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Prejean's Ex BF: Carrie Wanted Me to Lie

11/12/2009 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean's ex-boyfriend -- the guy to whom she sent the XXX solo video -- tells TMZ Carrie and company called him last week and tried getting him to "lie" and say she was 17 when she shot the video.

Carrie Prejean

During an audio interview with TMZ, the man -- who asked us not to reveal his identity -- says Carrie sent him the video when they were involved with each other in 2007. He says Carrie sent him numerous explicit videos and insists the one in question was shot when she was 20.

We have verified this is indeed the guy to whom Carrie sent her solo video -- which ultimately torpedoed her settlement with Miss California USA.

These are the pictures he took with Carrie during a long, romantic weekend in San Diego.

Carrie's rep could not be reached for comment.


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Who cares about this loud mouth nut that likes to take photos herself. She has a very unattractive personality.

1775 days ago


TMZ is showing its bias by continuing to hammer this girl. She is being crucified for having an opinion that isn't exactly in line with Perez Hilton. Are you kidding me? This guy is going to tell the majority of Americans who don't agree with gay marriage that we are wrong. How about looking at the results when this issue is brought up to a vote; it always loses. Marriage is traditionally a religious ceremony. As far as I know no religion accepts homosexuality. If gays want legal rights, fight for civil unions and stop trying to label it marraige. TMZ and the rest of the liberals out there who claim to believe in the freedom you so viciously fight for should include the freedom to have an opinion.

1775 days ago

Jim Q    

Prejean claims she was 17. Her ex claims she was 20.

If she is telling the truth (for a change) then she committed a felony. It is a violation of child porn laws to create or distribute pornographic material involving minors. There is no loophole for minors who film themselves.

Earlier this year several teenage girls in Akron, Ohio were arrested for doing exactly what Prejean did. The point wasn't to send them to Leavenworth, but to inform the public that this is a serious offense. As we've seen, these images get passed around, and they often wind up in the hands of predators.

Prosecuting Preajean would go a long way toward combatting ignorance about this issue. Besides, she seems to be a good candidate for a lengthy period of community service

1775 days ago

London not England    

Lying WHORE......


1775 days ago

London not England    


Yeah baby, but we ALL know how you white girls like that BIG BLACK BANANA don't ya?!?!?!?!
Cause your daddy's and grand daddys kept you from it for so many years!

Don't play the role know ya want it, ya know, ya know ya want it...!

1775 days ago

London not England    



PLEASE, PLEASE....STOP the Hypocritical BULL SH!T...!

60% of so-called "Straight marriages" end in Divorce....NO ONE in the straight community is having safe sex, A la all the ABORTIONS YOU PEOPLE HAVE...Then wanna bomb the doctors for giving them to you...
Half your husbands are sleeping with interns, or WHORES a la Mr. Elliott Spitzer and countless others....
OR they're on the DOWN LOW, and sucking off some guy in a rest stop Bathroom a la Governor of New Jersey....
"Marriage is between a Man & a woman"?!?!?!??! spare me the CRAP!
you're obviously NOT a Divorce attorney...if you were, you'd be ALL OVER THIS Gay Marriage thing....
but you're just a HYPOCRITE BITCH like this lying WHORE.....
whose husband is probably cheating on you right now with some GUY that cuts your lawn...
So keep your "sacred vows"....
I'm sure they'll serve you WELL...
Stupid BITCH

1775 days ago


anyone that appears to be a threat to the libs must be crushed, huh? no wonder the country is going down the tubes.

1775 days ago


It takes a big man to sell out an old girlfriend. It's pathetic. Why don't you guys post how much you paid this guy? I'm guessing that "exclusive" information isn't coming anytime soon. Show this putzes face so we can see what "wormy sellout" looks like.

1775 days ago


Briefly watched this "woman" on Larry King last night - are you kidding me????? She claimed that Mr. King's question regarding why she settled was inappropriate - this she should know something about!!!!!

Her self-righteous indignation is mind-boggling! Her "hero-worship" of Sarah Palin is classic! If this woman thinks Ms. Palin would make a great President, well, she needs to seek some psychological counseling - can she spell delusional?????????

FYI - the pix are definitely pre-boob job!

1775 days ago


I hope the quality of her sex acts,and the hottness of her nude body are better than her Beauty Queen, Political, Writer, or Religious skills.

This girl will be a success in life. I'm just guessing that Porn Star is where she will finally find her true career.

1775 days ago


To #102... To allow the majority to rule over the rights of the minority cannot be allowed in a free society. To do so invites the same kind of witch hunts and inhumane acts which have plagued mankind since the dawn of its existence. People have always searched for scapegoats for all manners of ills which occur within society. And our country is most certainly not void of such anger, hatred and blame-casting. To see this, one only needs to look at the leaders of our country’s religious right and their contemptible statements which blame the ills of society on those who do not believe as they do.

1775 days ago


hi guys,

i guess the recipient of Ms. Prejean's sex-tape asked you TO CONCEAL his identity, not "NOT TO CONCEAL" his identity!


1775 days ago


To "Socialismsucks" -

I believe this poster is actually Ann Coulter! I hear she/he is looking for a boy/girlfriend! This sounds like something Carrie would excel at! The outlook for her future is quite dismal as for making anything of herself other than porn star! Let's all start making book on how long it will be before she poses for Hustler! (Playboy probably won't bother). And, by the way, since we can't refer to the video as a "sex tape" because (according to Carrie) she was by herself, we'll have to start calling it the "self-gratification porn tape". Good luck, Carrie!

1775 days ago


hmm on the last pic she looks little (ok a lot) fat!! I wonder if she is going back to The View to say that she was a minor when this pics were taken? Anyone that buys the book is truly an idiot. She just wants to be famous not matter what and she is being a compulsive liar!!!!

1775 days ago


Harvey wishes he was a tall, blonde Caucasian woman, but he's just a short, squatty, jealous little joo.

1775 days ago
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