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Prejean Unplugs for 'Inappropriate King Live'

11/11/2009 10:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean and Larry King just made the most awesomely awkward TV.

Carrie Prejean Larry king
Carrie unplugged her mic on "Larry King Live" tonight and threatened to walk off the show -- all because Larry pressed her on details about her settlement with Miss California USA ... as in, he wanted her to bring up her solo sex tape.

Carrie called Larry "extremely inappropriate" for his line of questioning ... Larry's response? He said, "Inappropriate King Live continues" and then took a phone call.


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Rap sucks    

God, she acted like a dumb@ass and is one. But i want to see that tape, she is so hot and probably easily seduced to get into bed. Damn so HOT! oh yeah!

1775 days ago


Can she get any more stupid. Dude your on Lary King Live not Paris Hilton show where u can just say that's hot the entire time
"Lary u r being extremely inappropriate" its like he said sleep ith me what an dumb ass

1775 days ago


We have over 6 billion people on this planet and some bottle blond says they are against gay marriage and diddles themselves and suddenly it's breaking news on every channel and they are treated like royalty? Come on.

1775 days ago


Not very christian like of her. She is the biggest byatch ever!

1775 days ago

el polacko    

"can you hear me?".. "no, i can't hear you" LOL !! she is such a dim bulb that i almost feel sorry for her.

1775 days ago


This chick every time she opens her trap looks so dumb. She is going down in flames so bad, she won't last another month in the spot light. She can't handle anything and she lies so bad, it just makes her look very bad. She's an idiot, I bet her mom was so embarrassed when that sex tape came across the table at her. haa

1775 days ago


She is an idiot. She and Elizabeth (FROM THE VIEW) she be on FOX NEWS. There both stupid idiots. I hope Carrie got her eating order under control because thats the next thing to come to the surface. Well that and she did coke and the dressing room even sold some on the side! Just kidding.

1775 days ago


Who does she think she is calling Larry King extremely inappropriate? She went on the show to give props to her boring book, and it backfired.

1775 days ago

your mom    

Did she really just throw a temper tantrum on live tv? I'm sure Christians everywhere are starting to regret supporting her immature ass...

1775 days ago

Dan Horowitz    

Can we post links here? I'll try. Here's some info about her sex video.

1775 days ago


From reading these comments I see what we all really want: a three way sex tape with Carrie Prejean, Sarah palin and Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

1775 days ago


Amazing how she is being constantly demeaned in the eyes of public just because she said that homosexuals should not get married. I am surprised that these homosexuals have such an influence in media. I don't think that she is dumb at all. She is handling herself quite nicely. Love her for that.

1775 days ago

excretive producer    

Followed by a chaser with Ann Coulter.

1775 days ago


Carrie is not a true will know them by thier fruits,,and not the fleshly their actions and attitude but especially the way they treat peopel..she is down right rude..self centered and is an embarrasment to all who are conservative and really love the dont judge all beleivers in Christ by her standard..she has humiliated her self and many true beleivers in Christ..I heard the boyfriends taped interview about those tapes..she was over 19 and she sent more than 20 the lawyers have them all..He said he has never met someone who can lie so good..scary..i think she might be socio pathic..without a conscience..truly..shes hardened in her flesh and hardened in her heart..she should take her toys and go home..she lost the pageant Go home..and quit making the true winner feel like a nothing by continualy saying "I lost MY crown because of my answer" Carrie it wasnt YOUR crown to lose..please..go to church and get on your knees and ask God to forgive you for making a mockery of him!!

1775 days ago


Carrie Prejean is a shallow, unintellectual, petulant, bi-polar loser.

Larry King's questions were not out of bounds by any means. Instead, Ms. Prejean displays her lack of class and protests a bit much by repeatedly saying he's being "inappropriate".

What planet is this broad from? She's clearly a total fool and a waste of time.

She lives in her own world. What an absolute twit.

1775 days ago
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