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'New Moon' Script-Finder: My Good Deed Cost Me

11/11/2009 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New MoonThe Good Samaritan who found the script for "Twilight: New Moon" in a St. Louis dumpster -- and then returned it -- says the reward she got from the movie's production company is actually costing her big-time in the end.

Casey Ray
tells TMZ she's grateful Summit Entertainment coughed up two tickets to the film's L.A. premiere and after party on November 16 -- but the cost of traveling expenses is biting her in the behind.

Ray says the round-trip tickets for her and her niece cost $1,200 -- plus another bundle to pay for a hotel and whatever other expenses the duo happens to rack up.

We spoke to a rep for Summit who says Ray's complaint comes as a complete surprise. The rep said Ray had no problems with the reward package -- which also includes a walk down the red carpet and a signed copy of the script by the movie's lead actors -- when she agreed on it back in May ... and Summit hasn't heard a peep from Ray since.

So the question is...


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To: abodx As I stated before the personal life references are given to give one a better glimpse into the type of person she can be and has been in the past. I KNOW HER 1st HAND FROM FOR YEARS. TMZ is all about PERSONAL lives so catch up abodx. Her salon lost the rights to sell Bumble around 4 yrs ago. Bumble sold everywhere NOT. Lorel has a Prof. line only sold in salons. Plus a regular consumer line sold everywhere. Go to your local grocery store you won't find Bumble. If you do it is diverted product.I work for a Professional Salon Company Brand. Now there is no more story. Casey went got her tickets and hotel on someone elses dime due to her complaining on radio and TV. She could have NEVER sold the script anyway cause Summit would have sued the pants off of her! I do have a life and I log onto my email several times a day due to work. I have checked the TMZ box below for new post notificatons. To: MTDH4 the niece by marriage. How strange you call me a HEIFER. Saw your photos with Casey on the local news at the premiere. Nice plus size dress you wore...ha! Casey hasn't got the signed script as yet. So look for it soon to be auctioned on Ebay as she stated she will do. I also note the majority of post here say she is ungrateful.

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1786 days ago

excretive producer    

A 10% of the box office take would be nice. Hollywood trash rulz!

1786 days ago


The average person who has a 9 to 5 and bills can't afford that sort of yes the perk was nice...but I think it would be cool if they comp'd the plane ride and the hotel as well

and from the looks of it...the 'reward package' didn't really include any real expense to not like its any real skin off their nose to comp it

come on guys...make it a real reward!!

1786 days ago


How the hell did it wind up in St. Louis?? Who lost it in the first place? Cast member? Production company member?

1786 days ago


This is ridiculous. She should be grateful she got the tickets. Does she expect a reward every time she does the right thing? Millions of people do the right thing everyday and they don't get tickets to the hottest premiere on the planet. She needs to suck it up and deal. If she can't afford the plane tickets and hotel give them to someone else or donate them to charity. The fact that she went to TMZ to complain about her "reward" is truly disgusting.

1786 days ago


GEEZ! How many "normal" people get to walk the red carpet and sit in on the premiere. Sure it would be nice if the production company gave everything for free, but it's still the chance of a lifetime

1786 days ago


#5. I totally agree with you! She should be grateful for getting the tickets in the first place!!

1786 days ago


Doing the right thing? 'Finding' anything in a dumpster leads me to believe you weren't doing the right thing from the start... go digging through trash and then complain about what you get from it, get a life. Sell the tickets for some nice $ if you can't afford the trip.

1786 days ago


What the hell was she doing in the dumpster anyway?????

1786 days ago


#5 & #6 - I totally agree! What a wonderful reward to have received. And how classless to complain to TMZ about it.

1786 days ago


$1200 for two tickets from St. Louis to LA? That's a complete joke. There's no way they cost that much unless she's trying to fly business class. Even last minute tickets shouldn't cost $600 each, and she knew about this since May.

1786 days ago

Get A Grip    

Speak up lady! When they offered her the reward...she should have said THEN that she would like the expenses covered as well...spit it out....what does she want to be reimbursed? I'm sure Summit can cover it...they are making mad money on the film. Even not...that is a pretty good reward...I'm sure she could sell pictures of the after party to TMZ and if she wanted put the "signed by the major cast members" script on ebay and make a small fortune...just sayin

1786 days ago

Get A Grip    

Maybe she could "dumpster dive" when she gets to LA and make up the difference.

1786 days ago

Never was a fan of Maya    

Uh, gift horse.... mouth


(and for you youngins out there who have never heard the term before, its: never look a gift horse in the mouth)

1786 days ago
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