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Tiger's Alleged Mistress -- For Gloria's Ears Only

11/29/2009 3:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel -- the alleged "other woman" in Tiger Woods' life -- is on her way to Los Angeles to meet with the one and only ... Gloria Allred.

Rachel Uchitel

We caught up with Rachel outside her NYC apartment early this morning and again at JFK airport.

She'll be meeting with Gloria today, and -- if history is any market -- you can expect a good ol' Gloria Allred news conferene on Monday -- we're guessing 11:30 AM PT.

We know the drill.


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Her full name - Rachel uchitel Asmar (a Middle East name).

1786 days ago

Not Me    

And to think she was the face of sorrow and loss on 9/11...

1786 days ago


Tiger, Go get yourself checked out before having make up sex!
This skank looks NASTY

1786 days ago


Tiger and his wife should just deny deny deny. Keep their business private. The little gold digger cant make a dime if she has no story!

1786 days ago


after looking at the video, and the womans body... THAT GIRLS IS FINE AS HELL.. i can see why he was hitting it.. GO TIGER!!

1786 days ago

Just Checking    

Enough Already. Just like the couple who crashed the White House and now wants payment for interviews so does this stalker. Think about it. Her "friend/s" passed lie detector test about what they were TOLD. NOT what they saw. She lives her life in a fake world of lies. Anyone who knows her, she ALWAYS says she is sleeping with Celebs. I used her phone once to see if she REALLY was getting calls from Mr. X, guess what, it was a bouncer from one of the clubs who likes her and always texts and calls her - she just put a different name on the call list.

The real story is she is a liar. Now she will cash in on her lies - oh no I never saw his putter..... poor me.... I lied and now I'm famous - please pay me for interviews.

Let's see her take a lie detector test and proved she didn't tell anyone she was having an affair with Woods (which she did) and if she was telling the truth (she was lieing).

1786 days ago

who dat    

Wonder if Tiger nailed her in the sand trap & the rough. Bet she is a great ball cleaner. He better have driven it all the way up her fairway. The hazard club is now in question. I'd like to see the score card.

1786 days ago

blue pen    

13 - or is it the other way round? Gloria is going to milk this party dry.

1786 days ago



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1786 days ago

who dat    

Why do men ever marry? Women target certain men for marriage and financial security. Women stalk men and plan "chance" meetings that they pre-plan. Once the sex starts, it's off the hook. Every port is open for business. Then they drive the guys friends away systematically. Then the women badger the guys til they give in. The smart guys dump them and move on. Unfortunately for (most) men, they get married.

Then phase II begins. The women get pregnant as soon as possible. one kid is great. Two is even better. Then the sex stops except when she wants it, which isn't often. This is text book gold digger 101 and most likely what happened to Tiger.

Then the sex starved guy is out somewhere and a girl/ woman the guy finds attractive turns the charm on to him, then gives the guy her number and thats how it happens.

Guys, ALL hot women target men for what they want. It is your money.

1786 days ago



1786 days ago


TMZ, I don't know which one is worse:
Obama for trying to destroy America or
you guys for trying to destroy celebrities' lives

1786 days ago


Hell, I'd bang her too, she's HOT!

1786 days ago

Jenny pruski    

Tiger is a absolute fool to go with this women,she is another money grubbing fishlips,why would he risk everything he cares about to go with awomen like that,she's a low down snake why else would she contact Gloria,the reasons comes to mind whore-fame and money to be made that she earned on her back.Tiger is a complete jerk to have done this to his family and friends,he lost the respect and dignity that he worked so hard to get,shame on you Mr.Woody.

1786 days ago


Stop insulting Tiger's wife, #44 - bet you can write a book on how to hook a wealthy half-black jock and pretend you are better at giving sex and keeping a man happy in your bed than a beautiful caucasian woman? Don't ever let the fact that his "wife" and "mother of his children", who comes from an upperclass Swedish family and who he met through a Swedish golfer, can't keep a man sexually content. It's the "event planners" running veiled prositution and women without integrity who are the stalkers and not the other way around. Who are the real gold diggers?

1786 days ago
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