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Pamela Bach Busted for DUI

11/29/2009 4:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pamela BachDavid Hasselhoff's ex-wife, Pamela Bach, had her own issues with alcohol last night -- we've learned she was arrested for DUI ... and she will probably do jail time.

According to law enforcement sources, Bach took a breathalyzer test and blew a .14 and a .13.

She was taken to Van Nuys where she was booked and released. Bach tells TMZ, "I am remorseful and mortified. I am going through a really difficult time between David being in the hospital and dealing with the divorce." By the way, the divorce was final in 2007.

Bach added that she was trying to comfort her daughters earlier in the evening, then went to dinner where she had a few drinks.

According to official documents, bail was set at $15,000. Bach said she was released on her own recognizance and will attend an AA meeting today.

Bach was busted for DUI in March, 2009, pled no contest and was placed on probation. A second DUI in California gets you mandatory jail time.

UPDATE 5:55 PM ET: We just got off the phone with Pamela. She says she's on the way to an AA meeting right now. She says her girls "love and support her."


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"I am remorseful and mortified. I am going through a really difficult time between David being in the hospital and dealing with the divorce."

Wasn't the divorce years and years ago?
Time to put that excuse to bed

1791 days ago


I don't believe this is her first DUI, $15,000 is for someone who has a history of DUI. A first offender would have got a 1500 bail.

1791 days ago


What a couple of losers!!! These people should not be parents!!! I feel so sorry for their daughters, they're busy being the adult figures to a couple of delinquent parents. So sad!

1791 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


1791 days ago


I can't imagine having two very public drunks for parents.

1791 days ago


Do you no that all people who get a dui always go to AA or rehab only so the judge will go easy on them.Believe me she will drink again when all blows over.

1791 days ago


No WAY...not Pamela the one that always calls David a DRUNK. Now its time for TMZ to quit with Tiger..the matter is private and you and all the other media needs to let them be. The media has really blown it out of porportion.

1791 days ago


God these two people Pamela Bach and David Hasselhoff are the poorest excuse for parents they should seriously be both committed into rehab for a long extended stay. They are so self centered and self absorbed when are they going to realize the kind of hell they are putting their two lovely daughters through. Saddest of all is they have put their children in the position of having to be the parents in this equation Grow up you two are a freakin mess Get into rehab and stop being so damn selfish and for once in your lives put your two daughters needs before your own selfishness!!!

1791 days ago


I am so sick of celebrities running to AA when they get caught driving drunk... that is not what AA is about. They are spoiled brats and Pamela Bach is another user, like Mel and David and all the rest of the superstars who think the law doesn't apply to them. This is another example of somebody doing something really stupid and expecting a "get out of jail free" card from AA... get a life. You are wasting the time of the people in AA by being there and you are taking away important time of the people who really want to be there by taking up space in a meeting, you are not going to work the 12 steps, so don't bother attending an AA meeting and don't mention AA you don't know what it is about. Go check your rich spoiled ass into some rehab center somewhere... you can afford it, leave AA to the people who want to live by the 12 steps. Anonymous means you don't tell people you are going or have been there or are attending... get it?

1791 days ago

Dave Evans    

Those kids are destined to be strippers. I see pole dancing in their future.

1791 days ago


OMG, she was also arrested rhis last March for Felony DUI, 2 within the year is REALLY BAD!!!

1791 days ago


If she blew 13 you'd think they would have let her off. Must not have been that good.

1791 days ago


Wow, a .14! Medically it means reactions slowed where I work. The .08 is something the MADD mothers created to nab everyone who has a couple drinks out somewhere. Drunk is considered > .20 at the hospital.

1791 days ago

Tom Knight    

Their children must be very proud.

1791 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

LMAO at this BEEOOTCHHH!! - that so PUBLICLY & DISGRACEFULLY dragged her ex - the father of their children - through the mud over HIS alcohol addiction! And now she's offering all these lame-ass excuses. Forget about it!

Like someone else said ... Karma's a bitch, ain't it Pamela????

1791 days ago
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