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Italian Group:

'Jersey Shore' Was Offensive

12/4/2009 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MTV told Italian American groups to hold judgment on the new reality show "Jersey Shore" until they saw an episode ... well, the wait is over -- and the outrage flood gates have blown wide open.


After last night's debut episode of the reality show, UNICO National -- the "Largest Italian American Service Organization in the USA" -- claims they "can't keep up with the volume of calls" from "outraged" Italian Americans.

TMZ spoke with a rep from the group who told us, "I suffered through all 120 mins of that show and it was worse than I imagined."

The rep added, "Italian Americans are OUTRAGED and they are helping us reach out to sponsors to ask them to stop advertising with MTV until they agree to pull Jersey Shore."

For those unfamiliar with the show -- imagine "The Hills" on steroids, dipped in bronzer, and slathered in hair gel ... only more addicting.


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to all idiots claiming to be italian-americans,

if you don't speak or never cared to learn the italian language, YOU ARE NOT ITALIAN. Real Italians consider these "guidos" american idiots.

forse gli antenati sono italiani. buona giornata

1753 days ago


this show is funny, i would continue to watch it.

it's entertainment ! Lol

1753 days ago



1753 days ago


I'm not Italian and I'm offended on behalf of Italians. I hate it when any particular ethnic subgroup is portrayed to be only a single or stereotypical way, because within any subgroup there are VAST differences. In addition, in shows like these, any similarities to how people in a particular subgroup is portrayed is usually WAY overblown. Further,reality shows will DELIBERATELY select people who act the most stereotypical.

Down with stereotypes! Stereotypes promote hate!

1753 days ago


Every race is stratified...Upper class and lower class. These are lower class Italians, and every single culture of people has it's different groups!

1753 days ago


This does not represent Italians, morons come in every ethnicity, a Guido is a Chav etc etc etc.The group MTV follows is Italian-American but they could be from anywhere in the world, where there is an urban lower middle class district.

1753 days ago


first of all, couldn't they at least get the whole group from NJ? I grew up going to Seaside Heights and don't remember anyone from Long Island, Staten Island etc being there. Maybe the Jersey people are smart enough not to do this crazy show.

1753 days ago


Yeah, this isn't an exaggeration. My town is JUST LIKE THAT. It really sucks ):

1753 days ago


i wouldn't say that its offensive to Italians i would say that these kids are immature insecure and weren't brought up properly i live in new jersey for the moment im from ohio but my friend born and rasied in new jersey and couldn't watch the show because it puts a bad light on everything and they sound uneducated...and just remember these people have to walk around knowing that the whole world thinks that they are douche bags!

1753 days ago


I have cousins in Long Island and yes, these people exist in huge quantities up there! Always have. I went to the University of Maryland, where they flock to in droves. OH MY GAWD. You couldn't get into a bar in town when the NY Giants (pronounced JOY-INTS) were playing - it was guido hell. Hair gel heaven - and that was 20 years ago. Also, I had a friend that was from the Jersey Shore and she felt the same way most of the natives on here felt. I remember going to a bar with her there and it was surreal. The guys were frightening...well, so were the girls. Growing Up Gotti was right on the money!

1753 days ago


I'd much rather watch this train wreck than some dopey comedy or drama written and produced by some left-leaning jerks from California and filled with some holier=than-thou messages.

1753 days ago


My stepfather is 100 percent Italian, and he has that Philly/South Jersey accent. I lived in Willingboro, New Jersey, and there were plenty of Italian kids that I went to school with that I could identify with that had the typical Guido stereotype.

1753 days ago


Haven't seen the 'Guido show', yet, but as a true-blooded Italian, it's disgusting to see that people think this show and its loser reality 'actors' are representatives of such a BEAUTIFUL country. Having said that, there are plenty of A-holes in Italy (just look at the Prime Minister)- I know because I moved to the US in my early teens from Italy... but the same can be said about any country. I don't use a bronzer, my skin is not orange, I don't have a muffin top, don't have a hedious Jersey accent, and I'm not a bully or physical with others.

1753 days ago


How can 8 stupid young people be representative of an entire group of people? Italian Americans no need to worry every group has its bad seeds that they wish they could hide in a dark basement. I live on the eastern shore in Maryland and every summer beachgoers come from neighboring towns and states. One look at the gel and tight shirts and its clear thier from Jersey. Its funny though, they always wonder how we know where thier from before they even say anything lol....

1753 days ago

Papa Rozzi    

Shorter and more funnier version of this show ... youtube 'new haircut'

Jaeger BOMBS!

1753 days ago
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