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'Terminator' Kid -- T2 Counts of DUI

11/3/2009 2:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Thomas DekkerThomas Dekker -- the guy who played John Connor on the "Terminator" TV show -- has been charged with two counts of DUI stemming from his arrest last month.

The L.A. County City Attorney has decided to charge Dekker with 2 misdemeanor counts of DUI after he allegedly boozed up and crashed his car into a 17-year-old who was riding his bike near a Freeway on-ramp.

The victim was treated for minor injuries -- Dekker was hauled to Van Nuys jail, where he eventually bailed out.

Dekker is set to be arraigned on Friday.


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Would appear this young fellow has a bit of a problem....

Not to mention the civil suit that is sure to be coming around the bend.

1815 days ago

Kooky Fan    

I assume his car will be up for auction on E-BAY soon???

1814 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

If you are DRUNK or under the influence of a drug, DO NOT drive. Call a taxi. call a friend. call your mother. call anybody but do not drive!! how many more innocent people have to be killed or maimed before you idiots LEARN you cannot hold your liquor!

1814 days ago



1814 days ago



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1814 days ago


Misdemeanor DUI?? What, you have to kill somebody to get a felony? I'm sure the injured bicyclist will be paid off. Slap on the wrist. Pat on the @ss. Back on the street with little if any penalties. And right back to drinking and driving within a month.

1814 days ago


Hey troll.....I'm watching you.

1814 days ago


I blame the city of Los Angeles for not providing a suitable alternatives to driving. No mass transit, nary a reliable taxi, and forget calling your friends to pick you up at 2am to drive forty-five minutes across town.

And forget about sleeping in your backseat, because you'll be ticketed, arrested for public drunkenness, or slapped with a DUI for responsibly doing that too.

Los Angeles views DUI's as a successful profit churning system. It's no coincidence that the Drug and Alcohol Program Thomas Dekkar will be forced to enroll in is also owned by the same attorneys that drafted the very laws that required he attend. The whole system is corrupt.

Hollywood needs to get with the rest of the world and start providing a reasonable alternative to get young Hollywood off the road - everyone drinks.

1814 days ago

Al K Hall    

i bet he said, "You're terminated" right before he stepped on the accelerator...

AL K Hall
International Functional Alcoholic Slurperson
(Just Google 'Slurperson' if you don't believe me) (

1814 days ago


Him and Shia should get together.

1814 days ago

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