Irresponsible Flake Ruins La-Z-Mobile Auction

11/10/2009 3:43 PM PST

Irresponsible Flake Ruins La-Z-Mobile Auction

The never-ending auction for the badass DWI recliner-mobile has failed miserably for the second time -- and now the guy who says his winning bid was just a mistake has the Proctor City Attorney after his trigger-happy mouse finger.

Since the chair was being auctioned off by the Proctor Police Department to benefit taxpayers, the police chief emailed the winning bidder to let the guy know a $2,000 deposit on the chair was due ... but all the chief got back was this note:

"I did not mean to bid this amount, as well as I cannot afford this. I am truly sorry for the mix up and the wasted time."

The chief got pissed and called Proctor City Attorney John Bray to check it out. Bray tells us he's looking at the City of Proctor's "legal remedies" about the failed eBay bid ... but says the ideal situation would be for the bidder to cough up the dough.

Stay tuned for more DWI chair drama!