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Jon Gosselin Countersues TLC Over 'Reputation'

11/13/2009 2:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin has fired off a countersuit against TLC -- claiming the network caused him "to suffer harm to his reputation." (insert joke here).

Jon Gosselin

According to court docs, Kate's ex says he didn't breach his contract with the network -- and now he wants $175,000 he claims they owe him from the show.

Best line ever ... Jon says in legal docs, "because of the enormous Media interest ... and public interest it makes it impossible to carry on normal daily activities, let alone find, secure and maintain a job with an employer who is willing to be exposed to the daily Media intrusions that has impeded my life." Pleeeeeze!!!!

Gosselin claims TLC has been bad mouthing him all over town -- he wants $5 million in damages.


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1802 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

Jon, please go away. And take Levi Johnston and Carrie Prajean with you.

1802 days ago


Freak, go away!

1802 days ago


TLC has all the proof they need.......... how many interviews has he done bad mouthing TLC?

At first it seemed Kate was a such a bitch to him, now I think we can all see why she was! The real bitch here is Jon!

GET A LIFE JON............. a real one and stop being an embarrassment to your kids, do you know what you're going to put them thru once they hit high school?

SHUT YOUR MOUTH for your kids sake........

1802 days ago

anon are a true douche bag! You think TLC wouldn't have filed if they didn't have the legal stand that they do. Grow up and go away. The public and I have had enough of you and the rest of your parade.

1802 days ago

Don't understand the confusion    

Jon is NOT famous, he's infamous, and he caused it all by himself with his own actions. It wasn't the TLC contract that caused his actions. They didn't cause his bad behavior. They didn't cause him to verbally attack his wife on TV, unlawfully remove at least $180K from a joint bank account, seek out paparazzi, defame his own wife by making up and spreading rumors about her infidelity, and so on. He signed the contract. We all know ignorance is not a valid defense. He also had representation when it was renewed. While I really want him to go away and HONESTLY try to straighten out his life (not just for show), I also am curious to find out how it will all play out in court.

1802 days ago


Even tho he is a bit of a douche, I agree with him. Hecan never go back to being ordinary. It can't be done. Look at poor Gary Coleman. He took a job as a mall security cop to try to be normal, and yet constantly harrassed.

1802 days ago


The truth will be their defense.

1802 days ago


stupid is ,is what stupid is kate surpose to take care of the kids.. you cut her income off.and your PISSED cause tlc cut your income cant have your cake and eat it too.. what did you expect the cut come to be? as i remember you said LET TLC SUE ME.. guess whatyou called them out. dude you need some serious cousiling. your like a spin top out of control, and when you fall you will hit did this to yourself

1802 days ago


PLEASE stop giving him even the tiniest spot light. He's a regular guy going through an ugly divorce. Get in line.

1802 days ago


A Mature Man, well deserved job to give his family honest values doesn't interest the Media

1802 days ago

Take a Peek at her book    

Jon, if you quit calling the paps, they wouldn't follow you. But what excuse would you have for not getting a job?

1802 days ago

The Seer    

Just what the already overly taxed "justice" system needs. Another frivolous lawsuit. Guess who pays for that?

Funny, I haven't seen or heard TLC say anything against this unfortunate looking little man. He's unemployable because he's an irresponsible wishy washy freak who brought this situation upon himself . TLC gave him the break of his life for simply being a sperm donor. He even managed to screw that sweet job up.

Gosselin should be sentenced to wear a large "L" for LOSER on all his clothing like Hawthorne's "S" in the Scarlett Letter.

Dude has a bad case of the Lindsay Blohans: he's way strung out and delusional. The only people who will make money in this are his sheister lawyers, who will garnish and attach his wages until long after he's dead.

1802 days ago


He is an idiot.Best thing that ever happened to Kate was when he left.

1802 days ago


Um, TLC is the problem???? I'm thinking your stupid actions over the last few months have contributed just a little more than anything TLC has done. Idiot.

1802 days ago
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