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Conrad Murray Under Investigation in TX

11/23/2009 2:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray Under Investigation in TXDr. Conrad Murray's Houston, TX patients may be interested .... the Texas Medical Board is investigating the good doc.

DEA sources tell TMZ its investigation into Dr. Murray's prescribing practices in connection with Michael Jackson is still active. When the DEA investigates a TX doctor ... the DEA contacts the Texas Medical Board and that routinely triggers a Texas Medical Board investigation.

And law enforcement sources tell us the Texas Medical Board has been working with the DEA on the Conrad Murray probe.

Dr. Murray's rep could not be reached for comment.


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Your momma!!!!!!!!!!!

1794 days ago


Gotta say, it was a freak accident and no one is cutting this guy a break, you're making him look like OJ..gees.

1794 days ago


Thank you for posting this story, and THANK GOD they are on top of this criminal! Like Janet said in her interview, let him practice so he can do this to another family? I am outraged he is even allowed to practice medicine, a amn is dead because he vilated the very ethics he took when he became a DR. Even if he didn't know MJ was an addict, which he did, how do you give someone propofol then walk out of the room, and in an improper setting?

1794 days ago


hope we will see justice soon!!!

1794 days ago


he sit so close to OJ

1794 days ago


Michael you won 4 AMA's last night! We will love you most forever!

1794 days ago


Texas is the worst place to get criminal charges... good luck to you Dr. Murray

1794 days ago


Thank you for posting this story. Justice needs to be served for Michael. They need to hurry up and arrest this guy.

1794 days ago

A fan    


1794 days ago


6. Michael you won 4 AMA's last night! We will love you most forever!

Posted at 12:57PM on Nov 23rd 2009 by Smile

Yeah, I was so excited! I'll tell ya, though, that Adam Lambert was not only disgusting, HE CAN'T SING! Michael was one of a kind - he could sing, he could dance, he could write his own music and all from a very young age. I know there are other folks who can do those things, too, but none measure up to Michael. None! I feel really sorry for this generation if the best they've got is Adam Lambert and Lady Gag Me!

1794 days ago


I hope he dies a slow, painfully excruciating death filled with suffrage in the hands of a sadistic unrelenting satanic overlord.
MJ for life, bitches!

1794 days ago


Maybe Murray won't be going back to work so fast! Keep the pressure on. Under investigation in Texas. That is good news!!!

1794 days ago


with any luck they will wrap this up soon for everyones sake..such a waste

1794 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Their gunna getcha' Doc Murderer Murry and you are most definately going DOWN for this one.. I believe by allowing YOU to THINK you can safely practice " Medicine"( gag!! gag!! cough... no more profofall please!) again... they have baited your cowardly haggard rear out in public.. and they are now going to POUNCE!! I agree with Janet in her interview and this man should never ever be allowed to practice medicine ever again! And for you idiots calling what he did to Michael an accident, No one in any kind of accident waits 45 minutes to call for help, every one knows that 911 can GPS your location just with one phone call!! Wheather you are in a car or in a home... there was a land line right by the bed and this fool practiced CPR too late and on a BED!! WHAT if it were YOUR family member that he did this to? You would want justice and so would everyone who cared about you!! Try to remember that! What murry did was murder a man!! He goofed off and called 3 other people had long conversations and walked over Mikes dieing body as if his life had no value to anyone... There are 3 children who would argue that point as he was their world and thier daddy( one permonately scared because Murry had a 13 year old child come in and see his dead father's body)!! And then what about his mother!! She will never get to hear him say "Hello Mother" or tease her when she is mad and say " Kates Mad, Kate's Mad!!" ever again... why.. because he was silenced by a man who commited murder and cant even perform CPR,,,Now tell me you want to see Doc of Death at your bedside the next time you are sick.. I would suddenly have a meraculous healing and get out of that bed and RUN for the hills!!! Murry you commited murder!! You will pay for your crimes one way or another because GOD saw what you did!! And he is REAL!!!!

1794 days ago

mjfan 4ever    

This guy had the nerve to say at his church that he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when Michael died,are you freaking kidding me??He had no business administrating propofol in the first place,he wasn't qualified to do that and he also had no business leaving the room or falling asleep while doing this.He doesn't want to be looking for any sympathy from me that is for sure!

By the way,why isn't there any stories about Michael winning 4 awards and setting a record at the AMA??If he had been nominated and lost them all you can bet the freaking media would have had stories about that.JERKS!!

1794 days ago
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