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Lindsay's Dad

Served in Gosselin Lawsuit

11/7/2009 9:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

When Michael Lohan returns home from his trip to Boston this weekend, he'll have a present waiting for him -- courtesy of the lawyers at TLC.

Lohan tells TMZ he has been subpoenaed to testify in TLC's breach of contract lawsuit against Jon Gosselin. Lohan says he was contacted by a process server on Friday. He says he told the process server he was out of town, but that he accepts the papers and that she can leave them at his house.

Michael says he hasn't seen the papers yet.

TLC is suing Gosselin, claiming he broke his deal with TLC when he began taking money to appear on other shows and talking about "Jon & Kate" without proper permission.


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What sort of woman is this kate she should be supporting jon against tlc law suit after all he is the father of her kids, oh thats wright the worst jon looks the better for her, she,s got a new show you know, the new steve &kate +8 gee i wonder wether he will stay home and look after the kids while she,s holidaying with the new bodyguard, can,t wait for that show to air go tlc

1739 days ago


heard the latest goss, jon,s no longer the dad of 8, the new show,s going to be called steve & kate +8

1739 days ago

Balls has no Balls    

no balls

1779 days ago

TLC pits one horrible dada against another. TLC stands for "The Legal Cu*t.

1779 days ago


Jon is more sane than Kate is. Kate is so mental there isn't a word to describe it.

TLC is only suing Jon because they want to film the kids again. That's it. It's as obvious as black and white.

1779 days ago


Harvey again more proofreading needed on this story! Just like in alot of your stories! WTF hire a professional instead of all these kids who you think make you feel younger. They are not, and instead they are making you look stupid!!! Hire me or a real PROOFREADER...

1779 days ago

I bet balls doesn't have any balls. Kate has his balls.

Kate is a freak.

1779 days ago


Simone, when you are old and grey and on your death bed are you going to wish that you hadn't wasted a huge portion of your life spewing hatred towards a person you don't even know? Will you wish that you had spent that time doing something productive, or even just plain nice? It's kind of pathetic that you are wasting your time being so vile for no good reason. I feel kind of sorry for you.

1779 days ago


For one what does Lohan even have to do with the lawsuit? And two TLC has no say on if Jon or Kate can go on Tv and talk about there personal life. They filmed there show, they do not run there personal life and TLC is just angry because they can no longer make money off the children. Why don't kate and TLC just get together and throw a freaking pity party for themselves

1779 days ago


He'll do anything to stay in the spotlight.

1779 days ago

Terry Joe    

For goodnerss sake, isn't EVERYONE sick and tired of hearing of either of these two so called 'men'. Fist of all, Jon Gosselin wears way TOO MUCH make-up (beginning to wonder if's he's GAY;looks and acts like it). Hearing of him and Kate + 8 is about to, HAS become old news.
As far as Lindsey lohans father goes, whaty's up with his frantic attemts to get her into rehab. I say, place them ALL...Jon and Kate,Michael Lohan in REHAB. ***P.S.*** And pl;ace the Gossselin children in a better home with parents who aren't all screwd up in the head and constantly fighting over money. As far as TLC goes, why even air such 'trash' for television viewers to watch. It's pure garbage !

1779 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

I love Kooky too....has great recipes. Hey Kooky...wots the temp in SanLucar de la Barrameda, Spain?

I bet Lohan is salivating at the thought of being subpoenaed to be deposed is going to give him more TV time. Probably picking out his "court" attire as we type...anything to keep his name "out there" like his exBFF Jon.

1779 days ago


At least Lohan is taking responsibility, not playing games like Jon. He gave Jon excellent advice concerning his crooked lawyer and Jon turns a deaf ear. I'm not a Lohan fan, he does have a big mouth and should deal with Lindsay in private. BUT he did give Jon good advice, he's not a thief and don't remember him being labeled a liar. Just a big mouth and greedy. In this case I can't see him protecting Jon and lying under oath. I don't think he can't afford to be charged with perjury.

1779 days ago


They're both d-bags.

1779 days ago
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