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Prejean's Ex BF: Carrie Wanted Me to Lie

11/12/2009 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean's ex-boyfriend -- the guy to whom she sent the XXX solo video -- tells TMZ Carrie and company called him last week and tried getting him to "lie" and say she was 17 when she shot the video.

Carrie Prejean

During an audio interview with TMZ, the man -- who asked us not to reveal his identity -- says Carrie sent him the video when they were involved with each other in 2007. He says Carrie sent him numerous explicit videos and insists the one in question was shot when she was 20.

We have verified this is indeed the guy to whom Carrie sent her solo video -- which ultimately torpedoed her settlement with Miss California USA.

These are the pictures he took with Carrie during a long, romantic weekend in San Diego.

Carrie's rep could not be reached for comment.


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Could someone PLEASE stick a fork in this woman? She's done and should now just quietly go away...

1805 days ago

richard g    

this kid is just one big joke i just saw her on larry king ...what a piece of work/mess she is....and her idol is palin ahahahahahah.....and promoting her book and her personal porno at the same tim what timing are u sure she's not related to the kardashians..who love the dark meat or basically hot beef injections!

1805 days ago

yeah right poor Carrie    

Well it is simple to check on the date of the hotel if he requests the charge from his Credit Card Company....And what grown ass man would ever agree to lie about her age when that would result in possible rape charges???? Ohh this is going to be the end of her Holier than Thou Bit for sure.........Wonder how she is going to try and spin this???

1805 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

YAY for TMZ! I ran over to Larry King's blog and posted a link back here. Larry deserves the vindication for what she did to him tonight.

Great interview Harvey!!! Awesome. I can't stand her.

1805 days ago


I'm sorry is someone supposed to care about this woman and what she's doing or did?

1805 days ago


Hot Dang! She was legal! We are going to get to see the solo sex tape soon. Cannot wait!!!! We make mistakes when we are young crap...and I was starting to fall for it. Thanks TMZ!

1805 days ago

Terry H    

She really is the perfect christian. She can get right up there and lie with some of the best of them. What a stupid thing she is. She tells so many lies and actually believes she won't be found out. Keep preaching it sister you prove with every waste of breath you take that you are a lying bimbo.

1805 days ago


Thanks Harvey! This just keeps getting better and better.. You would think she would learn to just keep her mouth shut!! We're going to keep feeding her rope and she is just going to keep hanging herself over and over. Love the pic's too, especially the two where she is just in panties and has her legs spread. What a model christian!!

I wonder how her supporters will try and spin this one??

1805 days ago


You go girl!

1805 days ago

Benny Barnes    

The guy who released these photos and audio of a phone call but yet, wants his face blurred out is gutless! Carrie on the other hand is hot as hell!

1805 days ago


balls sucks balls

1805 days ago


Why is everybody overlooking the fact that the Miss California USA officials blackmailed Carrie? Sending your boyfriend naked pictures of yourself is not a crime. Blackmailing people is. Is anybody listening? Hello? Bueller?

1805 days ago


So according to everybody here, it's a crime to send naked pics to one's boyfriend? Damn. Everyone talking as if they've never done that. How does that make her an hypocrite. She is agains GAY MARRIAGE not against sex between a girlfriend and a boyfriend, a romantic trip to San Diego, showing one's nipples, etc... And remember, Obama is against gay marriage too. Why don't you all go in his past and look for stuff to embarass him?

1805 days ago


its not blackmail since if they did go to court the tape would be evidence to show that she broke the claus in the miss califonia pagent which says they cant have sex tapes/nude photos etc. so they tape would come out, but by no means blackmai

1805 days ago

tmz libs suck    

TMZ's lib bias sucks a**. If she would have said she thought b*tt pirates should marry, she would have won Miss USA and TMZ would be making money off her right now but promoting her they way they do Spencer and Heidi and all the other losers I quickly pass by on this website.

This guy is a piece too. I'm sure she dumped his a** and he figured he could get back at her because she wouldn't give him anymore. I'd love to have my gf send me a video like that.

If I was Carrie I would sue the California pageant officials who just blackmailed her.

1805 days ago
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