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Irresponsible Flake Ruins La-Z-Mobile Auction

11/10/2009 3:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The never-ending auction for the badass DWI recliner-mobile has failed miserably for the second time -- and now the guy who says his winning bid was just a mistake has the Proctor City Attorney after his trigger-happy mouse finger.

Irresponsible Flake Ruins La-Z-Mobile Auction

Since the chair was being auctioned off by the Proctor Police Department to benefit taxpayers, the police chief emailed the winning bidder to let the guy know a $2,000 deposit on the chair was due ... but all the chief got back was this note:

"I did not mean to bid this amount, as well as I cannot afford this. I am truly sorry for the mix up and the wasted time."

The chief got pissed and called Proctor City Attorney John Bray to check it out. Bray tells us he's looking at the City of Proctor's "legal remedies" about the failed eBay bid ... but says the ideal situation would be for the bidder to cough up the dough.

Stay tuned for more DWI chair drama!


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Jimmy Sharp    

You do the crime, you gotta pay the time. He must pay or the constitution is meaningless. Without laws, there will be reckless order.

1717 days ago



1717 days ago


LMAO @ the cops! Good! Damned property-seizing fascists! The drunk La-Z-Boy driver laughs last...he cuts a deal and the po-po get the shaft.

1717 days ago

Your name:    

They listed it on eBay. What did they expect? That chairs only worth a grand at best, and thats only because of the media attention. The person who bid 43,000 or whatever it was the first time wasn't going to pay either. I thought the police were supposed to be smart? Theres probably not a damn thing they can do about it either. The most fleabay will do is kick the guy off their site.

1717 days ago


We sell land on e-bay and most people back out I would say 8 out of 10 don't pay. I will never understand why someone bids on something and wastes everyones time and money. We still have to pay a listing fee when these losers don't close or do what they say. They will never collect the money from this deadbeat!!

1717 days ago


For those of you that say nothing will happen you obviously haven't read the fine print when bidding so let me enlighten you.... It states right on the bid before you can confirm that placing this bid is a contractual obligation and by placing this bid you agree to purchase this item. Below is the copied paragraph from Ebay themselves. This guy has to pay wheather he meant to or not. So not only can the sellers go after him but Ebay can as well for violating the terms of use.

`Bidding is meant to be fun, but remember that each bid you place enters you into a binding contract. All bids are active until the listing ends. If you win a listing, you’re obligated to purchase the item.

1717 days ago



If they really thought they'd get a legitimate sale on ebay for this thing, they're sadly mistaken. Ebay is the LAST place they want to sell this.

It's become the walmart of the internet. It just attracts losers.

1717 days ago


The guy had no business going on Ebay and bidding if he had no intention to pay for it. You don't "accidentally" go to Ebay, surf to find something as unique as that wheelchair, and then put in a bid over $10,000. Although it doesn't surprise me that some people would put in a bid for something like that just to push up the cost and see what happens, they should be liable for the bid as Ebay's bidding policy is pretty straightforward. I say the guy should pay, and can then put up the wheelchair back on Ebay to see if he can make his money back. Don't ya just love America!

1717 days ago

Crissy Angela    

Hey Dumbass, cough up the dough

1717 days ago


If the police seized this without the consent of the court, this could get ugly.

1717 days ago


E-bay does not help the seller and only protects the buyer. They do not even let us give out negative feedback when buyers do not perform. We write all over the listing do not bid if you do not plan to pay for this and the idiots still bid. I will never understand how it is fun to bid on e-bay when you are not serious about the purchase. Get a hobby or something!

1717 days ago


Welcome to Minnesota ya' know!!

1717 days ago

F. Attorneys    

Let me enlighten you, "Read the fine print". Contract law varies from state to state.

Go back to watching Judge Judy.

1717 days ago


To number #13 how stupid are you? Any contract that you sign is legally binging no matter what state you live in unless you put stipulations into that contract saying different. Otherwise anybody could say I don't feel like paying my house payment today cause I didn't mean agree to that much. Or say I signed that contract for a new car but I really can't afford it.

As far as ebay goes they stay specifically before you bid that in placing this bid it is a contratratual agreement to purchase if won. They didn't say unless you live in certain states.

When you sign something agreeing to pay for it guess what you pay for it. You don't back out later cause you didn't think it was for real and expect everything to be okay. There should be consequenses for backing out.

1717 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Is the Proctor PD being run by Commandant Eric Lassard? The City of Proctor Police come across as the biggest bunch of morons to ever put on a uniform.
Did they honestly believe anyone would pay good money for an alcohol soaked chair with a lawnmower motor underneath it?
The most these morons can do is send this guy multiple bills and then eventually list him with a credit agency.
They also won't be able to sell it again until all legal action is resolved, by which time the chair would be lucky to sell for fifty bucks.


1717 days ago
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