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Burglar Bunch

Death Threats

11/9/2009 4:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1109_prugo_ex_01-1Nick Prugo -- the alleged member of the Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch who dropped a dime on his comrades -- is the target of "numerous" death threats and is now in protective custody, according to his lawyer.

Attorney Sean Erenstoft tells TMZ, "Multiple law enforcement agencies are involved in the protection of Nick Prugo and his family."

According to an LAPD affidavit, Prugo armed cops with info on the suspects, the location of the property they allegedly stole and the celebrities they allegedly stole from -- including Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge and Rachel Bilson. His account led to the arrests of the other suspects.


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Why should the others go free? They are just as guilty.

1772 days ago


Wow - that is some wig he is wearing... he is so young to be balding so severely (see pics in other postings) but he is still cute. Lose that wig!

1772 days ago


GOOD !! Let him live in fear !!

He doesn't know fear until his ass gets pounded in jail, of course snitching may keep him out of jail.

1772 days ago


@ "29. A RAT is a RAT!

He should have taken his punishment like a man.

It's amazing how many RATS there are out there these days.



Okay, they ALL did something wrong and now they will ALL do the time. He snitched because it was the right thing to do.

Do you know what really happened or his role in the whole thing? Put yourself in his position. You say you must be a "man", do the crime and do the time. You ever hear of a mistake? Or second chances? No, you probably never made a mistake in your life so you wouldn't know what it's like to want to take that mistake back, or have another start. Am I right?

You wanna be a big man, so you stick up for these so called "friends" who didn't have the right mind to protect you from the consequences. It's obvious in most crimes that associates don't care so much for each other to actually protect them. If they cared, they wouldn't allow the one they care for to "tag along" and risk being caught. No matter how much they wanted to, if you cared they would be safe.

You wanna be a big man, so you intend stick up for them and in the end you take the blame, take the fall and if the outcome of your intentions is what you planned it to be, then they won't face punishment.

But in the end, you're in jail. Rotting away. You let not only your close friends down, but your family as well, who have to bare with the fact that you may not be home for a very long time. You claim responsibility but you have taken your mothers son away from her and have disgraced your whole family. You have chosen mere criminals over your own blood and failed to realize in this world that if anyone will always care and be there for you, it will be your family, not punks.

Before you were a half ass criminal, you were a son or daughter, mother or father, brother or sister. Before you became a criminal you had a family, but this "responsibility" you claim, this "not being a rat" is no responsibility at all. It's mixed priorities. Ask yourself, will you really choose those who did not care enough to protect you over your own flesh and blood - your family?

You can choose this "delusion" of responsibility or you can do the right thing and be there for your family and friends. You can have a second chance, forget about the past, do what you can to survive and start a normal life.

In the end, you're all guilty. Each one knows what they did and what they are guilty of. No matter what deal you make or how much time you do, you still know you did wrong. Once you accept that, you move on, whether you are in jail or on the street and you do what you need to change and continue life.

It's up to you to decide if life goes on. You have a family and they need you.

1772 days ago

Bill Cosby    

It's not just the media's fault. It's the age-old mechanism of "divide and conquer" that Law Enforcement uses. Since they are deficient in other psychological means of coaxing information out of a suspect (or solving the crime on their own), they give the usual, "Well, if you don't tell us we're gonna lock you up and throw away the key." This kid knows what will happen if he snitches but he doesn't want jail time either. What to do? Of course the real problem (AND ANSWER) lies in how this "Burglar Bunch" were raised. They are still young. Where are their parents??!! Why did these punks turn to hardcore crime? Very strange. Their parents are probably disgusting human beings.

1772 days ago


Look, I masterminded the most famous burglar ring in recent history. It will take me a few days to figure everthing out, but in a week or so I will be running the joint. I will put together a new crew and then I will be the top dog in the prison yard.

1771 days ago
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