009 11:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So a rabbi and a d-bag walk into a building ...

Jon & Shmuley: Click to watch
We got Jon and Rabbi Shmuley -- Michael Jackson's former "spiritual advisor" -- heading into New York City's West Side Jewish Center last night, where they held a public dialogue in an attempt to make Jon look like less of a scumbag.

Inside, Jon reportedly apologized to Kate -- who wasn't there -- for "openly having relationships in the public eye" after their split, adding "if she would've done that to me, I would have been extremely pissed off."

It's like Yom Kippur all over again ... .


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Am I first?

1782 days ago

juli seutter    

Jon just go away, far far away you whore

1782 days ago


i love him i just want two go dwon on him my man

1782 days ago


Jon is a fake azzh***.I hope he pays dearly.karma is a bitch.

1782 days ago

Kooky Fan    

Thousands of douche bags in Hollywood and you guys have to focus on Jon?

1782 days ago


Jon Gosselin isn't the only one who's growing a public perception problem. So is Shmuck Shmuley. These two are birds of a feather. Anything for attention, limelight and book sales. Gosselin's attorney might advise him to get a written agreement with Shmuley that he'll not write a book about their private conversations should they eventually go their separate ways. No wonder MJ pushed him away.

1782 days ago


At least Jackson had the good sense to eventually dump this guy - even though a little late. Too bad he still trusted his "spiritual adviser" long enough to poor out his heart on tape. Too bad his "spiritual adviser" didn't believe in keeping the confidence he nurtured with Jackson while he was alive and ended up selling him out in death. Gosselin should take heed in the fact that this "spiritual adviser" will broadcast whatever Gosselin tells him in order to make a buck.

Gosselin - look at what he did to Michael Jackson. Take advice from Jackson and cut this guy off before it's too late for you, too.

1782 days ago

King of TMZ    

come on TMZ!!!!

make some breaking news! put yourself on the map again!

Break the news about the lizard doctors already! and focus not on these non-celebrities attention wannabes!

Thank you

1782 days ago


i look forward to hear how stupid jon can get.. jon why do you feel the need to try to feed your ego? you need to just grow up and be a man and do what is right for your kids.

1782 days ago


Jon reminds me of balloon boy. All of Jon's actions are a hoax. He admitted he & has manager were at The Insider when Hailey blasted Jon. It was all for a SHOW. The Insider allowed this sham on the public for ratings. Of course, Jon has a contract with ET&TheInsider. It must include hoaxing the public.

1782 days ago

Justice !    

I am so sick of reading "anything" pertaining to this nobody. I wish TMZ would ignore this media whore!

1782 days ago


Here we have two adults supposedly meeting so one can make amends and change his life, yet both doing it in the public eye and both fame and money whores of the worst kind, yet both showing very little in the way of talent or insight.

Anything and everything for money and publicity. Their self-worth (and net worth) depends on it.

1782 days ago


So, 2 d-bags walk into a building...
Famewhores!!!! BOTH of them!!

1782 days ago


This rabbi is a celebrity follower and scam artist. Jackson dumped him after he allegedly stole money from his foundation. He also allegedly mis-used funds at L'Chaim.

He and Jon Gosselin are a perfect match since they cant keep their hands off of other people's money

1782 days ago


This rabbi is a loser. He'll be writing a book about Gosselin next. I heard his fellow rabbis have no respect for him because he does a lot of things that is outside of their religious beliefs.

1782 days ago
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