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Italian Group:

'Jersey Shore' Was Offensive

12/4/2009 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MTV told Italian American groups to hold judgment on the new reality show "Jersey Shore" until they saw an episode ... well, the wait is over -- and the outrage flood gates have blown wide open.


After last night's debut episode of the reality show, UNICO National -- the "Largest Italian American Service Organization in the USA" -- claims they "can't keep up with the volume of calls" from "outraged" Italian Americans.

TMZ spoke with a rep from the group who told us, "I suffered through all 120 mins of that show and it was worse than I imagined."

The rep added, "Italian Americans are OUTRAGED and they are helping us reach out to sponsors to ask them to stop advertising with MTV until they agree to pull Jersey Shore."

For those unfamiliar with the show -- imagine "The Hills" on steroids, dipped in bronzer, and slathered in hair gel ... only more addicting.


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I am a proud Italian-American; hard-working, father of three beautiful kids and happily married for 20+ years. Italian-Americans help build this great country brick by brick, girder by girder. It seems like the only shows anyone wants to see anymore are the ones in which the worst examples of any ethnic group are displayed. It is too easy (and limiting) to pigeon-hole ethnic groups and shows like this purposely push young people to exhibit embarassing and over-the-top behavior which reflects poorly on the group being represented. The Sopranos, The Godfather, Goodfellas, etc. etc. are all any people of a certain age seem to identify with. My last name is quite ethnic and I get goofy "Are you in the mafia?" questions far too often. Grow up America, we're all in this together.

1786 days ago


i watched it, and as much as everyone hates on guidos, its like that accident on the side of the road that you cant look away from. good entertainment

1786 days ago


I didn't see the show but I have to laugh a little. it tickles me how so many people are mad and offended because "its stereotypical and "not all italians are like that, blah, blah, blah> but so many of you are the first to lump all black people into every negative stereo type you can think of. Oh well, guess we should thank you because maybe thats why we're not as narrow minded as you. so with that said, i have to remember to watch and see what all the whining is about LOL.

1786 days ago


First of all, i watched this show last night and thought it was great. I live in New Jersey (about 45 minutes away from seaside), and yes, for all those who are in denial, people like this actually live in, go to , and stay in seaside/jersey shore. Not all but most of these people are from New Jersey. The people who find this show offensive need to grow up. These Italian American "guidos/quidettes" are not trying to be offensive, they are being themselves. That does not mean every Italian American spikes/bumps their hair, tans, goes to the gym/gets their nails done, ect. This show is simply about a subculture in America that happens to include Italian Americans, (even some Polish,Irish, and Spanish people claim to be quidos/quidettes). If you find this show offensive, then just don't watch it. Some people, who are mature and accepting of 'deviant' people, would like to watch this show.

1786 days ago


Why are people so outraged? because they know the truth that guidos out there really act like that? Get over it and quit being so uptight.. it's a friggin tv show and obviously the participants aren't offended.

1786 days ago


Guido's are so frickin hilarious. I wonder if they know that everyone thinks they are a joke?? The girls who like guidos, what a bunch of cheap whores..lmao. No class, they are exactly perfect for each uda. This show is a trainwreck and I'm watchin...rofl.

1786 days ago


LOL are you all really surprised? It IS about Jersey...

1786 days ago


These morons don't realize they are "hating" against their own kind! Look fools, if you don't like who "these folks" act- THEN STOP ACTING LIKE DOUCHE BAGS! That is what Jersey Italians are all about! So stop acting like jacka$$e$! Quit saying "fugettaboutit" or anything that sounds Douchebaggery! And we will stop making fun of you!

1786 days ago

Hey Boo!    

I'm Black...when I watched this show it reminded me of how I feel when BET airs shows like Frankie and Neffe...I cringed throughout the show. I am not Italian, but I would be offended by this show if I were....SMH

1786 days ago


i SINCERELY do not understand the lure or attraction of this show..i tried to watch it and could not TAKE it!! i bailed out after 2 or 3 minutes! everyone is loud annoying and, i'm sorry, but is this what is considered attractive to you people in jersey? NO ONE on this show was what i would consider good looking..please someone explain to me please...

1786 days ago


first how are they itialians,second it makes me want to punch there parents in the face

1785 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

hahahah this story is too funny...

1785 days ago

stefania casadonti    

Iam Italian American and YES they do make us look horrible just like the Sopranos did. They sterotype enuff as it is in the media we are not all like that. GOD FRIGEN FORBID they did a sterotypical Black or Hispanic show theyd raise hell. and it would be taken seriously but when us Italians get offended its okay>? its unfair! YES those people are real and there are alot who act like such but still not all. I think its imbarrassing to Italians and im ashamed of them and those who act like that its pathetic

1784 days ago


How can they be offended when it isn't MTV writing how these people should act and scripting what they should say. Although MTV is known for doing that, in this case this is how these people act when they come to visit these places down here.

1783 days ago


I have been going to Seaside Heights for 40 years and this is the sterotypical young New York Italian who vacations there. This is true to what I've seen.

1783 days ago
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