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Jamie McCourt in A League of Her Own

11/4/2009 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Los Angeles Dodgers Chief Operating Officer claims Jamie McCourt -- Frank McCourt's estranged wife -- showed an "almost disdainful disregard" for workplace etiquette ... this according to new legal docs filed in the McCourt divorce and obtained by TMZ.

COO Dennis Mannion signed a declaration in support of Frank, in which he claims Jamie was frequently absent from executive meetings and when she showed she was not capable of or interested in focusing on the team. Mannion says Jamie "demonstrated a marked lack of interest" in all things relevant to the Dodgers. Mannion says Jamie only did things "to cultivate and promote her image as the 'highest ranking woman in Major League Baseball.'"

Mannion says when Dodger honchos had meetings about specific projects, all Jamie would say is she was "working on strategic things with Frank."

Bert Fields, one of Jamie's lawyers, has one word for Mannion -- "Baloney."

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Tough call on this one. The COO may be telling the truth. But equally likely is that he is trying to save his own job by siding with Frank.

1811 days ago



1811 days ago



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1811 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Saggy old bags get crazier every year after menopause.
I hope she gets kicked to the curb with nothing but a KMart dress and a Timex.

1811 days ago


I always thought Jamie McCourt has always seemed to be a really good thing for Baseball and a good thing for the Dodgers... BOY was I wrong on that one! She's an embarassment to Major League Baseball and to the Dodger organization. If she cared about the Dodgers (and not just herself) she'd have some class and deal with all these issues in PRIVATE and not in the media. She seems to me like a child trying to stomp her feet to get attention. SAD!

1811 days ago


All she has to do, is proof that she is a co-owner. She doesn't have to justify any absence to any meeting. Frank must think the justice system is stupid. Whether she attended 1 meeting or 299 meetings, it is irrelevant.

1811 days ago

Fred Farkel    


Hang in there man... the clock is ticking to have that MENOPAUSAL DEMON out of your life forever.

The money it will cost you to get rid of her is the best investment that you will make in your lifetime.

As for that chump doin all that pillow talk with YOUR WIFE???

Give that sumbitch $100,000 - kiss him on the lips - and THANK HIM for taking THAT THING off your hands.

1811 days ago


I wish that money grubbing kosher-ho would just disappear...She is a disgrace to baseball and she should just take her"doughboy driver' and drive out of LA. Frank has done everything to help the Dodgers to get to where they are now without her help. You go Frank, you are top shelf my friend....

1811 days ago


After reading today's coverage of this fiasco in the LA Times, they both need to be forced to sell the Dodgers. I think Frank's point is he's trying to get Jamie out of the executive suite, which she's claiming to still have a part of, in spite of being fired. But if you believe the Times, they both are plundering the Dodgers to prop up their ridiculous overspending lifestyles. They claim to be rich, but it's only on paper, and most of their net worth is the Dodgers. The Dodgers are near the bottom in spending on minor league and player development. They aren't landing key foreign players because they've tightened the purse strings, and have lost players because they've tightened up their player spending. While Frank and Jamie spend millions per year doing not much other than living extravagant lifestyles. Plus, the Dodgers were bought almost entirely with debt. The two owe as almost much as they own. I'm not a Dodgers fan, but this is bad for baseball. As well as the Dodgers have done this year, they're not going to continue to do well with the way Frank and Jamie have used the team as a personal bank.

1811 days ago


Propaganda!!! You go girl!!!

1811 days ago


Without a sex tape this story is irrelevant.

1811 days ago


Spare Los Angeles from this mess, SELL THE DODGERS you idiots!

1811 days ago

Kid Dyn-O-Mite    

My only question is who gets custody of Manny? Jamie or Frank? Will there be visitation rights? Child support?

1811 days ago


I have attended many charity events put on by the Dodgers organization. Jamie was always there front and center. Frank was nowhere to be found.....ever. Team Jamie.

1811 days ago

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