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Cindy Crawford's Alleged Extortionist

11/12/2009 9:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We've just obtained pictures of Edis Kayalar, Cindy Crawford's alleged extortionist -- below are the mug shots and a gallery of modeling pics we've obtained.

There are two booking photos -- the one on the left is from the feds, and the other is from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

Kayalar was a model for HERMAEVENTS, a German company (see pics below).

Federal authorities say Kayalar was arrested and deported to his home country of Germany after allegedly trying to pry money from Cindy and Rande Gerber for a picture their former nanny took -- a picture of the couple's 7-year-old daughter bound to a chair and gagged.

Authorities say the nanny took the pic as a prank and Cindy didn't know anything about it.

As we said earlier, a man who appears to be Kayalar contacted TMZ approximately 6 weeks ago trying to sell the photo. He said he had been in a relationship with the nanny and found the photo in her room and became concerned she might be abusing the child.

Kayalar said he had taken the photo from the nanny's room and wanted to know if he could get in trouble for selling it. We offered him no advice and passed on his offer.

Kayalar has been charged with one count extortion -- he faces two years in the slammer.


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mitch myers    


1804 days ago


Someone should investigate the nanny too.

1804 days ago


Christ , you simply cannot let anyone into your lives , employ or home these days if you have any wealth or are famous.
Everyone it seems is an animal , a con artist , lowlifes , desperate.

Word to the wise , do complete background checks , complete credit checks and character references ( no less than 10 ) then , call each and every one of those people and verify their reference.

What the hell has the world come to these days anymore?!?

1804 days ago

The Seer    

The nanny bound and gagged a 7 year old child as a prank? I wonder what this nanny did to the girl when the nanny REALLY wanted to have fun?

That is just twisted. Seems there is a lot more to this story.

This extortionist pretty boy creep should be extradited to the U.S. to stand trial. While he waits for trial, he should be put in the general population of an American prison, where his pretty self will get some nice American felon style Bubba lovin'.

1804 days ago


What is Wrong with the World? the nanny should be fired don't care if it's a joke she's 7 yrs old..and this guy is a dummy..ciuld he not get a real job he's not bad looking.. but he also not the brighest bulb in the bunch...they should have left him here to be punished and then sent him back..

1804 days ago

Get a job you d ouchebags.

Everybody out for a quick buck.


1804 days ago



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1804 days ago


Yeah... this guy was so concerned about the child that he had to go to TMZ for advice. I guess he was worried the authorities wouldn't be a reliable source for telling him if he should be concerned about child abuse.

1804 days ago

Mrs Butters    

somebody should investigate his eyebrows

1804 days ago


Did you guys bother calling the authorities when the photo was offered to you? I think that merely "passing" might be irresponsible when a child is involved.

1804 days ago


Oh that right there is a nice piece in jail, i pimp him by the hour for some ramen noodles and all night for a book of stamps

1804 days ago


What a little German prick!

I'm glad he was deported, now he needs prison time!

He seems like a lowlife (and a homosexual) in these pics!

1804 days ago


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1804 days ago


Is the blogger who writes for tmz's comments section invoved in a

Human Trafficking and pedophile ring via craigs list??

1804 days ago


Exactly, Curious George. If this all went down six weeks ago why are we just hearing about it? Did you contact the authorities and were unable to write about it before for some reason?

1804 days ago
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