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Tiger Woods Crash Report

The Collision Course

12/2/2009 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods was driving crazy before hitting the fire hydrant.

Collision Course

A diagram in the official police report shows Tiger was driving so erratically, he drove over bushes and into some hedges before hitting the hydrant and ultimately the tree.

According to the police report, it'll cost $3,000 to repair the hydrant and $200 for the tree and sod.

The report also states that it took 30 minutes for officers to arrive to the scene from the time of the crash.

The report shows that Tiger -- who wasn't wearing his seat belt at the time -- caused $8,000 worth of damage to his Cadillac Escalade -- check out the photos taken by the cops.

tiger woods suv

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Only marry foreign women    

Tiger Woods has decided not to attend next week's Chevron World Challenge. He'd like to go, but his wife still has his nine iron.

1788 days ago


So Tiger wants to come into our living rooms and ask us to buy anything he's endorsing.
As long as we are buying he has no issue with his "personal" life.
You want exposure? You got it!
Shut up and count your millions, which will be halfed by your ex.
Do woman celebrities ever screw up this bad? Not counting the Dodger Billlionaire who is so out of touch with reality.
My point is you want exposure- you get it for the good and bad.
It's nearly 2010, get with the program or learn how to hide from it.

1788 days ago


Elin is a hero. Where are the scandals showing Elin is cheating on Tiger? If there was no broken glass found in the driveway and only near the fire hydrant and tree, the obviously she broke the windows to get Tiger out, saving his life. I believe her story bec in a fit of rage, if she really wanted to go after Tiger, she would have smashed in the window closest to his face. If she only married him for his money/fame, then she would have learned a long time ago to just smile for the cameras and plot out her exit plan... ie how to maximize award during divorce proceedings. She obviously loves Tiger, is a passionate person, and does not want to break up the family. Taking a lesson from Jon/Kate8, who knows what happens behind closed doors. Elin could be belittling Tiger behind closed doors. If all these infidelities are true, Tiger obviously has a sex addiction problem... obviously. Hopefully he used protection and didn't spread any STD's, esp Hepatitis B and/or C

1788 days ago


And who said Happy Gilmore was a gross misrepresentation of the PGA tour?

1788 days ago



The book on the floor: Get a Grip on New Physics by John Gribbin

Per Amazon:
Guides the reader through the maze of modern physics theories - relative, general and otherwise, and keeps them informed on the state of the Universe.

About the Author:
John Gribbin has a Ph.D. in astrophysics from Cambridge, and is now Visiting Fellow in Astronomy at the University of Sussex and consultant to New Scientist. His books have been translated into many languages, and have won awards.

1788 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

I agree TMZ rocks. They where also the only media outlet to cover the domestic violence which is very anti-feminist. They also allow you to post almost anything - good bad, stupid, not so stupid. Keep it up

1788 days ago


$8,000 won't even pay for that bumper nevermind the whole repair.

1788 days ago


wild speculation and hyperbole... that is what i expect from tmz. This just in... it is possible that Tiger Woods may have done something somewhere sometime with someone. We can only hape he committed a crime so we can access public records... WHEN DID TMZ BECOME A GUARDIAN OF MORALITY? I can smell the reek of disingenuous opportunism from behind your glass walls

1788 days ago

Old Greg    

Elin is a hero and so is Chris Brown. Elin is an abusive pcycho, gold digger like most women. get real! Elin would have married Tiger if he were poor and common. riiiiight. you missed your pills today sweetheart.

1788 days ago


Have been following all the stories via http://www.twitgrids.com (the Trends grid) and cannot fathom the pressure of all these media stories. Even minute there is some new thing about Tiger on that webpage. Tiger did a horrible thing but the media has been sickening about this.

1788 days ago


I wonder if Tiger misses his father and is going through some type of depression, acting out instead of looking within. Obviously, there is something VERY wrong in that home, and I surely hope his inner circle is getting the help he needs rather than "covering up". When was the last time you heard of a wealthy, successful ball player caught up in infidelities, smashed vehicle, unconscious ball player laying on the ground, broken out windows, bleeding face, wife with 9 iron in her hand? Tiger's peeps should be asking themselves how he got in this position.... SERIOUSLY. Either Tiger is naive and doesn't cover his tracks well, or he's coming undone and is acting out. A statement was made that nearly all pro, partying athletes cheat on their spouses.. but when was the last time you heard of one of them laying on the ground unconscious, windows smashed out, and the wife "hoving" over him? To Tiger's peeps: please save his life and get him the help he needs.

1788 days ago


Not a very good ad for Cadillac. This man hit a fire hydrant and a tree, tears up the front and not a single airbag deploys?

1788 days ago

Kristin Elizabeth    

Hey ok guys leave poor Tiger alone i dont see the need to have his busines out all over when he wants know one knowing about it, its his business not everyones... How would everyone like there business being out if someone else was having an affair oh thats right just because hes famous it has to be all over leave him alone he is human he made a mistake that hes working on fixing!

1788 days ago


Just like the police told us in their news conference yesterday: Just because Tiger crashed into a bush, then a hedge, then a fire hydrant and then a tree at 2:30 in the morning, was driving without any shoes on, and was found lying bleeding and unconscious besides a SUV with 2 windows smashed by a golf club, and his wife provided 2 vials of prescriptions Tiger was taking, and that Tiger refused to talk to the police 3 times does not mean that Tiger was driving under the influence or that his wife Elin attacked Tiger or his Cadillac.

1788 days ago
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