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Girls Gone Wild

At Justin Bieber Mall Signing

11/20/2009 7:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mall SigningCops tell TMZ a young girl was hospitalized this afternoon after fans went crazy ... anticipating the arrival of 15-year-old music star Justin Bieber at a Long Island mall.

Cops said the girl was taken out of the Roosevelt Field mall on a stretcher just moments ago.

Bieber never showed, because over 1,000 screaming girls showed up and mall security lost control of the crowd. The senior vice president for sales at Def Jam Records, 44-year-old James Roppo (mug shot, below right), ended up getting arrested.

Bieber posted the following message on his Twitter account, pleading with his fans to leave the mall:

"The event at roosevelt mall is cancelled. please go home. the police have already arrested one person from my camp. I dont want anyone hurt."

The injured girl should be okay.

: Employees at Abercrombie Kids tell TMZ someone in the mall falsely screamed out that Justin was inside their store, so a ton of kids rushed the place. The workers said a fight broke out in front of the store -- and that it wasn't the only fight that occurred.

James Roppo


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He is the kid that both Usher and Justin Timberlake wanted to sign. He eventually chose Usher. His videos are all on You Tube. The tweens needed someone new to like anyway...Miley is getting to grown up to be a role model for little girls.

Obviously, the mall underestimated his popularity. What a mess that turned out to be in Long Island.

1767 days ago


Who? And this kid ran because 1000 screaming girls were going nuts for him? You may want to find another line of work there kid. May I suggest airline steward?

1767 days ago

Milo Smalls    

Over 10,000 TMZ ... get it right!

1767 days ago



1767 days ago

Milo Smalls    

He was told by the cops to not show up.

1767 days ago


WTF?! why are you all hating on him? as much as you don't want to admit it, he is SUPERR talented. I dont see any of you bozos having a great voice and being adored by thousands. so stfu and get a life will ya? stop bashing a poor 15 year old kid just because your jealous.
P.S- I dont know about you guys, but I'm a BELIEBER! So yes i beliebe that he WILL be remembered in 5 years! =P

1767 days ago


Maybe if the parents of these hormonal teenage girls instilled values such as a "celebrity" is a person and nothing more, they wouldn't act so hysterical. He's 15 - looks 13 - and is singing songs about love as though he is somehow experienced. Parents, do your fricking jobs.

1767 days ago


wow all of you should shutup because you dont even know the real story, i was actually there, the mall said to him if you come here u will get arrseted because of all the fans they said soemthing like that. i was there THEY SHOULD NOT BLAME ANYTHING ON JUSTIN BIEBER AT ALL. if he loses fans because of this its not even his fault. nice making people look bad

1767 days ago


He looks like pretty much half the boys you'd see in any middle school across the USA .. so what's the big deal? I heard his song, not like he's the next greatest singer in the world. I don't get it?

1767 days ago


I have never even heard of this kid!! Who is he? I guess I raised my kid right because she is 18 and has no clue who he is either...

1767 days ago


I Christmas shopped at this mall about five years ago.

1767 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

This haircut is so Chad (Million Dollar Listings). Besides the douche of a doo, why are your pictures so crappy?

1766 days ago


It was crazy today, i was there but it wasnt justins fault! It was sercurity! There was barely any sercurity !!! and it was so unorganized, justin wasnt even alowed in! but its not his fault at all!!!

1766 days ago


he showed up to the mall but he wasnt allowed in because of all the people.and more than one fight happened the railing near the food court broke.and at leat 5 stores closed because of all the people and they were blocked time try and get your facts stragiht.

1766 days ago


i went to the mall and it was CRAZY these two girls ended up pouring soda on each other and got arrested and i was really upset whtn i found out that justin wasnt coming i had driven an hour and a half to get ther and left school early to see my favorite person and it was cancelled but hopefully he comes back to long island!!!!!

1766 days ago
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