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Equality Group -- Keep LJ Out of Cincinnati

11/17/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Johnson Cincinnati BengalsUPDATE: LJ has reportedly signed with the Bengals.

Homophobic slur-hurling running back Larry Johnson is expected to sign with the Cincinnati Bengals any minute now -- but a local gay rights group is already considering the move a "slap in the face."

TMZ spoke with Lesley Jones, executive director of Equality Cincinnati, who tells us "We do not think that would be a favorable decision on the part of the Bengals.

We would see this as a slap in the face to all the work we've done for equality and LBGT (lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender) rights in Cincinnati.

[The Bengals] must take action to prove that they support equality and LBGT rights in the city."

Johnson was recently cut by the Kansas City Chiefs after making a flurry of controversial statements -- including dropping the f-bomb twice in a 24 hour period.

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[The Bengals] must take action to prove that they support equality and LBGT rights in the city."

Why do they have to prove anything? LJ did not do any action in CIncy. Stop shoving your agenda down everyone's throat. The bengals never said they didn't like lbgt community. They are a football team, not a lbgt rights activists, or a PR firm. Grow up sissypants.

1804 days ago


Once again those freakin HoMos are whining....they did the same with Carrie Prejean, now they are picking on this one. why it is that those maggots can't accept the fact that they will never be accepted in society? God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.........

1804 days ago


kudos to LJ!!!!!! what happened to Freedom of Speech? ooops, I forgot that Adolf Obama is taking it away from us.....

1804 days ago


I thought this was America, Since when do people loose there careers because they call someone a name. I have nothing against the lbgt community it's not my thing but your welcome to it if thats what you want. but just because someone doesn't agree they get crusified on this site and many others that's ridiculous. he apologized leave him be he's a football player not an activist. You can't shove your opinions down other peoples throats

1804 days ago


Here's a thug that has been arrested FOUR different times over the years for beating women, yet, it takes him using a so-called "slur," that homosexuals use themselves on a daily basis, to get attention? This is what is wrong with society today. We excuse black men for beating the sh*t out of women because it's "apart of their culture," but God forbid that same POS say a word that is in the dictionary as meaning something completely and totally different than how it's being represented by the over-sensitive PC Nazi police.

You people are a joke.

1804 days ago


Hey you gay A## mother Fu##### go do what you do best and suck a D###. sports have nothing to do with you so don't get involved.

1804 days ago


Will you people get a frigging life. THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! There is still this thing called FREE SPEECH!! Not free speech only if I agree with you. JUST PLAIN FREE SPEECH! If you want to endorse some guy sticking his pen*s in another man's rectum, then do that. You don't see anyone getting fired because they support that crap (no pun intended). So why fire someone who is against it? And just remember this: While you support this kind of behavior, you aren't talking to us. You are having a direct conversation with God. And what you are telling him is that he is wrong. And one day he's going to answer you, and you just might not like his response. So I would advise you not to let these gays and lesbians, through their smooth conversation, get you sent to someplace you don't want to be. Also, remember this: None of those gays and lesbians who are praising you for supporting them are going to be standing behind you singing your praises when you face God. They are going to be too busy trying to cover their own butts (again....no pun intended). You, my dear friends, are going to be on your own as you try to tell God just how wrong he is.

1804 days ago


Notice how if you're a pro-gay liberal you can say or do anything you want and it's just fine. But if you're a dumbarse athlete and say the same thing, they want you to die. Liberal radicalism is quickly coming to an end.

1804 days ago


Sorry but I got to side with the Bengals on this one! This man has been in more serious situations than a slur! Granted, I know it hurts but I think domestic violence trumps name calling! This crap is about nothing but power and justification. It don't have a thing to do with rights and equality!

1804 days ago

PJ in Houston    

Just because someone doesn't agree with Homosexuality doesn't mean they lose their job ... you chose your sexuality.

1804 days ago


The gay right activists are coming out (so to speak) saying how the team should take action show it's in line with the rights of LBGT.... well if that is the case, why did so many of those activists vote for a president such as Obama who is NOT for gay marriage??????????? seems to me, these groups point out certain groups like say sports... but what about the president.... and former president , Bill Clinton and those gays who supported Hillary.. neither were for gay marriage..

1804 days ago

gene yuss    

Why ruin a perfectly good season by adding this tool to the mix. Gay slurs or not, the guy is a cancer to any team he plays on. Oh well Bengals, it was good while it lasted.

1804 days ago


So he has a problem with gay people. So what. Bullying him to accept gays and making him lose his job isn't going to make him like you any better. Everyone has an opinion. It is what they do with it that counts in the end. He didn't kill anyone did he?

I have a problem with gays french kissing in the street. Why? I don't do that. I have a problem with gays introducing themselves as being gay. Why? I don't introduce myself by saying 'hello I'm hetero'. We allow people with issues to stretch the boundaries of decency and when others begin to resent the deference we accord to that behaviour then we become outraged. This man has an opinion. I say if you want it to change, change it by example. Show him that gays don't always fit the mold he has created but don't take away his livelihood because he doesn't feel the same way that you do.

1804 days ago


amazing. the words he used, where slurs that are used against a large group of people. yet somehow many here are making it a bout the gay agenda yea what agenda is that to not be killed? Or beat up? or fired or kick out of your house? I mean sure if this was about catholics we would forgive i mean they molested tons of kids yet we still let them exist and let noone put them down, america is funny, you know if he was a white person and used racial slurs he would be destroyed, but we will let a person of color do anything they want and not say its bad or hold them accountable especially if it is a sports star, if they are black. Most are posting with their own dislike of gays showing through that is ok with me that is fine, but you want your view heard treated with respect but will you do the same? Most do not consider the fact that others have a different opion and that they have a right to be heard also. This person is a paid representative of a group, he has standards he has to adhere to on and off the field. For those using the this is america free speach that isnt exactly true and you know it. As for the obvious hatred coming from some, I remember a play called john roker, he was banished, now not for the gay slurs god he had tons, but for the black and ny city slurs, there wasn't this type of support for him was there? If your saying that is different, then i have to say to me it isn't, if a person uses terms of any kind that are usually joined by violence as most gay and black slurs are then to me it is wrong there is no place for that, this is america your right, but it is all of ours, america has all of us in it, nothing you can do about.

1804 days ago
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