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Team Lesnar: Brock Will Fight Again

11/20/2009 2:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brock Lesnar's longtime friend and Jiu-Jitsu coach tells TMZ the hospitalized fighter WILL return to the Octagon -- and he guarantees Brock will return to battle condition in the next six months.

We spoke with Rodrigo "Comprido" Medeiros -- a 7-time World Jiu-Jitsu champ -- who tells us the reigning UFC heavyweight champ "is getting better and that is the most important thing ... He will be fine and be fighting again within 6 months."

Medeiros adds, "I can just say that the heavyweights can stop laughing and get ready to start crying because the champion will be back soon."

As we previously reported, Lesnar had been hospitalized due to a mysterious intestinal disorder. UFC president Dana White claimed the illness is so severe, Brock may never fight again.

So far, Brock has yet to release a comment himself.

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This is great news for UFC fans. FYI Dana checks his fighters often for illegal drugs (including roids) ask the Nick Diaz. Hope Brock a speedy & safe recovery. UFC ROCKS!!!


1795 days ago

London not England    

His "mysterious disorder" is HE'S A WHITE NEANDERTHAL !!!!!!

This throw-back to the stone age is gonna go down swinging!!!!!

1795 days ago

London not England    


That's too funny & oh so TRUE!~!

1795 days ago


Thank god Brock will be back...lol He is the most exciting mma fighter to watch.

Fedor would get destroyed by brock hands down,,,,and Carwin wouldn't make it out of the first round...

1795 days ago


Lesnar isn't an MMA fighter you twit. He is just a huge brawler with no skills.

1795 days ago


If he's not a MMA fighter and has no skills, how come he's a champion? I think you have him confused with Kimbo who is a wannabe that won't. But I guess it's easy to say crap about things you don't know because others say it. How many people who comment watch UFC and his fights?

1795 days ago


Here's some facts for you morons:

Brock is no steroid freak. He put on most of his current size from 1996 to 1999, when he transferred from junior college to college, gaining 60 pounds from the time he was in HS to the time he went to college with a strict Olympic powerlifting regimen. His coach at Minn. J Robinson, tested him for steroids. He always passed.

He probably did 'roids in WWE, as everyone did. But Brock was 25-30 lbs heavier at that time, and much leaner than he is today. His body in WWE looks completely different than his body now, which looks like an older, somewhat less lean version of his college physique.

Since he has been competing in MMA, he is under the regulation of the various state athletic commissions he fights in. He has fought under the auspices of The California State Athletic Commission, The Nevada State Athletic Commission, and The Minnesota State Boxing/MMA Commission, and tested for steroids and all other drugs numerous times. He has never failed a drug test.

As far as Brock being "just a huge brawler with no skills," that's absurd.

Before his NCAA Div. 1 career, Brock regularly wrestled at a lower weight than most of his competition. He got by on speed, agility, and wrestling skill. In 2000, Lesnar's college coach at Minn. told Sports Illustrated ""What makes Brock so special is he learned how to wrestle at the lower weights. A lot of people don't realize how quick and agile he is."

You don't come in second place in 1999 and come back the next year and win it all in 2000 in Div. 1 wrestling without skill. Brock was a world-class wrestler in the NCAA. Brock could have had an Olympic career, but he would have had to wait four years to compete. Instead, he went to the WWE, where he was given one of the largest developmental deals ever recorded. Instead of waiting for the Olympics in Greece 2004, he made millions of dollars from 2002-2004 as one of WWE's biggest stars.

Since getting into MMA, Brock has been coached by world-class trainers like "Comprido" in kickboxing, boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, and wrestling. His wrestling skill is still his primary skill, of course, since he is building off a world-class base in that skill, but he is picking up other skills rapidly. Anyone who says Lesnar is ""just a huge brawler with no skills," simply doesn't know MMA and doesn't know what they are talking about. Amateur wrestling is one of the best skill bases from which to build a modern MMA fighter.

1795 days ago



1795 days ago


Not a sport, that UFC. Don't write about this crap anymore, please.

1795 days ago

Travolta couldn't handle the truth either    


1795 days ago
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