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Burglar Bunch Suspect

Pleads Not Guilty

11/16/2009 6:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1116_alexis_neires_bn_tmz-1Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch suspect Alexis Neiers pled not guilty today to her alleged involvement in the burglary of Orlando Bloom's home last summer -- and she looked goooooooooood doing it.

After Alexis finished up in court, she stopped in the hallway and had her hair make-up done by a few pros -- before she met the press on her way out. Priorities, people!

Alexis -- who was charged with one count felony first degree residential burglary last month -- is due back in court on November 30.

As TMZ reported, Alexis' sister -- Playboy model Tess Taylor -- was seen wearing what Rachel Bilson believes is her stolen vest.

Bilson, Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge, Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom and Brian Austin Green are all possible victims of the Burglar Bunch.


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Only marry foreign women    

These women out to have gotten married, then divorced, to buy purses, jewelry and shoes they cannot afford.

1802 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Women rarely are jailed for crimes (about 5% of inmates are female). They will be found guilty but the judge will suspend there sentence with time served and put them on probation. The two guys in the gang, though the were stealing chick sh$t, will serve the time.

1802 days ago


Stick her in county in time for Christmas! She had better serve at least a month! Little sticky-fingered thief...

1802 days ago

The Running Back    

Call her a Squeaky From wanabe. She looks just as stupid. Love and Peace to our sister.

1802 days ago


right! not guilty LOL

she won't need makeup when she does time. Big Bertha loves her some young meat.

1802 days ago


Believe me she can SUCK a golf ball through a garden hose:-)

1802 days ago

scott is yummy.    

Her hair and make up done? What a narcissist. She's a stupid trashy thief, not a celebrity. This is as famous as she is ever going to get. and if tess taylor thinks she's ever going to get any more fame she better think twice, she's on hollywood's black list with the rest of the burglar freaks.

1801 days ago


TMZ - Tess Adler and Alex Neiers are NOT sisters, they are two drug addicted whores who have no other talent but to strip and pose nude. Trust me, I have lots of videos of Tess "Taylor".

Stop reporting on these losers!

1801 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Shut up and go away

1655 days ago


TMZ,E, and anyone else who describes A CRIMINAL SUSPECT as HOT and gives her all of this POSITIVE feedback should be ashamed of themselves! even though it's a great story, the story should be on how worthless her looks our because she was throwing her life away. If that had been a gang of goodlooking black kids breaking into stars home...well, i don't even have to say how COMPLETELY DIFFERENT this story would be! There was an Asian girl abducted from Barnes & Nobles this weekend, where is that story at?

1638 days ago


This is starting to bother me. I don't blame TMZ for reporting, but I do blame Chelsea Handler for putting these kids on TV in the first place. They are not role models, they are sheltered and ignorant young women who, by being on television, are creating an ideal for young girls who watch. Why are we glorifying this?

1630 days ago


If she is going to the same jail as Paris, Khloe and Nichole Richie, this little brat will be out in an hour.

1621 days ago


I'm going to start a breaking and entering team. We are going to hit
Oparah and Obama. I can hear the Secret Service and Federal Bureau of Investigation knocking at my door. This is insane!!!!!!! Break in and rob a house you deserve to go to jail. Not some crap I'm on t.v. let me lie to the country.Then I get 3 days of probation.

1619 days ago


Tess should be arrested to and sent to Jail.. for stealing Rachel's t-shirt and wearing it in public. She knew it was stolen and didn't say anything to the police.. that's called being involved and withholding vital evidence! Did you see all those pictures of Tess with Nick and standing next to her little sister Gabby in nothing but a bra and then her bra off.. Its really sick PLUS she was on webcam doing it to her friends.

1588 days ago

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