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Jon Gosselin Countersues TLC Over 'Reputation'

11/13/2009 2:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin has fired off a countersuit against TLC -- claiming the network caused him "to suffer harm to his reputation." (insert joke here).

Jon Gosselin

According to court docs, Kate's ex says he didn't breach his contract with the network -- and now he wants $175,000 he claims they owe him from the show.

Best line ever ... Jon says in legal docs, "because of the enormous Media interest ... and public interest it makes it impossible to carry on normal daily activities, let alone find, secure and maintain a job with an employer who is willing to be exposed to the daily Media intrusions that has impeded my life." Pleeeeeze!!!!

Gosselin claims TLC has been bad mouthing him all over town -- he wants $5 million in damages.


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When Jon is working the drive thru at McD's, I promise not to harrass him...promise.

1803 days ago


Didn't he use to walk 3 miles down his driveway just to say hi to the paps?

1803 days ago


DOUCHE!!! Someone needs to pay ME $5 million dollars for being exposed to all of this losers bulls**t!

1803 days ago


Jon attracted media attention and ruined his own reputation by rapidly hooking up with Hailey Glassman, Kate Major, and the nanny, all while still married. TLC will use that against him if they can. And he will never get another decent job because no employer wants an employee who likes to sue.

1803 days ago


the only one who damaged his reputation was the man in the mirror... and we're not talking about MJ...

1803 days ago

Only the Facts, Ma'am    

I have never commented before, but gah! This waste of skin, who just stealing oxygen LIVES for the media attention and is SUING (??) because of his lack of privacy?!? Its like Ghandi, may his soul rest in peace, coming from the grave to detonate a nuclear bomb to kill all of humanity..

To call Jon Gosselin a loser is an insult to losers.

1803 days ago


Jon, you blew your meal ticket all on your own. You are nothing more than a liar and a cheat and I am glad TLC finally saw through you and cut you loose. You are the father of 8 children, start acting like it. You are not a teenage boy so grow the heck up. Your children are going to look back on this time and if I were you, I would be so ashamed of what I've done for all to see. Shut your mouth and get a really job to take care of your family.

1803 days ago


any press is good press right....I wish places would just stop reporting on him...what a looser

1803 days ago


i love jhon he so cool and sexy man

1803 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Pathological lying dumb ass !!! I cannot believe the CPS in that area have not taken these kids ... It's apparent that he'll never shut up and it's just a matter of time before he cooks something else up ... Ignorance can be overcome by education ... Stupidity can't be helped ... This guy is stupid for sure ...

1803 days ago

punk rock 4ever    

I think Jon is being treated unfairly in all of this.
It seems now that reality tv makes reality tv stars, we as a whole have caused this problem by watching reality tv.
I feel bad for Jon, Kate & the kids. But at the same time, with 8 kids to support can see why they went that route to support their family.

1803 days ago


He's so full of it. Our company would hire him in a second, for IT work. We're in Lancaster, PA. He just has zero desire to work.

1803 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

This is so funny I can not contain myself. The truth shall set you free always or in this case get you laughed out of court JON!!!!! Nobody hurt Jon's reputation but Jon, is he freaking stupid or what? Just a few days ago he posted his own video of him making front of himself being a douche, it doesn't get any more telling than that. Goodluck with that Douche. This is so funny.

1803 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

Is he kidding? This is a joke right? If that is the case I want to sue TLC for my time back for watching the show. Well I have no case and nor does Jon. He must be King Douche. Can we give him that title please??? I find it so funny when someone destroy's themselves and want to blame someone else. Jon you ruined your reputation all on your own, honestly it's the only thing you did right in your life.

1803 days ago


Jon Gosselin is a TOTAL ASS. TLC didn't ruin Jon's reputation Jon ruin his own reputation. TLC didn't tell him to go out after his divorce announcement and run around in public with a new girl hanging on his arm every other day and jet setting around to Paris hanging out with Ed Hardy. TLC didn't tell him to get his ears pierced and take up smoking and drinking till all hours of the morning. They didn't tell him to go on talk shows and bad mouth Kate saying that he despises her. This guy is such a looser. Ever since TLC pulled his name from the show his life has gone down the toilet and he doesn't know what to do. Jon is the biggest tool there is.

1803 days ago
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